Monday, November 12, 2007

Dream #

I dreamed Rhett & I were out of town somewhere with a church group (?) I suppose because we spent so much time with church members in reality. We were walking around when I saw smoke in the sky like from 9/11! It seemed to be coming from the building we were passing by or it was behind it. "Let's go this way..." An invisible girl walking with us says. It sounded like Steph's friend Amanda. Am I the invisible girl?Why would she want us to go through a fire? I didn't like this one bit. There is smoke coming up through the vents in this passgeway. I see it is an open breezeway. I say, "Let's go through here..." which leads us into the open; to safety; to fresh air.

As with all my dreams, it turns into something else. It seems I have been in either a beauty contest or one of those 5 minute speed dating things. There were some guys I knew from high school like Bill B. I am wondering why he was there because he is married. He looks more like "Ugly Betty's boyfriend. I called him David instead of Bill only because he morhped into someone else as people often do in my dreams. He turned into David, a little boy who used to live next door only he wasn't little anymore. Then we had to exit due to the fire getting closer.

We had to pass back by the building we went through before. We saw a young girl running out of a Hallmark shop with a wedding veil on her head and her wedding bouquet in her hand as well as regular clothes such as red shorts with white satin shoes. The invisible girl is beside me again. This time she said, "At least she got her bouquet out." It was the voice of Jennifer M at church.

We are crossing away from the burning building. I see Daniel from church. His blue eyes are looking expectantly towards the still smoking structure as if he saw someone he knew and cared about or as if he saw God. I asked him, "Are you looking for Hope?" That is and isn't literal. Hope is his girlfriend. I am really noticing his blue eyes as I did when I spoke with him last night about the bulletin board at church. He shook his head no that he wasn't looking for Hope. I told him we would let her through so she could be with him. As if I gave them permission to be together.

Then the phone rang. Really. It was Discover with a "courtesy call" for Don this morning. I said he was at work. They'd call back later, but we may not be home. We'll be at Golden Coral for Veteren's Day where Don gets a free meal. I started to tell her "Thanks for waking me up at 9:24 am on my day off!" but I refrained.

Rhett & I ate lunch at the Royal with Momma & Daddy. Then we went to the library where I picked up my disc, blogged & posted pics.

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