Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear John,

Dear Blogger,

I am sorry I have been away from so long. Please forgive me. You see I have to admit that I have been unfaithful to you as well as my followers. I have found someone else to take your place. It is not that I no longer need you nor have I given up on you. I discovered Facebook. I could blame it on an upcoming high school reunion. When I go into one friend’s page, it leads me to someone else I know and then another and another. It is like the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. I do hope that you can understand and forgive me for my unfaithfulness. To catch you up on me, I have been creating tons of art. It is unbelievable. I am preparing to display my art at a local café hopefully next as I will get my bio sheet done at Kinko’s today weather permitting. I will also be displaying at one of the art guild’s I am a member of. Rhett is finally better but Daddy fell again. He is ok. He had heart stress test done and the person doing the test inquired about his bandaged arm. She told him he would have to start using his cane because if he fell and broke his hip, he could die!

I guess you could say I am going through my 2nd childhood as I have been playing with
crayons. It is called “crayon resist” which I just learned of this week. Crayons resist ink. Did you know that? I have made 4 small pieces today. I will upload the pics this weekend so you can see them. I promise. I still love you and all my friends and faithful followers.

The RAV,
the faithful

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Paulie said...

So, you are back to blogging again . . . it has been a very long time since you left a comment on my blog. I wondered what happened to you. Take care.