Monday, January 25, 2010

What the Weekend Was About

This past weekend was about doing things I had not done in a long time... shopping for myself. Seeing an old friends and spending longer than a few minutes with them. Going to the Country Club. Dressing up a bit, wearing bling ( new thing). Seeing people I had not seen in almost 30 years! It was about being remembered.

It was also about new things... Taking my son to the Country Club for the first time. Tasting a new finger food which was scallops wrapped in bacon! Yummy. It was about finding new things to photograph. Getting new ideas, being inspired and creating new art work that made me happy even if I stayed up late finishing it which messed me up the next day causing me to have to take a nap.

It was about doing something old and new... wearing blue eyeshadow which I haven't done since the 80's on Sunday and having my son ask me if somebody punched me in the eye! LOL When I asked him why he asked that, he said, he'd never seen me wear it before. I wear brown eyeshadow the majority of the time which after wearing the blue, I think I may be allergic to my brown.

It was about ordinary routine things such as church, lunch, later sending out my pics and artwork out to friends and family as is my Sunday ritual. It wasn't about odd shots like it used to be. Not that I miss any of odd shots. I still find them and take pictures of them. It was about sharing. It was about being on fire for Jesus.

What was your weekend about?


artilue said...

mine wasn't as eventful as yours! But it was good, got art/work related things started! And then I slept wrong so now I have trouble moving around.=p

Paulie said...

I guess I played Skip Bo for the first time in a long time this weekend. Nothing else different.

becky aka theRAV said...

Glad you got some art done Artilue. sorry you slept wrong. I hate it when that happens! My son loves to play Skip Bo, Paulie. We got a cheap game of it combined with uno for his game boy only we cannot find it in the house!