Monday, November 19, 2007

The Bulletin Board

Friday, Nov 16, 2007 We went to the Legion for a Thanksgiving dinner. I took macaroni salad and rolls. It was good although it looked like some of the smoked turkey was not completely done. We got home about 8:30, watched the end of "Ghost Whisperer" then "Moonlight" which is now my favorite show. Don left to go to the woods so he could get an early start hunting.

Sat. Nov 17th, the alarm went off at 7 but I crawled back in the nice warm bed. I still woke up in plenty of time to be at the church on time to work on the bulletin board. Our preacher had the lights & heat on as well as placed the overhead projector in the foyer. I traced out 4 LARGE chalices. I was unsure if all 4 would fit on the bulletin board or if I would have to cut some of them down. I made a discovery during the whole process MarksALot markers actually work better than Sharpies on project such as this. The blackness is darker. It also adds a shiney quality. Rhett helped me a little bit.

I had a Grace chalice, a Faith one, a Hope one and a Love one. All four would not fit so I had to elimate one of them. I let go of Grace. LOL So I used Hope, Faith and Love in that order. Love being the greatest of all. Lover was the exception. Its letters were colored with red marker whereas the others were black. I also drew a heart and filled it in underneath the letter of the word "love". As an afterthought, I added what were to me drops of blood. Some might view it as a bleeding heart. I saw it as the blood Jesus shed for us.

Then we began painting them golden. I'd completed two and a half when we broke for lunch. Rhett wanted Firehouse subs which was good because I had a free coupon for him that was soon to expire. He didn't want to come back with me so I left him at mom's. I had to go back by the house to pick up my scrapbook letters for the board. I finished the third cup and began to staple them to the wall much like Jesus was nailed to the cross. Only I had a hard time with the staple gun. I would not have made a good Roman soldier for more reasons than one. LOL

Then it was time for the lettering. I did my Bible verse first. "My cup runneth over." Psalm 23:5
I tried to make my own letters to go up at the top. It was after 5 and I was fading fast. Since I had my accident where my radiator exploded on me, when I do too much, my body lets me know it is time to stop. I become very nervous. Then the letters were not working so I went back to my scrapbook letters. They are not very big but they draw you over to it to read it. It is lower and on a child's level. I was happy with it but at that point I was just ready to be through with it.

I went to tell the preacher who lives in the house next door to the church that I was finished. They were eating and I hated I interrupted them. When I went back to the church to get my stuff, I'd locked the door! So I had to go back to their house and interrupt them once again. Leave it to me. Larry let me back in and his wife Katherine followed. They said they liked it. At that point I was exhausted.

I was still supposed to go to ToysR Us for mom. As I was going down the highway from the church, my cell phone went off in my pocket playng "Mandy". Its hard trying to get your cell out of you pocket with a seat belt on. It was mom telling me to come get Rhett. He decided he missed me and was crying so I had to go get him. At this point I really didn't feel like cooking supper but I did. It wasn't one of Don's favorite meals. Nor was I very hungry since we at at 2 pm. Rhett had three helpings of my hamburger stir fry. We watched "Chuck" which we missed Monday night for some reason. I watched a "48 Hour" special. Rhett was playing in a suitcase he can fit into. I asked him if he wanted to spend the night in it. Evidently he'd been listening to "48 Hours" because he said bad people would come in and get him! Then we went to bed.

Sun. Nov. 18, 2007 Jenny came to church with her new daughter who was only a week and a day old. Another girl's husband was home from Iraq. I let him know that it was good to have him back. Then Susan C. came to me to give me turquoise and white cross bookmark she knitted for me because I'd sent her son Eric a card while in Iraq. She said that my card was the 1st one he received and meant the most to him. It brought tears to my eyes that my one random act of kindness could do that. She was hoping it might lead him back to the church when he comes home. She said Eric always tells them to tell us "hello" when he calls them. He had called that morning saying he had to use his gun for the first time to return enemy fire. He said he was ready to come home now and I can't say that I don't' blame him one bit. I felt bad I had not sent him anything since the first card so I knew I'd fix him something that night.

We went to lunch and ate too much and should not have because we were having finger foods back at the church at 4 pm honoring a family that would be leaving. I curled my hair. Read emails. I fixed pigs in the blanket to take to church. I could have just taken a nice long nap.

I changed my Sunday night ritual. I did not get back on the computer. Instead I fixed cards to send out. I sent Eric a letter with some of my pictures hoping they would cover him like a blanket with love. Every picture told a story.

I cleaned out the drawer underneath the couch. I found old words I'd written near the beginning of our marriage that brought tears to my eyes. We watched some of the Grammy awards. Got to see new faces and put them with music I have heard on the radio.

I realized I did not create a lot this past week. I saved it all for the bulletin board I made Saturday. Some of my blogging posts were creations. They just were not artwork. Still they are pieces of art. So I guess I wasn't competing with myself so much. What I did do made me feel good and that is the main thing.
Nov. 19, 2007 I had not thought of today being your birthday until I wrote the above poem and dated it. Then it hit me. After 21 years, does this mean I am finally over you? Hardly. I am just getting old and my memory is going.


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