Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Patch Framed, What the Sign Said...

The Patch above framed over the weekend....

Sometimes we eat here occasionally, but that isn't the reason why I took this photo of this sign. Nor is is because of the margaritas. It was because of what the sign said....

"...where every day is a fiesta"

On the way to work this morning, I noticed an orange fence to my right and an orange barricade on my left. Then I enjoyed the firey colors of the changing fall leaves on the trees. What did you notice on your way to work today?

I get to work and I know something happened before I arrived.... My friend Gil said something about a "cat fight".

I should know better.... the "supervisor" has been being really nice to me. Too nice. Things have been pretty normal around here lulling me into thinking everything is back on track. Enough to make me forget all that has transpired in the past. Letting my guard down. Although I know she still plays one of us against the other. Well, she told me she told the other ladies that I am always on time which I am believe it or not. LOL I don't like it when she does that. She should not compare one employee to another. I am not someone else. I am me.

The old her came out this morning but I wasn't there to witness it myself first hand. She had taped a note on my phone backwards which I thought was weird. It was because she didn't want anyone to read it. She was telling me to take time away from the receptionist for being late. She is on the receptionist's case now. At least it is not mine. We often kid about the receptionist and the superviser could be sisters because they are so much alike. When one takes off, the other thinks she should be off also. It is ridiculously funny some times unless you are the only one there left answering the busy phone. Other times I relish being there in the office by myself. It is a whole lot quieter. When it is really busy, it is not so funny or desireable. The receptionist comes in late almost all the time which is probably why the other office wanted to pawn her off on us. I am due in at 9 so I am never there to know exactly what time she comes in not that I really care or consider it my business.

I guess my elated feelings from yesterday ran over into today. I was in a good mood. Nothing was getting to me.

While I was at my meeting yesterday, the receptionist asked if she could go to some sort of prayer thing which I was unaware of. I am always the last to know anything around here. The other lady in the office had to take her lunch hour at 10 am because of this and acted mad as she left. I did ask what was wrong with her but she is almost always in a bad mood in the morning. I heard the supervisor checked up on the receptionist by calling to someone who went to the prayer thing who told her it only lasted 15 mins. Since I was not there, I didn't know how long the receptionist was gone but it must have been awhile. Still it takes us at least 25 mins depending on traffice to get anywhere from here. Then I wondered if she checked up on me but they said she did not. I guess because she likes me. HA! So this could be viewed as prejudicial since the receptionist is black.

Evidently they had a yelling match. Well, I am not taking anyone's time away until I talk to the dep. warden.

Later the supervisor went into the warden's office and closed the door so we knew she was telling on the receptionist. We have heard that the supervisor who is supposed to be here at 6:30 am isn't always here at 7:30 when one of the counselors arrives. Yet time is not deducted from her. Not to mentiona ALL the doctor's appointments she has. Different dr different day.

When she was in there behind closed doors, they told me what happened earlier. More of the same ole crap. The receptionist tried not to let it get out of hand and loose her temper. She wasn't going to argue with her, but she just pushes you beyond your limits. She made commentst about the receptionist being "holier than thous". I am sure allowing her go to the prayer thing is freedom of religion, but then to say something like that is bordering on a form of harrassment. This led the receptionist to play her gospel cd I have mentioned before. Its not loud today but it is still annoying to me yet I feel like I can't say anything because I am not going to be the one who starts WWIII.

Well, they finally told me the supervisor was behind the warden making me get rid of that box of crackers! She told him I needed to clean up my desk. He wasn't man enough to tell me that so he chose to target a box of unopened crackers which I will never be able to get over. Every time I see those crackers, I will be reminded now. When they told me, I am quite sure my look said it all. So I have no more use for this woman whatsoever. It makes me not want to ever clean my desk again!

My desk has lots of papers on it, but the majority of it is paperwork that I need or use daily if not monthly. I do not have a filing cabinet. I share two drawers with the receptionist. They won't buy me another one. There is space for at least two cabinets but the warden obviously doesn't want them up against the one blank wall where they could fit. Because of her; because of all this, some of what I use on a daily basis is in a clear plastic box that I have to pull out several times a day even to use my phone book. It makes me mad everytime I have to use it. It will make me even madder now that I found out she is the culprit behind it.

I don't bother anyone. I don't say anything about what other people do or not do. I certainly don't try to tell them how to keep their desk. In fact, I would never dream of doing such a thing.
Also I was told that she went through my papers as well as the time book. Too bad she wasn't transported to another time! LOL I did not have time to work on the book yesterday because of my meeting and the orders I had to put into the system. But they said she was checking on how I marked the receptionist's time.

Yet I am really, really proud of myself for I controlled my anger today. I did not let her get to me. My anger simply slipped away. I'd let my guard down with her but I won't let it happen again. It just kills me that she came to my desk later to show me something I could care less about and me knowing what I know now. I will keep my distance from her from here on out.

But I guess if all she has to say about me is a I have a messy desk is a good thing. LOL A messy desk is a sign that you work. Oh, well just another day at the prison. Who is the prisoner here?

I went to lunch and saw the above sign. When I saw the words on it, I just had to take it although it is by no means a photographic wonder. "...where every day is a fiesta". That is my quote of the day.

Wouldn't you know it... the two ladies leave me alone with the supervisor at lunch yet again. Of course the supervisor has to tell me her side of this morning. That the receptionist was screaming at her. Then the receptionist said, "I rebuke you, you devil!" which brought about the holier than though comment. I just kept on eating my chickend deluxe sandwich from Wendy's while she rattled on about it. I had to laugh because I could just see it happening and hear it. Hope I don't get indigestion from it. LOL I wouldnt' look her in the eye which is something I do to people I don't care for. I think my friend Penny would attest to that fact about me.

When I told my friend Anne about the rebuking statement, she almost choked as she read my email. She told me to put a warning on the ones like that which are hazzardous to her health! I am so thankful for my friends with a warped sense of humor like mine.

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