Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Felt Very Lucky Today

11/24/07 Don called to say he got a deer! His first this year. First in a couple of years as a matter of fact. I thought he was calling to remind me to pay our loan. We rushed to the bank only to find it closed. I did get my frames fixed for free at the optical shop. I was very, very thankful for that. I felt very lucky today.

I washed and conditioned my hair since I have not done that in awhile. Then Rhett and I went to the mall where we ate. We saw my friend Mike E. He sat with us and talked awhile. He said he was going to send me some photos he'd taken via email. I was looking forward to seeing them...

Mike bought a Minolta like mine from JCPenney's only he had a macro lense instead of a telephoto lense as I had. He took excellent photos with his but it his camera was stolen. Once upon a time we were at a local park & we both took the same shot of ducks in the pond. It was just beginning to grow dark so I used a flash and he did not. Mine turned out better than his once we got them developed when Penney's had a photo department and we got discounts. He seemed mad that mine turned out better than his did. Male ego?

Rhett traded in one of his games. I finally got him the subscription to a game magazine. I printed out the pictures of his pre-arranged toys. Then we went to the cheap movies. We saw "Underdog". It wasn't the one I wanted to go see. It was better than I thought it would be. I burst out laughing several times and ate way too much butter popcorn as usual. Because it was after 7 when we got out of the movie, we went by mom's to get Don some more leftovers especially since Rhett and I were not hungry. Mom gave me their egg custard I made for them instead of the pecan pie my cousin Glenda made us. I think Don had his mouth set on a piece of pecan pie. I amost thought he liked her pie with tiny pecan pieces better than mine or Aunt Pearl's pies.

I let Don watch the Auburn/Alabama game while I played with my photos.

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