Thursday, November 15, 2007

Don to My Rescue

Well, I told Don about yesterday, the rebuking and the who the culprit was behind the cracker incident, my knight-in-shining armor came to my rescue by saying, "It won't do when I see her..." I asked him what he meant by that comment. He said he would ask her is she'd seen any crackers lately. It didn't make much sense, but I got his drift. (And he says I don't make sense to him!) He would get his point across to her not only for this, but the comment she made about his mom not being sick last Christmas when they thought she might have had a heart attack really made him mad. He is not prone to anger easily as I am.

Although I love him even more for taking up for me, I dread them crossing paths now. If he does say something to her, it will only make it worse for me. This was what consumed my early morning thoughts.

We did not go to the prison Christmas party last year because you had to pay to go to it. The price was a bit steep especially at that time of year. If they have another one where you have to pay, we will not attend this year either. So the odds decrease that we will see her together.

Rhett and I departed for his school. As we rounded the second curve in the road, I was fiddling with the button to the outside temperture which is probably a good thing because it may have slowed me down a bit. Out of my left side, I saw a deer! I couldn't believe it. I slowed down and went, "Deer! Deer! Deer!" Rhett asked, "Where?" By then it had dashed across us into some shrubs. I believe it was a doe, but I am no expert. I wondered how many Don has seen now. Last year I saw more than he did! Can't wait to tell him!

I couldn't get over all the fire-popping colors on the trees as I drove to work. They seemed even brighter than yesterday.

I had done this before, but I took another test to see what cartoon character I am. I am Sponge Bob Square Pants. It said: "You are the classic person that everyone loves. You are the best friend that anyone could ever have or never want to lose. You never cause harm to anyone and they would never not understand your feelings. Life is a journey, it's funny and calm for the most part. Stay away from traitors and jealous people and you will be stress free."

That is really weird reading that after yesterday. It was like reading a horoscope and it came true.

I inadverdantly came across another blog today. First I was trying to find the author of the current vamp book I am reading entitled Dead Sexy by Amanda Ashley. I discovered there is another book with the same title by Tate Hallaway who writes these vampire chick-lit books. She is also a wiccan as I presumed from her photos on her blogs. She has a couple of blogs. One of them is : There was a cover for her book Romancing the Dead which sounds like it would be good to me. I sort of liked the cover, but I think I would have had the artist draw bigger boobs on lady! LOL. Just my personal opinion. But it didn't sound like she had any input on the books cover. If I were writing a book, I would do my own cover. Would that make me a Cover Girl?

I had a really good cold cut sandwich from Subway today. I guess I haven't had one in awhile. I peeked in The Crate and saw some cool fashions so I will be stopping by there when I get off work today. I may even have found a pant suit for Don to give me for Christmas! I have to get Catlina dressing for Rhett to take to school tomorrow. Then if its not too dark, I may head to Walmart to print pics. I have trouble driving at night. If I use my memory card and use the hour processing or next day service, they will be matte finish which I prefere and they will be a bit cheaper too. So I will have to maintain my impatience and wait. It will be hard but I can do it. I left my big quilted bag at home so I felt naked. It held the original of "The Muse" so I could make copies of it. Then I remembered I have my camera with me always. DUH!

I tried on a ton of clothes but those at The Crate don't always fit me. I did buy two red tops. I could fit into a size 7 tight hip hugger pants but knew I needed at least an 8 or 9 in them so I passed on them. Had to buy knee socks because it turned colder.

I attempted to tell Don where I saw the deer this morning, but he never can follow what I say. He was all turned around, at the wrong curve in the road, on the wrong side of the road, and it was ruined because we got into a yelling match about it. We got to the point where he said, "Do you want to drive around there?" I told him "YEAH!" but we didn't go. FINALLY he understood where it was not that it really mattered.

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