Thursday, November 29, 2007

Post From the Bed, Rhett's Toys

11/23/07 There were no ghosts in the house but there was one restless spirit namely me. My guys called around 9 pm to say goodnight. Awe. Don's cell went dead as I was talking to Rhett, making a joke to him at his expense that I can't remember now but I think it was about how quiet the house was without him.

I ate my ham sandwich and chips I'd brought from mom's while the buttermilk egg custard pie cooled. I watched CSI which was good and funny. Don would have laughed hard at certain humorous parts as well IF he had been there to watch it! Hint. Hint. Luckily "ER" was not on due to the holiday so I could watch "October Road" guilt-free. It was nothing like the previews until the very end. Those teasers were very misleading. I should sue! LOL
Even the buttermilk pie did not taste right.

After that I got on the computer, went through and cleared off about 50 emails. Found a new site thanks to Susannah of Inkonmyfingers called: http://www/ Susannah's newest photos are on there under unraveling. She has some good ones as always. The site isn't as large artwise as Some artwork is repeated here from etsy. There was one piece in particular that I really, really liked by Ingrid Padilla. I cannot remember the name of it muchless afford to buy it. Why do I always find art so beyond my budget near the holidays? Ingrid's piece is a collage with brilliant colors. Again it looked like something I could do so easily and gave me inspiration with dominos and to let Rhett help me create something with them. Another joint project. Mother & son artists. Catchy name. TheRAV & Rhettman. Or vice versa.

I browsed in etsy for awhile but I began to see things I'd already seen before. Maybe I should start working my way backwards on it... but even that would take forever. There just are not enough hours in the day to do all we want to do.

I played SpongeBob Collapse until I got to put my initials with the date on it. Mine was the 2nd to the last highest score I'd put on there. Not my personal best but still on the board at least. Then I finally went to bed around 1:30 am. My 2nd late night in a row. I tried to read my vamp book which held my attention strongly before. It wasn't working this night. So I played Bookworm on Rhett's game boy til I fell asleep.

The alarm went off at 5 am! Thanks, Husband, DEAR! I figured I'd get at least 5 more hours sleep and did. Then the garbage truck woke me up. I wrote this post from the bed. Makes a good title.

I think this Thanksgiving made me more thankful for past Thanksgivings or appreciate being with my family more. Was I not thankful enough? Or was I just having a pity party for myself where I was the only invited guest?

I lost a gold band which means I am no longer married to myself. I hope it is in the house somewhere or at mom's. Hope it didn't go down the drain! It's not in the bed. I just looked. Otherwise after I see if my glasses can be fixed, I'll have to buy another one. Maybe my old silver antique filigree at mom's will fit... I need one now more than ever to hold my mom's solitare she gave me when she was feeling her mortality after an old beau named Bea, the first love of her life passed away this summer.

Apart of me doesn't want to get up to do the things I should do. As I was getting up, my guys came home. We went back to mom's to have Thanksgiving leftovers. I looked for my old silver band. It had tarnished and was tight on my finger. I laid it on the table as we ate. As I am eating, I am thinking I will have to buy a new band today. About that time Don asks, "Is this it?" He held up my ring! It had inside it what looked like potatoes for the potato salad or else marshmellow cream from the potato souffle I made. I took it, washed it off and put it back on my finger. So I guess I am still married to myself after all. LOL We all had a really BIG belly laugh over it. Then I wondered... if it came off while I was doing kp duty the day before. Surely it did not cook in the potatoes. Mom said she didn't see it. It must have slipped off into my casserole. If so, it was nuked and a wonder the microwave didn't explode! I am just so thankful I have my ring back again.

I searched through sales flyers while Don napped. Then we went to JCP to pay my bill and get some items for a baby shower gift for next Saturday. Rhett picked it out since it is his Sunday school teacher who is having a baby. Don slept in the truck. We saw my friend Jimmy for a few fleeting moments as well as other old JCP co-workers. I found out old Mrs. Tilly finally retired.She was in her 80's but didn't look it. Wonder if it was because she was French?

Then we went to Walmart. I went to print and pick up more pictures. Rhett needed ear plugs . Luckily we found a pair for 97 cents! I picked up another frame.

I had another idea... a really good one. I draped a tv tray with a black towel, gathered up some of Rhett's toys he plays with most excluding his game boy. Don came over to see what I was doing. I told him "Arranging a picture." He actually thought that was a good idea which made me feel good! I took several photos and continued to add more items until I was happy with it. It reminds me of one of his I Spy books we love. My friend Abby agreed with me on this. Rhett's glass chess pieces do not show up well. I probably should have added his Harry Potter wand. Oh, well...
Once again I attempted to make a patchwork quilt of sorts out of my photos I have taken. Only one really good one came out of my attempts. It may very well be Stephanie's and Amanda's abstract for Christmas.
Watched my vamp show "Moonlight" then Rhett & I watched one about Guiness Book of World Records.

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