Friday, November 30, 2007

Can My Life Get Any Better?

I made a new discovery today....11/27/07

A new year start for my work time wise in the time book. Who would have thought that I would hold time in my hands? I had to make a new time book. I use Avery Index tabs but the name cards tabs you insert don't always stay inside the plastic holder. I had my desk drawer open (I am an open person. I don't always shut drawers and closets.) and there staring back at me was a box of my Creative Memories photo splits. Of course the squares were too large to fit the inserts so I just cut off the excess. Voila! inserts stayed in place instead of falling out all over the place. So now I no longer name drop. LOL Of course I took a picture of it.

Anyhoo... my point is our scrapbooking supplies can be utilized in our everyday lives - not just our scrapbooking ones. I sent this out as an email first to my quotability site.

I have now evolved into this...

Becky aka theRAV
Rhett's mom
former CM consultant
a quote a day kind of person
Creating something Everyday

As I was printing out yesterday's post for myself; for my gratitude journal, for a future bound booklet and making corrections, I noticed I had a comment which is such a rarity it is a gift given to me. It was from Lyn D. Nielson, author of Place of Sage. Enter many exclamation points here!!!! And the fact that she told me I have a great blog is unbelieveable to me. Again I feel so lucky. I immediately sent it to my best friend Penny who gave me Lyn's book. Can my life get any better? A real writer has actually written to me!

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