Thursday, February 4, 2010

Problems From Yesterday Are Not Problems at All

Well, Rhett's Science/plant project is over. Yeah! The tri-board was done, but not without complications. We had a fellowship at church Sunday nite. Had to bring finger foods. We went to Walmart after church to get the things I needed plus Rhett's lunches. I was hurrying as Don wanted to go to the woods since it was the last day of hunting season. I forgot to print pics of the plants so Rhett & I had to go back. There was a man printing over 100 8x10's!

I pulled a Penny... I talked to strangers! LOL I saw this man's lovely photos of flowers & started up a conversation with him, a rank stranger. I asked him if he was a photographer ever mindful of the artist guild even if he'd be my competition. It turns out he is a counselor at Rutledge State Prison up the road from where I work so I don't feel quite so bad that he might be a pervert; stocking strangler, etc. LOL I did tell him about the artist guild and he is looking to get into something like that as well as making his own pottery. His wife has been an editor of magazines and published some of his photos.

I had to wait in line for the other machine. Walmart needs more photo machines! There was a mexican couple ahead of me who asked for the instructions in Spanish. They were going too slow so I asked them if they needed help. This reminded me when I was in 1st grade.... I knew how to read really well. So Rhett got that from me. My teacher, an old maid who would retire at the end of that year would fall asleep during reading. If the reader didn't know the word, I would tell them. They got tired of me doing this because the teacher was supposed to do this. They'd get loud and I'd say "She's asleep" and I'd be the one to get in trouble. So here I was "helping" again. I got 'er done a whole lot faster. LOL This couple seemed to appreciate my help unless they cussed me out in Spanish later. Of course the machine ran out of photo paper with me. It crinkled up one of mine, but reprinted it later. So that had to be changed. This entire time standing in line took almost an hr! I still had to make my cheese ball and sour cream/ranch/cheese dip for chips. I'd gotten the Walmart Great Value brand of sour cream & it was SO-O good; the best I have ever tasted. It will be the brand I use from now on. Cheaper too. So try it.

On the way back to the house, I was asking why can't I ever have an easy as pie day? There is always a complication; always drama. But some ingredient would be missing from my easy as pie pie. I'd need milk, eggs or something. I'd still have to go to the store and end up in line behind the person with THE most groceries in the cart or the 3 women all with food stamps.

The tri-board was not without trial & error then regrouping and some yelling. Just hope he gets a good grade on it after all our hard work & the money I spent on it. I was so thankful the computer works and prints.

Now Rhett is the one child who asks me if he can have a piece of gum or chips. I don't think I ever asked my mom. If we had it, I could get it without asking. Sometimes it gets on my nerves that he asks for something so simple yet I don't say anything except tell him he can have it or tell him he know he can have food or gum.

Don had left the big nail clippers on a towel in the bathroom. Later that night Rhett showed me he'd clipped his own fingernails which I still did for fear of him cutting himself. Over protective mom that I am. He did a great job. Yet he didn't ask if he could do this. Just did it anyway. So this was twice this weekend my baby has grown up on me. One less job I have to do now.

Thanks ladies for your great feedback on his 1st solo trip to the skating rink. I feel somewhat better now. I know what is ahead of me will not be easy now that he is a tween. It will be trial & error, but I will still do what I think is right for both of us, hoping and praying it its the right thing. Even if it makes him mad at me.

He was able to carry his big backpack, trombone & tri-board in Monday morning. Luckily there was a teacher standing inside the door.

I got a good thing on the bulletin board about being thankful which I sent out as a email. It was right on time. Love it when that happens not just to me, but what I send is timely for others. I was thankful for this small blessing.

What I thought were problems yesterday have turned out to not be so today. Rhett had an orthodon. apptment. I was going to cancel it because I didn't think I could get him there by 3:40, but the latest they could give me was 3:50 so we tried. Yesterday I tried to call in my hi blood pressure pills. Walmart said there were no more refills. I didn't have time to call them til this morning. I thought I'd turned in a new script to be held for when needed. I just called to speak to the pharmacist who told me the new one kicked in & was waiting for me! I was thankful I didn't have to call the dr. & go thru an act of Congress! I thought I'd left my camera at home & had been worrying about it esp if someone broke in again. How my life is on that memory card; how that is the best camera I have ever had. Even thinking I'd run by the house to get it before picking up Rhett. When I looked in my BIG bag, to get my high blood pressure pills packet to call Walmart, I found my camera! So my angels are watching out for me. I'd felt naked without that camera like when I don't wear rings. I'd even missed a really good shot on the way to work where the sunlight was behind a red light. I'll probably never get that shot again. But I am too happy to know I have my camera with me to care. I missed this same shot a 2nd time but I WILL get it eventually!

After the ortho., I came all the way back to the Walmart near work to get my pills. A new $ tree has opened & they said they will be selling steaks! NOT! Rhett will want a new cheap game which has been our deal for going to the orthodon., but he got a Club Penguin card yesterday for less than $6 of his own money so I might can get out of our deal.

Just when I think things are bad, something good happens and I am thankful. Hope you are having a good day, had a good week, and are thankful, etc.

What a friend said...
"You are truly a Steel Magnolia! Wish I had your grit and spunk. I'd have fallen totally apart by now! Rhett and Don are two lucky guys, as are the rest of your family!" Thanks, Bob. Like the grit & spunk part.

Rhett left his jacket at school on Monday when I picked him up for an orthodon. apptment. I was so mad, I parked the car & we went back inside. One of his sweaters had disappeared. I couldn't let his big coat disappear too. I did not pass go. I did not collect $200. Nor did I got thru the front office. I probably looked like I was "mad wet hen" as momma always says. I know all teachers are gasping at this point. I didn't dare share this with 2 teacher friends because I do not want to hear a lecture.

He asked his homeroom teacher whom I am liking less and less. She has this very pronounce southern drawl which I did not have time for. Instead of telling us his coat was in the closet where she said she hid it, she goes into this l-o-n-g drawn out speel. So we got the coat, we were late to the apptment. They won't give you anything after 3:50.

I think his intern did not know what to think of me; didn't know if I was going to hit her or what. Later I asked Rhett what her name was. It was Ms. Kirkland. I had to laugh because it made me think of my friend David. Rhett asked if she might be David's wife. I said, no he wasn't married. He told me he might have gotten married. I said no, he would have told me. He said he doesn't have to. I told him we were tight or used to be. Then I said I guess we are kinda loose now. Then he was going to explain to me the difference between the two! I told him his momma ain't dumb! I'm hip. LOL

We were later than 3:50 to the ortho appointment, but we had to wait only to be told he has one more baby tooth that needs to come out & it is NOT even the least bit loose! We can't afford to put the 2nd set of braces on right now. We don't think he needs them. Don wants a 2nd opinion. He's gonna try to see if his dentist will just look at him since she is not taking new patients.

We went to mom's afterwards. He wanted to stay there while I got my pills & went to the new $ Tree. He wouldn't let me out of our deal. He wanted to go to Play & Trade which is at the new mall. I didn't want to drive all the way over there with my car like it is. He cannot understand this although he was with me the day it kept conking out. So we went to Game Stop & he got a game that was a little over the limit I set, but he is such a good kid that I let it slide.

Luckily everyone was willing to eat Krystals that night so I was happy.

Just keep praying my car will last until we can afford one. I was going to email my friends Bob & Jimmy to BEG them if they win the lottery to PLEASE remember your dear friend Becky and get me a new car!!!! LOL Then another friend told me if she won, it she'd buy me one! That really made me feel good.

The Eufaula Pilgrimage tour is coming up. $75 entry fee. The deadline to pay is the end of March along with the fees for my reunion. I didn't enter it last year because I didn't have the $. Then I had friends who told me they'd help. Maybe I am just scared for several reasons. It is juried which means they judge your work & decide if it is good enough. Don't like that part. It is a long way to go to travel & set up. It is the weekend of our anniversary. Bad weather hit it last year on Friday. What if I don't sell anything? What if I sell out of everything and I have then have nothing left to sell? Although being there would look good on my art resume. Don doesn't think it would be worth my while. Another friend things the $75 would eat into my profits. When we went to it last year, I ended up having a touch of bronchitis afterwards. I know I sound like I am trying to talk myself out of it. I am thankful I have my friends' support and encouragement to do this even though I am leaning toward not doing it.

There is Springfest downtown in April. A lot depends on the PC art guild meeting on Thursday. This meeting I won't be as shy as I was at the 1st one. I am hoping this guild will have a spot so the entry fee will be cheaper. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I sure need the money.

I painted a tree last night that I am proud of and thankful for.

This morning we had to take Rhett's plants to school to go with his project. I was late to work because of this and a wreck caused a huge traffic jam making me even later. Dentist appointment this afternoon then the art guild meeting. Pepperoni & mushroom Pizza from Lil Ceasar's afterwards.

Please keep my friend Darryl in your prayers. He is supposed to go to one of the Carolinas today but just doesn't feel like going. It sounds like a lot of fun. A roaring 20's party later this evening. I hope his not wanting to go is like a premonition that he shouldn't go. An email I sent him today seemed to help motivate him to get going. Please pray he has a safe journey to and from. Thank you.

If you would like to participate in Thanful Thursday, please go to the following....
at Iris'

Ps. I posted art. Check out my previous post!


Paulie said...

Lots of words -- I could never remember all those details. I would like to see more of your photos.

Serendipity said...

Thankfully there is only 24 hours in a day. Otherwise you'll be cramming more things into your already crammed days LOL!

Will be praying that your car continues to serve you well and good.

Denise said...

Praying for you, and your family.

becky aka theRAV said...

LOL Paulie! I will try to do more pics soon.

becky aka theRAV said...

Maby times I am saying I wish there were more hrs in the day, Serendipity. I never thought of my days as being crammed full but I guess they are. That is kind of neat. Thanks for the prayers for my car. Greatly appreciated.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you, sweet Denise for your prayers.