Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another Pattern in My Life

I am so lucky. The day before yesterday I found a frame to match Wesley Rose's picture perfectly at the dollar store. So her gift cost me a whole $1.89 plus tax. Can't beat that with a stick! I also got myself a new Christmas cd for $1. It is an instrumental which has a hammered dulcimer (which I love the sound of almost as much as harpsichord music!). It is not on the first three tracks, but what I have listened to is good. That is an early Christmas present to myself. What have you given yourself lately? Maybe that is something you need to do for yourself....

This quote was on the electronic bulletin board at work. I sent it specifically to my friend Anne who has been such an encouragement for me and my art work lately for which I am grateful.

You're whatever you think you are.
Dare to be whomever you want
and the future will bring you that.
It is now when you decide the future.
-Bogdan Bucur-

Daddy got sick so I had to pick up Rhett from school. I came on back to work because I need to re-do the vacation time so some of the officers wouldn't loose their days.

I typed up a poem for Rhett for a school project he seemed uncaring about; saying it was not mandatory. Being a poet, a poem is most definetly mandatory in my book! LOL

Then I printed some pics at Walmart to be picked up later. I took the one above while there. It was the top of a sewing basket that was just sitting there screaming out to me, "Take my picture PLEASE!" I like it. It reminds me of the patch I put on my jeans and wrote about in a previous post entitled "I'm Wearing the Patch". Another pattern in my life. Another design. I am thinking of collaging all my photos of designs in a large frame to hang in the house vertically over the couch perhaps.... My friend Mike E really liked this one best out of all the things I have done thus far.

I paid my Kohl's bill and found a pair of pants on sale that I had seen before, but didn't buy. They hid from me the last time I looked, but luckily I rediscovered them. They were a size 6 which really, really made me feel good. I also got a black tank top for $2.80!

After church, I showed our preacher, Larry, my ideas I'd drawn on the index cards. I told him I would like to do them as a poster to put on a blank wall down the hallway. He told me to use one of the front bulletin boards instead. He really liked my ideas and gave me some suggestions about incorporating "my cup runneth over" onto it with the scripture. It made me feel good. I know I said this yesterday in a previous post but... What made you feel good today?

Rhett left his homework notebook at mom's so we had to go back over there to get it. When we got home, I addressed my autumn postcards for the swap when I could have just gone on to bed.
Don asked me what I was doing and I told him. He just said "um." My friend Anne said, I was "focusing on something that has meaning you" which I really liked. It reminded me of comments from bloggers to other bloggers. We all need meaning in our life.

More quotes of the day:

Buy what you love. Forget the trends - what's in & what's out. Even if the item is a crazy little bra or hotpants, it's important to love it for what it is.
~Betsey Johnson, designer~

Life's metaphors are God's instructions.
~Lin Malan~

Sometimes all it takes is saying "I am grateful" and then the list of things just spills out, reminding us we are so rich in this world.

An arrow can be shot by dragging the bow back:
similarly, if life is dragging you back with difficulties, be patient.
It is getting ready to launch you to great heights.

Don called me a while ago. Tonight is Wesley's birthday party not tomorrow night like I had in mind. My gift is ready. All I have to do is put it in a bag. Hope I have enough battery life left in the camera. I'll take the Minolta too and finish up my black and white film.

Now we can still go eat at the Legion tomorrow night. We have a breakfast at church early Saturday morning. An open house at 1 pm that afternoon. Now all we need is someone to volunteer for supper that night. LOL Sunday is dinner at church. Rhett and I are off Monday for Veteran's day. Looks like a good weekend ahead.... Hope your's is good too. Maybe not as hectic as our's. Perhaps this photo is perfect for this post... representing the circles I feel like I am going in.

I just printed this post out to see how this particular pattern would look printed. My work printer isn't color so it is more of gray scale but I still like it. I printed them out at Walmart on matte finish and they look better.

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