Monday, November 12, 2007

A Busy Saturday, "The Muse", Dear Blogger

Sat. Nov. 10,2007, a very busy day for us. A breakfast at church at 8:30 followed by a good devotional. We came home. I checked emails and my Cups of Faith mug had been accepted by Yeah! I was excited and told Don about it. I sent the email out to all my close friends. Got ready for the Bass's house warming at 1 pm where I had some of The best meatballs and cream puffs although not at the same time! LOL. I loved their sun room with lots of sunlight. I could see myself drawing and doing my crafts there...

We came home. I framed 2 pictures. Some worked. Others didn't. I made one fit and it turned out well if I say so myself. I have had this frame for several seasons now. I used one of the leaves I took photo of out on the deck for it from my earlie post "What Fall Looks Like". I like the way the frame is turning in one direction and the leaf is going in another showing opposition. I really had to work for it. Sometimes you really have to work hard for things to turn out the way you want them to.

Then I made more stuff. One were I took the red blood lines and put it on black scrapbook paper and entitled it "The Red Runner on Black Pavement" which I will post later because it needs to be turned in the right direction & does not look as good as these two do. I am my own worst critic.
Then "The Muse". I really, really like "The Muse" which is now above the leaf. I even wrote a poem of sorts about how I made it.
"Another Design from the Mind of theRAV"
breakfast at church
open house at 1
framed two pictures
"The Patch"
and "Fall Leaf"
created two more...
"Red Runner in Motion on Black Pavement"
"The Muse" collage
made out of the under sheeting
that caught the overflow
that held the scribblings
of a pen that wouldn't work
leaving a lasting impression
tracings with a pencil
making another design
from my mind.
The creative mind of theRAV
I amaze myself at times.
This is one of those times.
The fact that it was made on the paper which was the overflow to catch the stray marks from the edge of another drawing. I tried to use a silver pen with silver ink but the ink would no longer flow. It left indention marks on the paper so I took a pencil and shaded over the indentions. I believe it is called tracing. Or is it etching? I liked the effect so I tried it again. And a third time. I like the number 3. So this was done in thirds. I repeated almost everything three times. I learned from my art teacher to have repeating patterns. This reminds me of something from ancient Greece for some reason. I like the colors. In fact I am in love with it. I even showed this one to Don. His response is just "Um." But I know its good. I am proud of it.
By then it was about 10:30. I got my camera to take a photo of "The Muse" only to discover I did not have my memory stick that I have come to rely on and cannot live without now!!! My disc now holds my entire life since August. Four months of our lives was missing. Would it still be there at the library tomorrow? Would some honest person turn it in or would a dishonest soul keep it for themselves? Would they laugh at the pictures on it? Or would they simply delete them covering them with their own? I wanted to cry but I could not. I wanted to call my mom but figured she might be asleep. I started to email my closest friends, but it wouldn't do any good anyway. I felt helpless.
I felt very much like I did when we were robbed and the cam corder was stolen which had Rhett's birth on it. Even then I had hopes of getting it back as I did my memory stick...
I tried to watch Matthew McConaghey in "Sahara" but even he couldn't hold my attention. Do I like him because he reminds me of an old love or is it just him, his voice and sex appeal? I couldn't read either. I could play Bookworm until I could fall asleep.
Some time in the wee hours of the morning, I woke up with that sinking feeling of rememberance of my lost item of importance. The words were rushing at me of a blog post. I didn't want to get up for fear of waking anyone up. Would they understand my need to write in the middle of the night? It was much easier when I was single. They words were coming at me non-stop like a flood. I was trying to memorize them to wrtite later... The idea of a "Dear Blogger" post came to mind....
Dear Blogger,
Dear Blogger entry # ____?
I'm not sure what this entry # would be since I've never counted my blog entries on either of my blogs. I am not about to stop to count them now!
This is probably THE most honest post I've ever posted/written. I have not really ever put all of myself on/in here for the entire world to see or read for fear my readers/fellow bloggers will think me less than perfect. But there is only one who was perfect and I am not Him.
I've mentioned that I often go to the library to work on or polish up my blog. I usually go immediately after work. I try to spend only an hour there because I still have to pick my son up, go home and cook supper for my family. I am not one of those smart women who cooks meals ahead. Mainly because I don't always know what I want to eat each day. I guess in a sense my blogger lust is like having an affair. But I know my child is well taken care of by my mother. He is not left starving and alone. Although now he will tell you he's hungry in an hour or so after he's eaten. So this is one hour taken away from my family. I justify it by saying it is "me time", but I only tell myself that. This one hour could mean we eat supper before 8 pm. If we do eat before 8 pm., I am doing really, really good.
On Friday, I went to the library when I really didn't need to go. I had bills to pay. I'd already sumitted my Cup of Faith mug on zazzle which I was really, really proud of. So I was just browsing thru zazzle killing time that could have been better spent. I justified it by saying I was looking for Christmas ideas for the Christmas card swap due at the end of this month but I already have my idea for that. It will only take me a matter of moments to make. No excuse.
Then there is that let down after I have have created something. Like when I wrote a poem also. There is that obssession to do another and another and another. Its like being maniac depressive. Up high one moment, depressed the next. Then wondering what I can do now? Its not like I am trying to top myself. I am not in competition with myself. Or am I?
So I go to pay my bills, pick up pictures. Then I met up with my family at mom's so the three of us could go get pizza @ CiCi's. Or was this depression because we didn't do what we'd orginally planned? I admit I was disppointed when Don called to say we wouldn't be going because he was still in the woods. Once again I resent his hunting. After we ate, we stopped at Fred's so he could get some stuff. I am rushing him because I want to be home to see my vampire show. We come home. I watched my vamp show "Moonlight" which I really, really like and getting into. I like Nick, the vamp. I didn't like him at first. He didn't seem like the vampire type to me. Just as I didn't and still don't think Tom Cruise should have played the part of the vampire Lestat in the movie "Interview with a Vampire" based on the Anne Rice novel! It should have been Julian Sands who played in "Warlock".
Saturday came with its business. More highs then a really big low. I feel like I am on a roller coaster of emotions. I haven't felt that low in awhile. I consoled myself by telling me I could always load up the photos on a disc at Walmart. All was not lost. I had photos I could recopy if
necessary. The pics are saved in two separate places. I just had not uploaded Wesley birthday pics at home yet. Is that why this happened? I didn't acknowledge my granddaughter's birthday immediately after it occured? I think not. I was being my ridiculous self grasping at straws trying to find rhyme or reason to "Why Me?" If I answered this truly honestly, it would be my own fault for being careless. No one to blame but me.
Nov. 11, 2007, I knew I could call the library as soon as it opened on Sunday. Still I worried and prayed all thru church about my lost disc. Probably not what I should have been praying about. Still I prayed for other things and people so I am not a total heathen.
Don told us in no uncertain terms we were going to the woods with him afer dinner at church whether we wanted to go or not! I knew I HAD to call the library before we could leave. I did call. A man asked me to describe the memory stick. Great! They all look alike now. How would I describe mine differently? All I knew was it was gray with blue writing on it. I didn't know who made the memory stick. I just use it everyday. I thought my memory card was a Fuji. Why had I not written something on it before now? He told me he had it! I was praising and thanking God for that as well as my guardian angels who watch over careless me. Now I could go to the woods in a good mood otherwise I would have been one miserable soul.
Of course as I'm on the phone, Don overhears my conversation. I've told no one about the missing disc. Instead I have held it all inside. He was like "Uhuh. Got to be more careful" which I didn't need to hear. I did tell him that disc held four months of my life on it. I will get my life back now. I am so very thankful.
I took my Cups of Faith drawing with us to the woods in case we didn't get back in time. I took them to church to give to Daniel so he can make transparencies of larger cups for me to trace on the poster paper I used for the BIG collage I made. (see previous post). I'll just paint them with gold paint and maybe use my scrapbooking letters for the words.
We came home. We had ham sandwiches which we haven't had in awhile. I just had ham since I've gained back too much weight. I did my Sunday night ritual of the computer till good tv came one. I discovered a new blog. Its about creating art every day which I have done since my 1st postcard swap. This very creative lady, Leah P. has a blog She had two pieces I really liked. I made comments on her blog about them, leaving my blog address on one of them. She emailed me back much to my disbelief and asked if I'd like her to link me to her blog. This way I may get more viewers/readers/fellow bloggers/new artist friends. I told her yes!
I still haven't decided if I want to get paid for people to view my blog. It would require ads being added to my blog. They are supposed to coincide with what my blog is about.
Perhaps I will post my Autumn postcards this upcoming weekend. Everyone should have gotten their's by then.

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