Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Week's Thankfulness

The journey between what you once were and who you are becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.
- Barbara DeAngelis

I am thankful I was off Monday so I could take my Daddy to work. I was thankful for the beautiful day off. I had a lot of errands to run. I had to get Rhett 3 plants for a science project. Luckily I was able to get 3 African violets from a nursey near work. They just happened to have exactly 3 left. They were much cheaper than potted plants at Walmart too. I had refused to pay $5 a piece for them. I was thankful I got dishwashing liquid for 53 cents for my mom! I love bargains like that. I stopped at T. J. Maxx not to shop, but to look at the frames they had. I got one made of rough unfinished wood painted black with white on the indented part where the photo goes. It was on sale for $2! Can't beat that price with a stick. I may repaint the white or add polka dots to the black. There was a frame without the glass or the backing. Literally a frame only. It is cream colored with a fancy letter "B" on it. Underneath where the photo goes is the word "Blessings" then something about children being blessings from above. It was on sale for $7. I tried to get them to go down on the sales price, but they refused to go down anymore. If Rhett had been with me, I would have made him place his face in the frame and taken his picture then not purchased the frame. I bought it because I knew I'd take not only his picture, but our granddaughter's and step grandson's as well. It is a great prop. If I were a child photographer, it would be handy. I took Rhett's picture then made him model the frame with his head in it for his grandparents and later Don. My mom said I am something else! I was thankful for these neat cheap finds. A blessing in itself.

Don took my car to the shop. Of course when he took it, it was not stalling and conking out!

I got everyone fed so I could go to a painting class Monday nite. The class had already begun a painting. I had asked for help to paint something I thought would be easy for me. I am always following a different drummer than everyone else. In the process, I learned something... I think I do better creating my art by myself or with certain people. I guess I don't play well with others. LOL I know the older lady instructor was just trying to help me but, I thought I WAS tracing my idea correctly whereas she did not. She was trying to tell me a Christmas tree is cone shaped! She knew I was not following what she was saying The idea I was going by was NOT cone shaped. She kept talking about perspective. I guess I don't have her's. I think I do better following my own instincts. I was using an old bottle of acrylic so I wasn't sure how it would do on the canvas, but it worked ok. I did get a corner done & it has a nice effect I like. So does Rhett. I think the lady knew she'd sort of ticked me off. Even Rhett knew she frustrated me. So I paid $5 to only paint a corner of a canvas & blow it dry with a hair dryer! LOL I have to get more paint for the colors in the background, but I think I will finish it at home. We left before the time was up. She probably thought I was really mad, but I wanted to be home before 8 in order to selfishly watch "Chuck".

We did get to see her demonstrate painting bare tree branches which was cool to everyone. We will try those next AT HOME on paper not on canvas!!!

Rhett and his class got to go to the Cococa Cola Science Center. He had to apply for a job there prior to going. He really wanted to be in communications and got it! I gave him extra spending money & he bought these space balls. When you throw them up in the air & they hit, they make a loud cracking sound. Cool! Of course if I threw them up, they'd probably never hit! LOL

My car was ready on Tuesday. It cost us a hand and an elbow, but at least it didn't cost an arm and a leg! I am thankful to have it back running again. When I got into the driver's seat after being up in the big monster truck, it felt like the seat was actually wrapping it's arms around me in a big bear hug. The odometer still isn't working, but we could only fix what had to be fixed. Now days our life is about making do with what we have.

I am so thankful this week has not been as stressful as last week was. I hope it remains as stress free and not a repeat of last Friday.

I am not happy with my Aunt Va's lawyer. I don't like the s-l-o-w way he has handled the probation of her estate. I have received yet another bill! He told me not to write any checks yet sends me a bill. Go figure. He is dealing with my cousin whereas my cousin doesn't call me anymore. He charges for every little fizzle; every phone call; every minute. Which could be eliminated if my cousin didn't call him. My cousin is only short-changing himself in the end, but it is not my money. I have stopped worrying about it. I am going today to sign the papers so the will can be probated although I had said the lawyer should come to me. The sooner we can get it taken care of the better and I can go on with my life.

Since my odometer is not working, I went online Google to get the milage to the lawyer's office from work then from there to my house. I will keep track of the time also as I will probably have to turn this in to the probate judge in order to get paid as being the excutress. Just feel like the lawyer has left me out of the loop in order to get more money. He didn't spend a lot of time with me on the phone. Nor could I remember to ask him why he hasn't called me.

I am thankful for the baptism we had last night at church. Baptisms always make me cry. My camera was used for it, but the pics are blurry. Maybe because I was not the one taking them.

I am thankful I "heard" from my cousin Lance via an email. He has had to go to a grief counselor. I hope he/she has been able to help him through this difficult time in his life.

I had a strange call at work today from someone saying they were from my bank & there was a problem which scared me. They wanted me to verify some info which I would not do on the phone so they told me to call my local bank which I did. The caller hung up rather abruptly. What is it with me and phone calls lately? Am I now a magnet for them?

I am thankful the heavy rains ceased here.

This weekend we will be going to my friend Iris' mom's 90th birthday celebration at the local Country Club. Rhett asked if that meant we will get to play golf afterwards!

Hope you have had a good week and are thankful. If you'd like to share, please go to the following....
where Lynn has a really funny post. It sounds like one of my days!

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