Sunday, January 31, 2010

Art Finally!



Some of you have been requesting that I post some of my artwork which I have not done in a long while so I picked this simple piece I did a few months back with Crayola paint markers in a journal I bought at TJ Maxx. It has water color type pages. Hope you like it, Paulie and Artilue!

Just today I was thinking how complicated my life is at times... which may be why I picked something simple. On Friday my car was running weird again. It was out of oil once more after only 5 days! I had to take my Aunt Pearl some corn meal after I got oil and gas. She seems to think we can afford a new car whereas we cannot.

My son is growing up on me... He went to the skating rink to meet a friend and I let him go without his momma.

I framed a collage on Saturday. I am gathering up my collages so keep your fingers crossed for me that I may be able to display my art and hopefully sell some of it. Even to just have it displayed somewhere would be something in my book; something to add to my art recume. Then I can tell all my friends to go look at it!

We had a fellowship tonight at church. I had to get stuff for finger foods at Walmart. I always take Vienna Fingers as a joke. I wish I had a cake mold to make finger cakes and frost them to they would look lifelike! LOL I know I am a sick person. I was hurring because hubby wanted to go hunting since it was the last day of hunting here.

My life is never without complications. I forgot to print out plant pics for Rhett's project due tomorrow so Rhett & I had to go back to Walmart. Of course there is a man there printing over 100 8x10's!!! This Walmart only has two printing machines. They need more! The other one was being used by a girl printing every pic on her memory card. Then there were two others behind her. I almost started to leave to go Wolf camera, but waited to use the one the man wasn't using. I helped the couple in front of me so they could hurry along. This wait for a machine took about an hour! I still had to come home to fix my cheese ball and sour cream/ranch cheese dip. I fell in love with the Walmart Great Value brand of sour cream today! I may never use another brand again. Try it if you can. It is a whole lot cheaper too.

On the way home from Walmart's I was thinking why can't I ever had an easy as pie day? But there would probably be a missing ingredient. LOL The song "MacArthur's Park" just came to mind... "Someone left the cake out in the rain/I don't think that I can take it/cause I'll never have that recipe again..."

Finishing up the science project has not been without complications either, but we have been able to fix them. I am thankful the computer is working well. Thankful it prints.

Tomorrow is another week. I hope it will be less complicated. I hope it will be artful.
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still Fishing for the Master

Hi! I had something I wanted to share with you today because I knew you would understand and like it more so than anyone else.... because you are a believer in God's word.

I have these paint markers, but only use them every once in awhile. When I went to that painting class over a week ago, the instructor was demonstrating how to paint thin trees with a paint brush, twirling the brush as she did this. So cool. I purchased another black brush marker at G&H last Friday. I tried it out in the acid free memo book Elisa gave me for Christmas I have been using to draw on since New Year's. My 1st attempt at trees was not very successful, but it won’t stop me from trying them again and again until I get better at them.

I had a green brush marker with me at work. I’d doodled green leaves on my doodle pad yesterday. They looked more like very tall seaweed or sea grass. They were dying for color like fish would die for water.

Now when I have to send out an inter-office envelope at work, I just HAVE to draw something on the back! LOL So today I took the green brush marker and drew more sea grass. One of the ladies here at work has a fish pin on her desk which I have used before back when I was first becoming so artistic a few summers ago. I asked her if I could borrow it again and she let me. I drew 4 orange fish on that first envelope in between the grass. One orange goldfish was up higher than the others, coming up for a worm on a fishing pole. I used the Bible quote “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” -Mark 1:17.
My turquoise high-lighter wouldn’t work on the gold color of the envelope so I had to leave it as it was. I just happened to have this turquoise inter-office envelope on my desk which I was saving for a special occasion. My drawing was rather simple, but it worked well on this turquoise envelope. I knew immediately my friend sweet Patti in another office would be the special occasion.

Well, I still had this green sea grass on my doodle pad so I added three gold fish to it in between the grass, and colored in the water turquoise. A turquoise high-lighter can really look like water somtimes. I drew my red worm hanging from a fishing pole. I had words written on the pad that were in the way so I covered them up with white out, used a powder blue colored pencil to fill in the sky above the water line, but not the clouds made from the white out. Bet you didn’t know white out could be used as an artistic tool or medium. The turquoise high-lighter works well with whit-out, but I needed a lighter color for the sky. From the distance it looks sort of like a giant fish tank. LOL I am going to check the measurements of a panoramic frame to see if it might fit in one. If not, I will come up with something else. You know I will.

So I completed three pieces of art today and I am thankful! That may be a record for me. Plus I am still "fishing for the Master" as we did in vacation Bible school last summer and I am passing God’s word on so you know it made me feel good. I hope it makes you feel as good as it did me. I took pictures of them all. Hope to send them later.

Rhett has a science project due. First we had to buy plants. I was looking for cheap ones in case we kill them! Luckily I found 3 African violets for $1.50 ea. which was about the price range I wanted. Kmart wanted too much for their potted plants. Then I couldn't find any Miracle Gro anywhere. Now was not a good plant time. I got a Miracle Gro substitute for the violets for $5.99. Had to call our preacher to find out how to mix it & use it. Thanks again Larry! Rhett labled his plants because he will be using water & Miracle Gro on one, water & salt on another and water & sugar on the 3rd one. I thought that was pretty smart of him. Even I would not have thought of doing that. He was thinking of what to name them so I helped... Since he has "tap" on the one we hopefully won't kill ( the one with water & Miracle Gro), I said call him or her "Pat " because that is tap backwards. "Sal" is the salty one and "Shug" is the sweet one. I have made name labels for his tri-board which will have pics he took himself of his plants. He doesn't want me to tell you this, but he talked to them as Larry suggested. He was so cute doing this. Don't tell him I told you!

I had to buy a florescent light for them. I placed it over the stove so we have been keeping them there. They only get this light when we are there. There is a salt residue on the Sal's leaves. The plants being where they are makes a good excuse not to cook! LOL But when I do, I have not room. I did move Pat last night in order to have room to cook.

A plant friend at work brought me some Miracle Gro, but wouldn't take it back when I told him I found something in the place of it. If he thinks I will make a good plant person, he is sadly mistaken! Just ask mom, David or Jimmy! LOL Now I have to get a tri-board after work. I let my fingers do the shopping on line in order to save gas. I am getting one cheaper at Office Max which they are holding for me. This has been one expensive project. I have spent over $20 on it so far.

If the plants survive & Rhett doesn't want to keep them, we will probably give them to mom for Valentine's day. She got the green thumb in the family not me. I got the artistic gene.

Had a run in with Illy but I think I am over it now.

I drew 3 trees with my brush pen today. They looked really good from the distance. When I looked at them, I could see them in a simple black frame. I thought to myself,"I'd buy them." That sort of reminded me of "American Bandstand"... if they could dance to it, they'd buy it. LOL

This is my new motto:
Be Creative. Be artistist. Never give up on your dreams. Live every day as if it were your last and make someone laugh.

If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday please go to the following...

Monday, January 25, 2010

What the Weekend Was About

This past weekend was about doing things I had not done in a long time... shopping for myself. Seeing an old friends and spending longer than a few minutes with them. Going to the Country Club. Dressing up a bit, wearing bling ( new thing). Seeing people I had not seen in almost 30 years! It was about being remembered.

It was also about new things... Taking my son to the Country Club for the first time. Tasting a new finger food which was scallops wrapped in bacon! Yummy. It was about finding new things to photograph. Getting new ideas, being inspired and creating new art work that made me happy even if I stayed up late finishing it which messed me up the next day causing me to have to take a nap.

It was about doing something old and new... wearing blue eyeshadow which I haven't done since the 80's on Sunday and having my son ask me if somebody punched me in the eye! LOL When I asked him why he asked that, he said, he'd never seen me wear it before. I wear brown eyeshadow the majority of the time which after wearing the blue, I think I may be allergic to my brown.

It was about ordinary routine things such as church, lunch, later sending out my pics and artwork out to friends and family as is my Sunday ritual. It wasn't about odd shots like it used to be. Not that I miss any of odd shots. I still find them and take pictures of them. It was about sharing. It was about being on fire for Jesus.

What was your weekend about?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Uniquely You

Uniquely you
Your most important job is to be you. There are contributions you can make, and gifts you have to give, that no one else can duplicate.
You have a perspective that is unique and valuable. Share the insights and energy that come from that perspective.
You have feelings and longings that flow from the core of who you are. Express those feelings and fulfill those longings in your own special way.
There is great treasure in your authenticity. There are beautiful possibilities that spring from the genuine person you are.
Through you, life experiences itself in a way that is unique and special. Live true to the best of who you are.
Let your own bright and distinct light shine. Use this opportunity to make a difference in a way that only you can do.
-- Ralph Marston

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Week's Thankfulness

The journey between what you once were and who you are becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.
- Barbara DeAngelis

I am thankful I was off Monday so I could take my Daddy to work. I was thankful for the beautiful day off. I had a lot of errands to run. I had to get Rhett 3 plants for a science project. Luckily I was able to get 3 African violets from a nursey near work. They just happened to have exactly 3 left. They were much cheaper than potted plants at Walmart too. I had refused to pay $5 a piece for them. I was thankful I got dishwashing liquid for 53 cents for my mom! I love bargains like that. I stopped at T. J. Maxx not to shop, but to look at the frames they had. I got one made of rough unfinished wood painted black with white on the indented part where the photo goes. It was on sale for $2! Can't beat that price with a stick. I may repaint the white or add polka dots to the black. There was a frame without the glass or the backing. Literally a frame only. It is cream colored with a fancy letter "B" on it. Underneath where the photo goes is the word "Blessings" then something about children being blessings from above. It was on sale for $7. I tried to get them to go down on the sales price, but they refused to go down anymore. If Rhett had been with me, I would have made him place his face in the frame and taken his picture then not purchased the frame. I bought it because I knew I'd take not only his picture, but our granddaughter's and step grandson's as well. It is a great prop. If I were a child photographer, it would be handy. I took Rhett's picture then made him model the frame with his head in it for his grandparents and later Don. My mom said I am something else! I was thankful for these neat cheap finds. A blessing in itself.

Don took my car to the shop. Of course when he took it, it was not stalling and conking out!

I got everyone fed so I could go to a painting class Monday nite. The class had already begun a painting. I had asked for help to paint something I thought would be easy for me. I am always following a different drummer than everyone else. In the process, I learned something... I think I do better creating my art by myself or with certain people. I guess I don't play well with others. LOL I know the older lady instructor was just trying to help me but, I thought I WAS tracing my idea correctly whereas she did not. She was trying to tell me a Christmas tree is cone shaped! She knew I was not following what she was saying The idea I was going by was NOT cone shaped. She kept talking about perspective. I guess I don't have her's. I think I do better following my own instincts. I was using an old bottle of acrylic so I wasn't sure how it would do on the canvas, but it worked ok. I did get a corner done & it has a nice effect I like. So does Rhett. I think the lady knew she'd sort of ticked me off. Even Rhett knew she frustrated me. So I paid $5 to only paint a corner of a canvas & blow it dry with a hair dryer! LOL I have to get more paint for the colors in the background, but I think I will finish it at home. We left before the time was up. She probably thought I was really mad, but I wanted to be home before 8 in order to selfishly watch "Chuck".

We did get to see her demonstrate painting bare tree branches which was cool to everyone. We will try those next AT HOME on paper not on canvas!!!

Rhett and his class got to go to the Cococa Cola Science Center. He had to apply for a job there prior to going. He really wanted to be in communications and got it! I gave him extra spending money & he bought these space balls. When you throw them up in the air & they hit, they make a loud cracking sound. Cool! Of course if I threw them up, they'd probably never hit! LOL

My car was ready on Tuesday. It cost us a hand and an elbow, but at least it didn't cost an arm and a leg! I am thankful to have it back running again. When I got into the driver's seat after being up in the big monster truck, it felt like the seat was actually wrapping it's arms around me in a big bear hug. The odometer still isn't working, but we could only fix what had to be fixed. Now days our life is about making do with what we have.

I am so thankful this week has not been as stressful as last week was. I hope it remains as stress free and not a repeat of last Friday.

I am not happy with my Aunt Va's lawyer. I don't like the s-l-o-w way he has handled the probation of her estate. I have received yet another bill! He told me not to write any checks yet sends me a bill. Go figure. He is dealing with my cousin whereas my cousin doesn't call me anymore. He charges for every little fizzle; every phone call; every minute. Which could be eliminated if my cousin didn't call him. My cousin is only short-changing himself in the end, but it is not my money. I have stopped worrying about it. I am going today to sign the papers so the will can be probated although I had said the lawyer should come to me. The sooner we can get it taken care of the better and I can go on with my life.

Since my odometer is not working, I went online Google to get the milage to the lawyer's office from work then from there to my house. I will keep track of the time also as I will probably have to turn this in to the probate judge in order to get paid as being the excutress. Just feel like the lawyer has left me out of the loop in order to get more money. He didn't spend a lot of time with me on the phone. Nor could I remember to ask him why he hasn't called me.

I am thankful for the baptism we had last night at church. Baptisms always make me cry. My camera was used for it, but the pics are blurry. Maybe because I was not the one taking them.

I am thankful I "heard" from my cousin Lance via an email. He has had to go to a grief counselor. I hope he/she has been able to help him through this difficult time in his life.

I had a strange call at work today from someone saying they were from my bank & there was a problem which scared me. They wanted me to verify some info which I would not do on the phone so they told me to call my local bank which I did. The caller hung up rather abruptly. What is it with me and phone calls lately? Am I now a magnet for them?

I am thankful the heavy rains ceased here.

This weekend we will be going to my friend Iris' mom's 90th birthday celebration at the local Country Club. Rhett asked if that meant we will get to play golf afterwards!

Hope you have had a good week and are thankful. If you'd like to share, please go to the following....
where Lynn has a really funny post. It sounds like one of my days!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Much Better Today

Well, those cards were miracle workers for me! Today I am in a much better place; a much better frame of mind. The two church services helped also. There was something I really needed in our bulletin. I am not as depressed as I was. I guess I just decided to let go and let God take over and He has left me with this good feeling, a calm and peace.

We had lunch with friends from church. We were lucky enough to be celebrating Ms Mable's birthday. She will have surgery on her back on the 19th in hopes she will be able to get out of her wheelchair and walk. To me, her speech sounds like she had a stroke.

Today was about little things. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just being with my family. Not really doing anything but being. No stress. While my son played his video games, my husband read his hunting magazine and I cut things designs out of magazines which is like catharsis for me, I felt better and I am thankful. Just what the doctor ordered. The Great Physician.

Rhett and I are off tomorrow. Yeah! I am still taking Daddy to work. I won't be able to the rest of the week though. We have to get Rhett some plants for a science project. Hopefully we can find some cheap ones; cheaper than $5 a piece at Walmart! Now is not the time for plants. I hope I can take a painting class tomorrow evening. If not, then another time.... Don will try to take my car to see how much it will cost to have it fixed. Hopefully it won't cost us an arm and a leg! LOL

Today I received more money for the 15 year old girl who has lukemia. What was in our bulletin I sent out as an email to my buds in hopes it will lift their thirsty spirits as it did mine. Got good feedback on what I sent out yesterday. The previous post was one of them. It was the one that touched me the most.

Not much change with Aunt Margareet's condition except that the blood transfusion seems to have helped somewhat. They are still concerned about her kidneys not functioning properly.

Grandpa's Umbrella

Stuck in an empty-nest syndrome, I wondered how to redefine my role now that the kids are on their own. Then my mother, who lives directly behind me, pulled my late grandfather's garden umbrella out of storage, and I turned a corner.

To Mum's dismay, mice had chewed up Grandpa's umbrella fringe. When I swept my deck a few days later, I discovered some of the tassels on the back step. The next day I found more. When my father came over, I asked him, "Do you suppose it's the mice again?"

"No," he answered, "it's the birds." We both looked up and there, in the jungle of wisteria, was a robin's nest with bits of fringe tucked into the twigs!

"How pleased he'd be," exclaimed Dad, "to see the birds make use of his fringe."

Growing up, I'd been proud to be my grandfather's granddaughter. He was a godly man, generous and kind to all. Looking up at his umbrella fringe, I realized I didn't need to redefine myself. I was a granddaughter long before I became a mother. Grandpa taught me about who I am, especially two things: I am precious, and Jesus loves me.

The baby robins hatched, thrived and flew away, but I'm not feeling lonely. I have Grandpa's umbrella fringe: I am still his precious granddaughter, and Jesus loves me.

~Brenda Wilbee
adapted from "Daily Guidpost", 2002

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Car, Daddy & Aunt M

Each day proves to be a new challenge as well as a new problem for me. On Friday, I stopped to get $6 worth of gas to get me to Rhett's school. Gas is a few cents cheaper in our town so I was going to fill up once I got him. My car conked out on me on a very busy street. Luckily I was at a place where I could turn in. It started back up but conked out further up the road. I was praying I would make it to the school. It conked out another time. I got Rhett, tried to get out up on the road but almost couldn't make it up the hill. By then my hands were shaking. I turned back into the school and parked thinking if I let it sit there a few minutes, it might be okay. I called Don who thought I'd gotten bad gas. He came. It started so I went on to pay my bill but it conked out twice. I called him to come get me. I barely made it into a shopping center parking lot which is on the worst side of town. We paid the bill, went home to get a gas canister to get more gas to put in it. Don drove it home where it conked out again permanetly. We don't have the money to get it fixed so I will have to drive the monster truck. Don doesn't want me to put so many miles on his truck but what else am I to do? I pretty much felt like I was nearing the end of my rope.

Now I was supposed to take Daddy to work the next day. Don was going hunting no matter what. We went to get Daddy's SUV to bring home so I could pick him up for work. Once I took Daddy to work, Rhett and I went back to sleep at mom's. Our preacher called mom at 9 am. Luckily Daddy did not have to work long; only a couple of hours. So not much sleep for me.

I had to take Daddy to the bank afterwards then to a local discount store to get a few things. I tried to get him to let me go in and get the items, but he felt he could get them. Still trying to be independent. I fear if he does have to give up his independence, he will spiral downhill. The buggy helped him walk better which made me realize he may need one of those cart/walkers soon... It is just hard for me watching him walk now, struggling to just get up the three back steps. Don put up a rail for them to help them and it has been a lifesaver. I see a need for another hand rail on the door facing itself so he can pull himself inside the door.

Daddy ate cereal before work. He ate cereal upon arriving home. I felt like he needed more. We had a very good home cooked meal for an early supper. Daddy ate good. I was a little piglet myself as I have not had fried pork chops in awhile or a good home cooked meal.

My mom's oldest sister who is 90, tripped over her breathing machines tube/wires and fell breaking her right hip and shoulder. They operated late Friday evening. They only operated on her hip as her breathing is in "the last stages" so they would't even attempt her shoulder. My cousin called with an update today that Aunt Margareet is not doing well. Her kidneys are not functioning, she had to have a transfusion and they couldn't get her bp stablized. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks.

I did have some uplifting moments today. Laughing with my son while crashing his Humvee collection and other cars on Mom's dinning room table. Before the crashes, I was pretty bored but knew I needed to spend this time with my son. There is nothing like the sound of your child's laughter. We all go into the cars. Mom and Don included.

We came home after going to Walmart. I had received some free greeting cards from Guidepost. A small blessing. I love the stories on the back of them. They came when most needed today and I am thankful for them. Just another reminder that God is always there for us. One of them is a get well card which I will donate to our church ministry. I plan to share the stories in emails to friends after writing this. Printing them here is probably a copyright infringement, but I may post them anyway. One really touched me. I started to let Rhett read it, but I knew it would make him cry because it was about an grandparent. If you have a grandparent(s)or a parent(s), be thankful for them. Another one was about an assistant gardner and a head gardener. Guess who the head gardner is... The Lord. Awesome.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dream #

I know I watch too much tv. I guess the mushrooms on the pizza we had were talking to me... I had a bad dream last night. I dreamed Daddy died! Genie was right there with me throughout the whole ordeal. Although in reality I know she could not be, but it gave me such a comforting feeling that she was there beside me helping me thru it. Then it got weird... his body was being kept in the garage which wasn't their garage! This one in the dream was longways whereas their's in reality is house shaped. The door slide open sideways also. Genie & I were standing there when the door opened. They were moving Daddy's body. A mad, crazy scientist looking guy who looked sort of like one of Genie's old boyfriends, Chuck with wild hair was the person in charge of the body. He just sort of went "opps!" I only saw the back of Daddy's head which was far more balder than Daddy's. It looked more like my granddaddy's head. This made think Daddy's death may still be a long way off for him to be that bald. Genie whispered, "I don't think they were supposed to do that." Then I woke up. You can imagine how I felt.

Mom believes in this old wives' tale that you tell a bad dream before breakfast, so it won't come true. I told Don about it before breakfast. When I told Don about it, he hugged me of course & had to laugh at the craziness that is always in my dreams. He doesn't think Daddy will die any time soon but figures he may be in a wheelchair. So I feel like I have this foreboding feeling hanging over me. I dare not tell mom about it.

Daddy did drive yesterday all the way out to Whittlesley Rd about their house insurance. Not sure why it couldn't be done over the phone. Because their house was so old it sounded like they were going to cancel it. He had to tell them all the thing that have done to the house over the years. I just don't know about these insur. co now! Daddy had not shaved all week which is unlike him. He also stopped by to talk to his boss about working Sat. which I am going to get up & drive him to work since he feels they need the money. I can imagine what his boss thought of this bearded, bruised up man....

Bricks had been removed from underneath their house. I don't know if someone was trying to look in the back windows but the blinds stay closed all the time. Because the bricks left an opening, Don thinks it may have caused a pipe to freeze. So they had to have that repaired. It has just been one thing after another with them. So please continue to keep them in your prayers. Thanks.

Thursday, January 14, 2010



Today, you are committed to something. What is it?

Are you committed to just getting by, to just getting through the day with as little effort as possible? Or are you committed to something greater, something magnificent and exciting and fulfilling?

Whatever you're truly committed to, is exactly what you'll achieve. Whatever you're truly committed to, determines the kind of life that you lead. Within you is a vision that longs to be brought to life. It's a vision that deserves your full commitment.

Commitment to your most profound vision is not easy, and will ask much of you. Yet you know it is the best choice.

Make that choice, make that commitment to the best that's within you, again and again, each moment of each day. And the life you create, your own life, will be nothing short of outstanding.
-- Ralph Marston

I read this today and liked it very much. So much so that I sent it out as an email to all my buds. It made me think of all I am committed to... all that I am... being a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend and being an artist, my marriage, etc. All strong committments, but the strongest is my committment to the Lord. What are you committed to?

A lot has happened since last week.... First, I must apologize for not responding to your comments. I loved everyone one of them. They made my day & made me smile when I finally had time to read them. I am thankful for all of them and you. I will respond individually asap. Paulie thanks for the b-day poem!

My Daddy is 84 years old and still working! Last Friday my Daddy fell ouside work! He hit his head, skinned both knees badly, but luckily was wearing gloves so hise hands were not hurt as bad. Thank goodness no bones were broken or stitches required. He was driven home and several people from work called to check on him. He bruised beneath his eye with his glasses which was a concern due to the way it looked by Sunday afternoon. I talked with two nurse friends about his condition. One scared me to death about brain bleeds! We are just so very thankful he is okay. So I have been going to the store for them all week. Because he was unable to drive, I had to pick up Rhett from school as well as drop him off each morning. So I changed my work hours. I have been staying later to make up for my time going to get him.

Saturday was really cold here. My folks didn't feel like going to celebrate my belated birthday at Red Lobster so it was the three of us, Steph, our youngest daughter (my step-daughter) and her friend. In Steph's card to me, she thanked me for always being there for her. That meant far more to me than any gift.

Monday I had the surprise of my life... Illy was back at work! My eyeballs must have almost popped out. We were told she was on family medical leave without pay indefinetly. Our preacher had preached Sunday that nothing should surprise us anymore yet I am always surprised. I think his sermon was a premonition... yet I was totally suprised by her presence. It feels like history repeating itself again because it has. Same time last year.

Tuesday I walked in my folks' house to see my mom with their checkbook while on the phone. I made her give me the phone. I demanded the caller to identify themself. The woman said she was Jenny Taylor with the Anti Fraud Div of Family Security. Supposedly Daddy had requested something, but he was on the other phone saying he didn't. The woman had the nerve to ask if he had a memory problem. I asked her to send me something in writing. She said she could not. Red flag. She said she was trying to protect them because their acct # had already been sold to various telemarketers & they could use their account. She could not tell me which ones. What worried me so was the fact that she said she already had their account # she was just verifying it. Mom said she didn't give it to her. I know Mom thinks I don't believe her. I asked this Jenny to hold on while I went in the other room to quickly dial that # on my cell phone. It was a 7-11 in Illinois! Jenny hung up while I did this. I called the 7-11 back. I told them what happened. They asked if I called yesterday. It seems someone else from the south with a southern accent had called about the same thing yesterday! I called the fraud div of the PD. Haven't completed a report yet. Called the bank to put a watch on the account. Had a terrible headache from it all. Called work to tell them I'd be running later. Came back to work to clean up what I had almost finished when I left to get Rhett & to get my bag although I was told not to worry about coming back to work. i passed Illy who asked me why I came back. Obviously she would not have returned like me. I am trying to show that I care about my job because I need it. I am committed to it. I don't think Illy liked my answer or tone, but it was because I was mad about the earlier episode.

It scared Rhett, but I told him not to be scared. I handled it. I just feel like I have 3 children now! Sometimes 4 with Don! Later all my friends said I did good & acted fast. My best friend Genie said she would have been a blubbering idiot! LOL She told me she'd hang in there if I will.

Rhett blew me away with a question I just couldn't answer or deal with at that moment in time. I'd just finished watching mom dressing Daddy's knees. Now Rhett wants to be a lawyer/welder. A welding lawyer. Lawyer at the Weld. LOL He is constantly making all sorts of noises. I figure he is going to be the next Robin Williams or Jim Carey. I told my sweet friend Patti she can tell folks she has known him all his life and can show them his autograph someday. Even told her once he buys me a mansion, she can come visit us and swim in the cement pond! LOL

I am thankful for all the free meals I had at work this week not to mention medical supplies for my Daddy. Because of this, I saved on gas which went up down here. Over $2.60 now.

I am so thankful Paulie & Abby started another blog! So glad to know Abby is okay. I was really worried about her.

I am thankful for the paper Rhett did where he wrote about Uncle Bert. Of course he took a lot of liberties, but his teacher wrote the neatest things about him. That he was very good at writing. (He gets this from me of course!LOL) That he writes far better than most kids his age and he should persue his writing. Amen. Maybe after his lawyer/welder/actor/commedian thing. LOL I am so proud of him. He wanted me to frame it, but it is a two pager and stapled. It will have to go in his scrapbook.

I am thankful for the pics finally I sent out via email last week even though I didn't finish them all because I had so many. I am thankful for the good feedback I always get from my friends.

I am thankful for the argyle socks I got at the dollar store for me, my 2 best friends and my daughter-in-law for Valentine's day.

I was NOT thankful for all the cold weather we had the past couple of weeks but it could be worse... I could be in Haiti!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thankful Holidays

To make a long holiday short, I am thankful for the safe journey we had to and from Indy for Christmas. We had sleet in Kentucky which turned in to snow flurries the closer we got to Salem. The ground was white the next morning. Not totally covered, but still white snow. It melted, but stuck in certain places such as a certain field out far from the road. It clung to downed lumber and trees which was really pretty & made me wish we could have stopped to take a photo, but we couldn't as it was on the main road into town.
Sunday the 20th, the church there had  a fellowship meal honoring the older folks like Don's parents. It was held at a member's house who has a big fellowship room built on to their house. They were deer hunters so we now have new ideas how to decorate our dream house. I have pics of ALL the many mounted deer heads complete w/ Santa hats.  Then we went caroling. This was a 1st for Rhett & myself. I am always doing a 1st when up here. We went to older folks who attended church but can no longer get out. We even went to a store where members of the church who were working that day. This couple was later baptized on Christmas Eve! Don bought a pair of shoes on sale for $10 while we were there! Caroling and shopping at the same time. Who knew? Then we went to the nursing home. I got pretty emotional there. I had to focus on the Christmas tree to keep from crying. Some of the people were able to sing along with us. Then we went to get pizza afterwards. I was thankful for this fun experience.
We went shopping for last minute gifts. I still had to shop for my folks too. Luckily we got good deals on everything. I got my friend Nancy a gingerbread that lights up for 69 cents! Sh! Don't tell her! LOL We bought only one roll of wrapping paper which we used up. It had deers on it of course. Sort of wished I'd bought more than one. Then I saw almost the same wrapping paper only a darker shade of green being used at Bass Pro where they were wrapping gifts & the proceeds went to needy kids. I got to go to 2 of my fave stores there Old Time Pottery or the Pottery Barn as I call it & Rhett corrects me everytime. Now I know how my mother felt.
The rest seems kind of a blur as it was busy, busy, busy. One thing after another. I did make a new kind of cookie. I'll give you the recipe later...The only artistic thing I did was wrap presents & make a few gift tags besides take photos. Got 1 really really good one that is now my new fave.
I only showed my butt once over Don telling me how to cook speghetti with ingredients I do not use when making mine. They don't buy name brand products up there mostly because the small stores don't carry thtem. I got my feelings hurt by his mom over pictures. She did not want one of the silly ones of the 3 of us I took in church. After I stood in line at Walmart here for a long time just so everyone could have pics. Then she said she had so many she didn't know what to do with them all. It just hurt my feelings. I took to our room. Don thought it was because he wasn't giving me a present this year because he didn't have a job until recently. That wasn't it. I am not that much of  spoiled brat. It is just so hard to try so hard to please everyone whic is what I try to do. I should know by now I cannot. I realize she is an old lady and sometimes says things she shouldn't.
I was busy snapping photos of everyone on Christmas day. My daughter-in-law gave me one of THE best gifts I have ever received. I had forgotten she was having something made with my artwork. She was sitting next to me as I opened when I opened it. She gave me a black & red purse that had a pic of a piece of my art on it! It was the mask I did back in the fall. It looks so cool! I cried when I saw it!  She told Jason, "I think she likes it!" I took pics of it of course. Will post them later. I was really thankful for this awesome gift. It made me feel loved.
I am beginning to think I must really be going thru menopause now. I seem to be really emotional lately. I had a  reallly bad hot flash the night before we left. But the dr told me my levels are exactly where they should be so I do not understand.

Once safely home, it is still a rush to have Christmas with the rest of our daughters and then my folks always seem to come last. I had a really, really rough week at work. Illy called out sick. The other lady was on vacation. I had to work over just to get things done esp my work done on time. I was hoping it wasn't a sign of how my new year would be. Don got a cold and was the illest-natured he has ever been. I hope he doesn't get sick again because he hurt my feelings several times esp on New Year's Eve. I do not do him like that when I am sick. Rhett & I brought in the New Year with a bottle of sparkling white grape juice. Rhett drank almost the whole bottle! I worried this was a bad sign, but a friend told me as long as the words "Reunite" were not underneath, it would be alright! LOL

Elisa gave me a neat photo/note cube with acid free paper. I drew swirly butterflies on New Year's Eve and was rather proud of them. I was thankful for her gift.

Yesterday was my birthday. I had the day off. My friend Anne drove all the way from Carrollton just have lunch with me and my mom. Due to the extremely cold weather I cancelled my usual celebration until Saturday at lunch hoping it would be warmer for my folks and cheaper on other's pockets. I went to get gas before picking up mom but locked my keys in the car at the pump! Don had to come unlock the car. I waited in a store for him to remain warm. I got Daddy a Bugle Boy jacket on sale for $5 for his birthday next month. I was thankful for this find. I know it was meant to be.

I am so thankful for my friend Anne.

Anne has friends that lost a child. They still had the child in the hospital days after it's death which is unheard of by anyone I know! They wanted Anne to come hold it which she could not do. She drove an hour and a half to the hospital, arrive to a scene out of the "Twillight Zone" which she will never be able to forget now. She had to leave because the child was still there.

Daddy went to pick up Rhett yesterday from school and Mom and I were several cars behind them, but did not know it because he was so far ahead of us! Now I cancelled my birthday until Saturday so my folks wouldn't have to get out in the cold yet Daddy worked and they both were out in it. Luckily it had warmed up.

I was able to do one thing on my today list for my birthday... take my fave jacket to have the lining repaired. It will probably cost almost as much as the jacket cost me on sale about 20 years ago! Don gave me a beautiful watch with THE funniest card. Genie gave me a Vera Bradley bag with a make-up bag inside it. I am sure I had more to be thankful for...

Rhett's book bag was SO heavy yesterday I could hardly carry it myself. I wanted to email his teachers and tell them this! I am sure that would have gone over well.

I have my 1st PC artist guild meeting tonight and sleet & snow are predicted! Anne says it's snowing in Carrollton!

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