Friday, March 26, 2010

The Art Meeting

had a good Bible class Wed nite. We did something I had been wanting to do for some time. I quickly drew a coat beforehand which represented Joseph's coat of many colors. I let them decorate it the way they wanted to with some of my scrap pieces I cut out of catalogs & magazines. They really seemed to enjoy this. I didn't start working on mine until last nite.

I went to the Columbus art guild meeting & am so glad I went. A lot of us ladies arrived early. It was held at the Bullard/Sampson house. I took a pic of the outside. It was a bit forbodding with it gray paint and immediately brought "Psycho" to my mind. LOL It was very dark upon entry. I loved it, but I wouldn't want to live there. Too cold and dark for my tastes. I took a good bit of pics, hoping to capture a ghost, but only got the real moving kind which I deleted. Met some artists and talked with other members. The 1st room to the left was one I could stay in. It was done in pink walls, cream trim, a floral couch, etc. Very Victorian. Lots of light in this room but, I'd have to put in a floor lamp like I have beside me on our couch! LOL The punch was really good. Had 3 small cups. No, it wasn't spiked!

There are 3 floors to the house. All the stairs are very dark. I did not like the the little twist & turn in them as I am afraid of heights. I was holding on for dear life! LOL Rhett wouldn't have gone up them. Some went up to the 3rd floor, but it was empty.

The artist's studio was on the 2nd floor. I am sure she picked it because of the windows and the north light. Still I would have preferred better electric lighting, but that's just me. It is not the studio I want, but it did have a LOT of room & storage.

In a large room behind it, was the computer set up. This used to be an apartment with a trap door. Soldiers used to stay here. FDR, Patton and others have visited the home.

The artwork in the bedrooms upstairs were her's and other artists. There was a sink in the corner of one bedroom. Not sure if it worked. There were Old bathrooms with the old tubs and newer sinks. A huge closet in one with the lavortory in one room, the old tub in another and the john in a 3rd room. This was in their downstairs so it was the master bedroom suite. There was a newer bathroom with a shower that looked as if it was a closet made into a modern bathroom. All in all three bedrooms. Two upstairs, one down. Two bathrooms upstairs.

Didn't like the kitchen at all even though it had modern appliances. Preferred the kitchen at Eric Maddox's house where the Christmas party was held.

They have a bricked in garden out back and a dance studio where they danced 3 dances for us. Her artwork surrounds the walls in the studio. There was one piece I really liked and was able to photograph.

We were informed there will be a paint-out at Lakebottom tomorrow 3/27 all day weather permitting. Time is flexible so it is all day. I talked with several artists as I am not set up for this as they are. Two of them were very helpful. So I got excited even though I have no easel or watercolor paints. Only acrylics so I will cart all my bottles & water! LOL Wonder if Don could make me an easel really fast? I could envision myself doing this...

When I got home I worked on my own Joseph's coat excited about the paint-out then reality hit today when I opened an email I had not answered about Rhett attending a birthday party where he can ride on a small plane for 15 mins. Of course maybe the birthday party is a sign that I don't need to be out in the pollen. So my paint-out will have to wait til later in the afternoon. But there are more scheduled. Another at Flat Rock Park & downtown. I would be better prepared for the last two. just too many things to do.

I realized I am a modern day 20th century kind of girl. I like my electricity that provides me light. LOL

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Knew Better

Let's just say it hasn't been the best of a week for me. Last week I had a sore throat. I knew I had gotten sick around the 1st of April last year when we went to the Eufaula Pilgrimage/Art Show and had a touch of bronchitus. I knew I couldn't let it happen again. My throat got better. I had to deal with meetings about my aunt's estate which always gives me a headache. Don & I went out to eat afterwards at Chili's. I saw one of my friend Penny's friends and talked to her, gave her Penny's address and phone number.

On Friday, I had to take the initiative and straighten out the problems with the new estate bank account, change it from a commericial account to a regular checking account so there would be no more fees charged and the bank would not be calling me at work scarring me half to death thinking there is something wrong with MY accounts!

Saturday we had a fellowship meal of finger foods and hot dogs at the church. To my dismay it was being held OUTSIDE! It had warmed up, but I knew better. If I had known it was to be held outdoors, I would have stayed home. We did meet a new young girl, Tara, who became a member the next day. As the sun went down, I got my coat but was still cold and felt it between my shoulders. Guess that means I am becoming an old lady. There was a fire going to roast marshmellows. I knew better. I knew the smoke would do me in.

I was right. I had a scratchy throat the next morning. It wasn't until Monday night into the wee hours of the morning, my throat starting killing me to the point I could have cried. I got up and took two Alleve, my miracle cure. My throat stopped hurting, but I knew I needed to go to the dr and nip this in the bud before it turned into a repeat of last year. I called in sick and could barely talk. My appointment was not til late afternoon. I was sleeping so good until the phone rang, waking me. It was a telemarketer of course! I did sleep some more.

The physician's assistant made me feel better. She gets right in your face. Because I was there last year presenting the same symptoms, she said we needed to be aggressive with my treatments. A z-pack, back on my inhalers until pollen season is over, taking an antihistamine daily but I will live and I am thankful. I also saw my friend David's sister Kelli who works there now. It was good to see her.

The inhalers make me nervous as "a once armed fan dancer" as my momma would say. My handwriting does not look like my own but someone else. I do feel better and I am thankful. I am not as nervous as I was yesterday, but I am having a pain in my back.

I commiserated with my friend Darryl who also suffered from asthma as a child as I did. He brought to light something I never thought of and proabably took for granted. The fact that I had this illness made me more aware; pay closer attention to the world around me thus making me the artist, photographer that I am. I know it colored my world and still does to this day.

I know better. I know what I can and cannot do. I cannot be around fires or have a real Christmas tree. I cannot wear perfume nor will I allow my husband to wear cologne. I cannot stand to be around people who pour on the whole bottle of perfume! My nose is like a bloodhound. I know it is infected right now but it will get better.

I am thankful for the good class we had last nite in Rhett's class. I pre-drew a coat. After reading about Joseph, I let them decorate their coats with my scraps cut out of magazines so they made a coat of many colors. They really seemed to liek this activity. It was one I had been longing to do. I haven't made my own yet but I will.

If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Be Thankful"

You might travel a rocky road
but you have shoes upon your feet.
Be thankful.
You may bruise your heels along the way
Your feet may be sore for awhile,
but they will heal.
You can still walk.
Be thankful you have two feet to walk upon.
Your soul may be bruised as well
but Jesus will heal it whole.
Be thankful for Him.
This life's journey may take what seems like forever at times
but this is your life.
Be thankful for it.
It is worth every moment
even the bad ones
which are outweighed by the good.
Be thankful for your life.
Be thankful for the good moments.
Be thankful for time
Be thankful you have it.
Don't abuse it or waste it.
Every day is a blessing to be thankfu for
Count them every day
and thank God for them.
~Becky Bristow Voyles~

Count Your Blessings Not Your Problems

What am I thankful for this week? EVERYTHING! I am thankful for my family, my friends, my life even if it is messy sometimes. I am thankful for all my high school friends I have reconneted with on Facebook. I am thankful for all the art I have done and I know you are thankful I FINALLY uploaded some of it! LOL

I am thankful we got to spend time with Steph and Amanda last week at the Olive Garden.

I am thankful for Rhett's Bible class I teach on Wednesday nights. Those crafty little girls in his class blow me away and make me laugh. I try to make them feel like I am one of them and hope that I do. After our lessons, I show them what I have discovered artwise during the week. Last week Savannah asked me, "How come you have all the cool stuff?" She meant my paint markers. It was fun to have the cool stuff. She also told me I need to be an art teacher. Hmmmm. I showed them what to do with a black crayon and it got good to them. This week I had them make a paper weave which was supposed to be represent a basket to place a baby Moses upon. I drew their Moses for them. Casey got so carried away with her's. She grabbed blue netting material, made straps to carry him, even added his name in different colored letters! I told her she went way beyond Martha Stewart! Each time I ask them if they liked the activity and they do! I have gotten some from a Christian resource email I receive. One day I hope we can have an art show at the church. I have taken pics of their works so they can sell them.

This week had it's moments of ups and downs as everyone's life does. I had to remind myself of a church marquee I have passed daily for awhile that said, "Count your blessings - not your problems." That is something I need to do rather than tell you about the latest upset in the probation process of my aunt's will. I will just say I was livid yesterday and only calming down somewhat today. All I can do is shake my head now, stand my ground and not let anyone run over me due to someone else's mistake!

I am thankful for my handsomely rugged husband who is my calm in life's storms. He is calm, cool and collect which can be maddening in the midst of my ire. He is always the voice of reason. My best friend I got to for advice. I may not always heed his advice, but I do listen. I am thankful he is going with me on this journey especially dealing with the lawyer of my aunt's estate.

I am thankful for the fun opportunities my son will have that I did not experience til later on in life. Next Saturday he is going to a birthday party to be held at the local airport. He will get to go up in a plane for 15 mins if he can get up his nerve. He is afraid of heights. If he goes up, I am giving him my camera to take pictures from the sky because I have none with my digital camera. I will tell him to turn it on himself so I can see his expression. I have a good feeling about this, but still will ask for your prayer for his safety. My friend Cheryl told me when her son was 10, he flew for the 1st time, was scared but survived and kissed the ground when he landed! All my friends say this will be a wonderful experience for him. It may even make him want to be a pilot instead of a lawyer/welder.

I had written a poem entitled "Be Thankful" last Sunday. I sent it out as an email to all my friends. Well, most of them. Some I had never sent my poetry to before. Today I received a response from my friend and author of "Place of Sage", Lyn Nielsen that blew me away. I still cannot believe a published author emails me such encouraging words. Thank you, Lyn for that email. In the email, Lyn thanked me for writing the poem and being brave enough to send it out. To quote her, she said, "It is a risk we take as authors and artists: we create, and then step out onto a limb with our creations." She said she was proud of ME and will support me anyway she can. How awesome is that? So cool. Just further proving that I am meant to be where I am today.

I know you are going to ask for the poem. I will post it following this post.

Then surrendipitiously I discovered a not much older lady I went to high school with Karen Spears Zacharias who has written religious books. I have not checked out any of her books yet. Just wondering if any of you have read her books? Two religious authors in the same day. What are the odds? Yep it has been a good week thus far. Hope you have had a good one filled with many blessings you remembered to count and not your problems. Care to share them with us at the following....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

This Weekend's Art



Black Heart Mosaic


The 1st one is a crayon resist heart. The 2nd one is a rubbing of made with a black crayon of the mosaics we made at church placed on black cardstock. That is a silver key shaped keychain. I collect keys. It was rendered a negative which I really liked. Then I made a collage with objects on my drawing table. Yes, I am back at the drawing table. LOL I did a rubbing of the Believe which is a car magnet found at the $ store. I thought it fit better trimmed to the oval shape rather than the fish shape. I liked the blue tint in it also. So you can see I have been inspired and busy! Just one piece of art after another. I love it!
Bedtime now.
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Mostly Mosaics




Be careful what you wish for.... The 1st one begat the 2nd one which begat the third one. This was one of the heart mosiacs we made for Valentine's. I decided to draw one in my journal. Then colored it but I guess I didn't take a pic of the colored one. I took the colored one to Walmart and had many copies made which I cut out and made into a flower. I placed on a baby blue sheet. I am still going to do something with all the pieces.
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Last Week's art


"Somebody's Watching Me"


You wanted art. You got it! The 1st one was made with a tiny square of an art gum eraser I found when searching for black and white crayons in my son's box. I noticed there was a line design on the side of the eraser. These make great stamps if you didn't know that already. I just went with it. The I saw the face. I was listening to "Medium" last Friday night while stamping this. I played up the oval shapes.

The 2nd piece was done earlier in the week. It was actually an experient I tried on the way home from Indiana over a year ago. I left my journal open & would let different colored markers hit the page with each bump in the road. I didn't like it. It did nothing for me. I was feeling a bit frustrated after taking my work to a cafe. I was offered some good advice. I was so nervous I couldn't think of the names of titles on some of my work. I didn't like the fact that I was told, "Why don't you call it this....?" These are my babies and I will name them. As I got my frustrations out on the page, it began to work and flow. My markers look almost like watercolors in some areas. Not sure why all the pink eyes but I am not complaining. Another artist really liked it today. When an artist goes, "Woo!", you know you did something right.

Today I hung two pieces of art at the Phenix City Art Center. They did not question my work nor judge it. Simply hung it up for me and placed my business card in the card holder out front.

I have a lot of art show ahead of me so wish me luck.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear John,

Dear Blogger,

I am sorry I have been away from so long. Please forgive me. You see I have to admit that I have been unfaithful to you as well as my followers. I have found someone else to take your place. It is not that I no longer need you nor have I given up on you. I discovered Facebook. I could blame it on an upcoming high school reunion. When I go into one friend’s page, it leads me to someone else I know and then another and another. It is like the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. I do hope that you can understand and forgive me for my unfaithfulness. To catch you up on me, I have been creating tons of art. It is unbelievable. I am preparing to display my art at a local café hopefully next as I will get my bio sheet done at Kinko’s today weather permitting. I will also be displaying at one of the art guild’s I am a member of. Rhett is finally better but Daddy fell again. He is ok. He had heart stress test done and the person doing the test inquired about his bandaged arm. She told him he would have to start using his cane because if he fell and broke his hip, he could die!

I guess you could say I am going through my 2nd childhood as I have been playing with
crayons. It is called “crayon resist” which I just learned of this week. Crayons resist ink. Did you know that? I have made 4 small pieces today. I will upload the pics this weekend so you can see them. I promise. I still love you and all my friends and faithful followers.

The RAV,
the faithful

Friday, March 5, 2010

What's Happening

Sorry I have not been on here in awhile. Rhett was sick and his doctors wouldn’t call him in cough syrups or anything else after I was calling every 3 days to say he wasn’t better. I had to take him to an acute care place where they did a chest x-ray. He almost had pneumonia! I did not call his doctors up and cuss them out even though I had every right to do so. He finally got better. Then this week he ate 3 bowls of Don’s deer chili and got sick in a different way! Poor baby. We are thankful he is better.

My aunt’s estate was FINALLY probated last week. Her son finally got called back to a job. There was a memorial service for my aunt at work which I took my Daddy. He got a plaque for her years of service.

We took my Aunt Betty to a pancake jamboree last Saturday. She looked good and is
getting around better than my Daddy who fell again today! It just thrilled Aunt Betty that we thought of her to take her to it. It was good to see her again.

Another reason I haven’t been on here is because I have been on Facebook. I have an
upcoming reunion and have been reconnecting with old friends as well as adding some of
my blog friends. This past weekend I felt like I was doing the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.... I went to one classmates FB which led to another which led to another which led to one guy’s who had a sister who was older than us who married the quarterback. She had Bobbie Eakes on her FB. Bobbie used to be on the “Young and the Restless”, but is now on “All My children”. She is from Warner Robbins, GA. She has over 4,000 friends on her FB page. I have reconnected with old church friends. It’s been fun.

I have a lot of art projects coming up.... I am working on several pieces that will be displayed at a Christian café! YEAH! I will display my art at the art center in the town where we live so I have to get busy, busy, busy! Upcoming art shows. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that my art will sell.

I did a good thing this week .... My friend Cheryl finally got to see the framed art she inspired. It brought tears to her eyes when she saw it. I don’t think my artwork has ever made anyone cry before. LOL I realized I need to do more art that is of a religious nature and I will.

This week I reworked a piece that didn’t work over a year ago. I did it after talking to the artist at the café. I guess I was a bit frustrated as she wanted to give me titles for my work. They are my babies and I will name them. I know she was only trying to help. I was nervous and couldn’t remember some titles. The piece I reworked is called “Frustrations” as I was feeling just that at that particular moment. It has pink eyes in it so it will probably be “Pink Eye Frustrations”. LOL

I learned a lot from the last demo at the Artist Guild. I think I can do watercolors now. Just haven’t had time to try. Hope to do it this weekend. Just wanted you to know I am still alive and creating. So many ideas so little time.

PS Maybe I should say what is NOT happening! LOL 3/12/10