Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Mountain Out of a Molehill

I made a mountain out of a molehill today. I'd put in difficult documents that I don't normally do on a daily basis. They are unfamiliar territory and totally frustrate me to no end. Just when I think I have done them the correct way, I receive an invoice from a vendor that doesn't match up with my document so I don't know what to do. The warden says to "put it in", but he doesn't have one iota about what I do on the computer. You cannot receive a document that does not add up.

Then I had to make a lot of phone calls trying to get hold of a person who can help me with these documents. I know they screen their calls in our accounting department and never call me back immediately when I need them. Just as I am about to send that person an email, of course they call me in mid sentence. I'd called Linda who sent me the invoice. She used to work in accounting. She told me I needed to do this as another type of document; not as the one I originally entered. I didn't think she knew what was she was talking about so I was waiting to hear from the person I was emailing. It turns out Linda was right. This vendor was under contract. The purchasing lady explained to me over the phone how to pay this one. I thought it was going to be an all day affair and it was already after 3 pm. I thought I'd have to look up each item, it would be line after line after line. Luckily every item fell under a certain commodity which made the document only one line and oh so easy. Of course I was praying with crossed fingers that it would validate the entire time and it did! The original document needed to be deleted, but it wouldn't let me delelte it. I had to email a higher- up who could do that task for me. This freed up money so we can purchase a new oven for the prison kitchen. Because I did something new and it worked, I felt really good today.

I had colored in my "cups of faith and grace" drawing in a matter of minutes during lunch so it is ready to be copied. I had a McRib sandwich for lunch which was good. I wrote what I think is really good stuff on my blog. Today was a good day. Maybe I should make a mountain out of molehill more often!

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