Friday, November 2, 2007

An Old JCP memory

I go to the new library often after work to work on my blog since I cannot get into it on the home computer. Every time I pass this light pole, I am taken back to yesterday to the old JCP days when they moved the receptionist desk back behind the catalog department which I hated! I nearly froze to death that winter. I had the worst case of bronchitis and had to wear pants instead of skirts because we did have a dumb dress code back then. The only view I had was much like a prison cell. There was one tiny window over the door. This was during the time I was taking art class at a local community college across the river. I drew that view of the door with the window complete with tiny birds on the wire muchlike in this photo I snapped yesterday. I zoomed in so the birds look bigger and quite well fed. I sent this out to all my JCP email buddies but it may not be quite the same memory for them as it was for me.

I also remember getting good feedback from my art professor because she liked all the lines in it despite the fact that I thought it was quite simple and rather plain. She liked most of all my work. The younger students fresh out of high school must have thought I was her pet. I could not seem to master pastels and detested them. I stuck with pencil, pen and ink, makers, colored pencils and paint.

I will try to dig up the picture I made of this scene soon....

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