Sunday, January 31, 2010

Art Finally!



Some of you have been requesting that I post some of my artwork which I have not done in a long while so I picked this simple piece I did a few months back with Crayola paint markers in a journal I bought at TJ Maxx. It has water color type pages. Hope you like it, Paulie and Artilue!

Just today I was thinking how complicated my life is at times... which may be why I picked something simple. On Friday my car was running weird again. It was out of oil once more after only 5 days! I had to take my Aunt Pearl some corn meal after I got oil and gas. She seems to think we can afford a new car whereas we cannot.

My son is growing up on me... He went to the skating rink to meet a friend and I let him go without his momma.

I framed a collage on Saturday. I am gathering up my collages so keep your fingers crossed for me that I may be able to display my art and hopefully sell some of it. Even to just have it displayed somewhere would be something in my book; something to add to my art recume. Then I can tell all my friends to go look at it!

We had a fellowship tonight at church. I had to get stuff for finger foods at Walmart. I always take Vienna Fingers as a joke. I wish I had a cake mold to make finger cakes and frost them to they would look lifelike! LOL I know I am a sick person. I was hurring because hubby wanted to go hunting since it was the last day of hunting here.

My life is never without complications. I forgot to print out plant pics for Rhett's project due tomorrow so Rhett & I had to go back to Walmart. Of course there is a man there printing over 100 8x10's!!! This Walmart only has two printing machines. They need more! The other one was being used by a girl printing every pic on her memory card. Then there were two others behind her. I almost started to leave to go Wolf camera, but waited to use the one the man wasn't using. I helped the couple in front of me so they could hurry along. This wait for a machine took about an hour! I still had to come home to fix my cheese ball and sour cream/ranch cheese dip. I fell in love with the Walmart Great Value brand of sour cream today! I may never use another brand again. Try it if you can. It is a whole lot cheaper too.

On the way home from Walmart's I was thinking why can't I ever had an easy as pie day? But there would probably be a missing ingredient. LOL The song "MacArthur's Park" just came to mind... "Someone left the cake out in the rain/I don't think that I can take it/cause I'll never have that recipe again..."

Finishing up the science project has not been without complications either, but we have been able to fix them. I am thankful the computer is working well. Thankful it prints.

Tomorrow is another week. I hope it will be less complicated. I hope it will be artful.
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Paulie said...

Your artwork is nice - very delicate.

I was beginning to think you really didn't have these art things you keep describing and not showing on blog. Ü

Since your printer works, why not print out the photos for your son's project? You don't need photo paper to print a picture. . . just wondering.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks, Paulie. I liked the fact that you thought it was delicate. I had never thought of it like that. You are funny thinking I was making my artwork up. LOL Well, I did end up printing some that night. We just though real photos would look best on it.

artilue said...

Very lovely! Makes me ready for spring!.we can skip summer lol.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks, Artilue. Me too! I agree with you about skipping the hot summer! LOL