Monday, May 31, 2010

Backwards Art by theRAV




This is the same piece of artwork only taken from the back of the doodle pad paper. I call it "Backwards Art", naturally. LOL In it you can see the the green leaf in the lower bottom.
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Latest Doodle





This has been ongoing on my doodle desk pad for some time now. It is intuitive. Every picture tells a story and I have one to tell explaining this one... I like to think of it is a tryptick (sp?). In the second shot, I felt like I was sailing on rough seas with all that I was dealing with in my life at the time. At least I didn't get seasick in reality! LOL. The 3rd is me I suppose with the long wavy blonde hair. This is not the 1st time I have drawn a woman with hair like this. With all I was dealing with I felt like I had become someone else. I was having to stand my ground, saying "No! We are doing it my way!" and feeling like I was becoming someone I am not. Sort of split in two. The pointy V-shaped things remind me of Iron Man for some reason or a Transformer. Maybe it means I am an Iron Woman! lol That part I like to call "Get the Point?" I was having to get my point across alot during this time. There has been more added to it like a neat green leaf that really stands out, but I haven't taken a pic of that part yet as I don't feel it is finished yet. The last one reminds me of a bunch of trees crossing with many images inside going over into the other images. This just reinforces that my trees are feminine to me which I like that. It is lightenting. Gotta go!

The thunder & lightening is over now. It took over 10 mins for this to load the last photo did not load! GRRR.
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My 1st Mulberry Pie

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A Proud moment


The other weekend Don & I went to check out Market Days downtown. I knew the Phenix City Arts group were going to be there and they were. Some were together in one combined space while others had their own space unto themselves, but still nearby the others well within talking distance. One lady artist who makes jewelry had her own spot. Lo and be hold she had the magnet she bought from me at our art show Mother's Day weekend. It was a proud, defining moment for me. It made my day to see MY artwork there on her table. It was my "Be Creative" collage/magnet. She quickly told me she wasn't selling it! It was strickly for display. I knew that. It made me feel proud. I have the same table cloth she has for one of my tables. Once we have all the artwork done for VBS, I will hopefully be at Market Days.
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Little Ham


This is Rhett as Prince Jason, the smart one in his play. He was very good. He is wearing his Superman/Clark Kent glasses. When he wears them, he reminds me of Ralphie in "The Christmas Story." This was days before his 12th birthday. Our little ham. So proud of him. Jim Carey, look out!
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Thankful Tree with Special Leaves


Be careful what you wish for.... you just might get it (Paulie!) This was the idea I came up with for Wednesday nite Bible class a few weeks ago. We were studying the book of Ruth. This is a Thankful tree. On the leaves they wrote the names of people in their family they were thankful for in their lives. I know the tree trunk doesn't work well but we went with it anyway. We succeeded with main objective anyway. Not every tree is perfect nor are we.
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Be Supportive

I took today off to handle family business. It is always one step forward and 3 steps back. I should be used to this now. You do something only to be met with another obstacle or roadblock. Very frustrating. I went thru a range of emotions from very angry to tears. I hate it when I cry. Not that I consider it a weakness. Then there was the deep hurt of non-support. I support everyone in their endeavors. Why can't the one person who means the world to me be supportive of me? All this that transpired today caused my bladder to hurt badly. I had to take a Vesicare which I haven't had to take in awhile.

We did manage to accomplish a lot of stuff which took most of the day yet I still managed to leave something undone. It will have to be done tomorrow. Just call me Scarlett O'Hara. I can only do so much. I can only deal with so much. Today I guess I didn't deal very well. We came home and I laid down hoping my bladder wouldn't hurt any more. That would be just what I need... to get a bladder infection on a holiday weekend. I'd cancelled my yearly follow-up from my last infection because I felt too good like I didn't need to go. I felt fine then. My motto is if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Maybe the month of May is just the time when I have bladder problems, but I feel today's episode was due to all the stress of the day.

I talked with my mom and my friend church Nancy. Nancy & I are starting to call ourselves "Thelma & Louise". Not sure which one is which but, she called me "Louise" today so I guess that is who I am. Then I emailed my other close friends telling them about today. I checked emails. I didn't feel like watching my usual Friday nite shows like "Ghost Whisperer" or "Medium". Nor could I watch violent tv shows Wednesday night after church. I wanted to upload the 80 something pics I took since 5/7, but then I read the comments written on yesterday's Thankful Thursday post. Those words were just what I needed to read. (Please see my commment I wrote there.) Thank you again my friends for those much needed words. They really meant a lot to me. I am so thankful for this blog, my blogging friends and Thankful Thursday.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend. It is going to be one I will always remember in many ways. Yet it will serve as a reminder that good always follows the bad. Stay hopeful.

My Quote of the Day:
Be supportive of those you love.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Well, Rhett had a good 12th birthday weekend. It was busy. 1st we worked on artwork for VBS. I had a lot of ideas for this and we went with all of those. I do have a pic of Rhett working dilligently on one of them in his tye dye shirt he made at school. So like his mom. LOL Later we had a party for him at the fellowship hall. It was just family there along with our preacher and his wife who are like family to us. We then took Rhett & our granddaughters bowling and to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". I think I laughed harder than anyone in this movie. We didn't get home til after midnight. It was a very good day. One I think he will always remember.

Sun nite after evening service, we worked more on the artwork for VBS. I realized I am used to doing art on my own. I don't work well with others on this, but I bit my tongue. Some things I knew I'd have to go over anyway. My outlines were covered up with dark hunter green by one teenage boy which will make it difficult to find as these pieces can be cut out but I will do it. Don even painted on one of them! I knew I couldn't do this project alone. I would need help and have to take it where I could get it.

I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on one event in my life. I can count my chickens before they are hatched now. I am able to breathe again.

Wed nite we tried something different at church. Finger foods before a monthly singing service. I was rushed but we made it. It was good. The singing was rejuvenating.

I have good news & bad news....

One good news is... There is a wire to the air in my car that was hanging down on the passenger side which was unplugged so I plugged it back in & the air worked! Yeah me! It really made me feel good that I could fix it. The bad news was when we got home from church, the air was on, but the temp in house was 82! The good news is it was a wire outside Don could fix temp., but he'll have to get a new screw for it. I was ready to go to mom's to spend the night if it had not cooled off, but thankfully I have a handy husband who can fix things & it cooled off! Of course he had to go outside after his shower in the dark with a big flashlight to do this. I think I'll keep him.

The bad news was I got a headache. The good news is I found a book about keys at the $ store. It is awesome. I love the author's preface. It sounded like something I would have written. It has wonderful photos of keys, esp old ones as well as quotes. I don't think I could have found a more perfect book except for the Bible or one I had written! LOL I wish I had a copy for everyone. At that price I could probably afford to buy them! LOL I will be sending the quotes from it soon.... This book has inspired me to take pics of keys so look out! I'll have to see what kind of keys Don has since there were Ford keys used in the book. This would make a great Father's Day gift for him.

The good news is I will now get a lunch hr again! The bad news is I have to be here at 8 am instead of 9. That is good for now, but will be harder on me once Rhett starts back to school. The preacher lady caused this. She much like Illy was doing whatever she pleased. She'd leave on Fridays at 3 to pick up her son & we were getting off at 4. She abused the priviledge so the rest of us had to suffer esp me. I guess I looked like I was mad as a wet hen because she came over to me after we were told this in a meeting. I told her it wasn't a problem now, but would be in the fall esp since I live the farthest away.

Today my biggest problem is deciding where to eat for lunch! If only all days could be like that! Hope you have a great day! Because I had a lunch hour I went to where my friend Donna works to eat but she was not very talkative so I remained silent wondering why went there.

I have to admit I cheated on my photography friend Darryl. I sent some of my roses photos to another photographer who keeps telling me I shoot my shots too slow and too small. I like my work as it is. I haven't had any complaints about my photos. I shoot what I like. If I don't like them, I delete them. It's that simple. I am far more critical of my own work than anyone. I think I will stick with Darryl and told him so. I won't cheat again! LOL I am not changing for anyone, stubborn Capricorn goat that I am.

Tonight is going to be an neat artist guild meeting at the museum & Rhett is all "keyed" up to go as am I.

Hope you have had a good day, a thankful week and remembered to count your many blessings on this Memorial Day weekend. You can share them with us at the following...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prayer Request

Please keep my Daddy, my mom and I in your prayers today. He has an appointment with the dr today. The dr has requested both my mom's and my presence. They will be giving him some medicine while we are there.

Thank you. I will update later if possible.


My Daddy is ok. He doesn't have cancer! He just has osteo bad. It is in his back also. Although it cannot be undone, he can take meds to keep his bones strong from today forward. His vitamin D was low. He will have blood work done in 3 months to make sure the calciums are working. We are so thankful! Thanks for all your prayers. What a relief!

Other thankfulnesses... Rhett's play went well. He did really good. I was so proud of him. I video taped it and my pics turned out well probably due to the fact that we were sitting on the 2nd row! Rhett is a whole year older now and already having to face harsh realities of life. Like never have a birthday party right after school is out. It reminds me of having a birthday right after Christmas. No one wants to come. Poor baby. So he will learn that you can always count of family when you cannot count on anyone else.

Yesterday morning, I awoke with an idea for Bible class last night. I thought of my Cup of Faith mug for sale at .... I thought of a cup of cheer 1st thing in the morning. Wouldn't that be grand if everyone drank a cup of cheer in the morning and remained cheerful the rest of the day rather than having someone pee in your cornflakes or eat nails for lunch? Because I was buying party supplies for Rhett's party, I bought some small plastic cups for the kids to decorate their own way after showing them my Cup of Faith.

Rhett blew me away with is 1st designed cup. He glued white rocks for eyes then colored a black iris with a permanent marker. Because the cups were see-thru, I placed it next to blue paper on the wall. Casey made her own Cup of Faith cup. I was so proud of them, my little artists. I was thankful for this class; thankful to be their teacher and have them as my students. I may not be the best teacher but I am so enjoying it and learning as we go.

This morning, I was nervous about Daddy's appointment so I played Bookworm til time to go pick my folks up. The word "pray" kept coming up. So I did.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I AM an Accomplished Woman!

Today I let an email written to two friends who are more like aquaintances get to me. The writer stated she was proud of their accomplishments. So why did my "friend" send this to me? To rub it in? To make me feel like I haven't accomplished anything with my life? What about my accomplishments? They are have been stated before... I am daughter to aging parents, a wife, a mother, a writer, a photographer, an artist. At least I am married and have a child. I am thoughtful, I am considerate. I use tact. I wouldn't do things others have done. I would never intentionally hurt someone or make them feel bad. I would have removed the writer's comments and just sent the photos that are larger than life exposing every pore that screams for a pore minimizer! But at least our skin looks moist.

I'd heard someone ask, "Why do people do the things they do?" I've often asked that question myself many, many times never finding the answers. Nor do I expect to find them in my lifetime. I need to stop trying to figure out other's motives. I need to stop over analyzing everything. I am not down because I am a strong woman as my best friend Genie reminded me on Friday. I can do anything. I have accomplished alot in my life time and will accomplish much, much more. I might not be a department head, or be really smart or write for a newspaper as I dreamed of or make lots of money, but I am happy to be me where I am in the life I live. I never wanted to be a department head. I've always wanted to be a writer and I am. I am just still not a published writer yet. I wanted to break the Guinness Book of World records for the most written poetry and I may have done that. I had over 20,000 poems, but I stopped counting and putting them in bound compostion books when love took my muse away years ago. I turned to art instead. Thankfully I found love again or love found me. I have written poetry since then, but it is random and scattered. A piece of me here. A piece of me there. My muse did not totally forsake me. I wanted to publish books and I shall one day. I wanted to be a mom and I am to be best little boy in the world and I am so very thankful he is my child and I am his mom. He cracks me up as he did last night. He taped my voice on his Nintendo DS & kept repeating my words back at me "out of my ear" over and over and over in differing voices. It got on my nerves as I hate repetition, but I haven't laughed that hard in awhile nor has he. I wanted to be an artist and I am. I am an abstract artist and proud of it. I am a Capricorn which is a late bloomer. I am slowly, but surely making a name for myself artwise in baby steps. I am living my dream and that is the main thing. I have the best of both worlds. I did not dream to be a department head. I love the freedom of my art. No constraints of time or deadlines for now. Just doing what I love. How many people can say that?

This person said she always wanted to do something else with her life. I can't remember what her dream was now, but it seemed out of character for her as was domestication and motherhood. So what about that? Could it be that she is envious of me that I am living my dream whereas she is not?

I know. I know. You are going to tell me that I am just being silly. That I should not let such immature, dumb things get to me. I didn't really. But it served a purpose... it made me build myself up and stand my ground. I did this. I am woman. I am a strong accomplished artistic woman. Hear me roar!

Be creative. Be artistic. Never give up on your dreams. Live each day as if it were your last and make someone laugh. And Never ever let others get to you!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Market Days

Well, today was a good day especially after yesterday at work. Rhett had play rehearsal. Don & I went to Market Days downtown on Broadway in Columbus. Its been awhile since he & I did something like this. Market Days is an every Sat event til Nov. The PC art guild had a small set up with at least 2 artists side by side. 3 of the other artists from this group had their own spots in separate locations. I had gotten conflicting info about this. You could either pay $10 ea wk to do this or $30-$40 for all the months. Several asked why I didn't do it. The main reason being no one really told me that I could. There were 2 artists from the Columbus Guild also. One of them also belongs to the PC guild. All was on the shadey side of the street. It was just perfect.

I ran into Victor, an old JCP co-worker who I have not seen since Rhett was almost a month old. So it has been almost 12 years since I last saw Vic. He gave me one of his cards. His card says he is the Executive director! His org helps feed children. Admirable. It really was good to see him again. I told him I'd let all you JCP folks know. He couldn't believe we stay in contact. Why wouldn't we? He did ask about the retiree breakfasts so I told him I'd let him know 'bout the next one.

This lady who is the treasurer for the PC art guild had her own spot today. I went to say "hi" to her. She had sold a lot of the jewelry she makes. What totally blew me away was the fact that she had one of the magnets she bought from me at last week's art show displayed on her table!!!! I told her that made my day. She told me real quick she wasn't selling it; it was just for display! That thought had not crossed my mind. She had given the other magnet she bought to a friend who had not been being nice, hoping it would remind her to be nice. She had also bought "What Can I Sow Today?" I told her I needed to give it to someone at work! (ILLY!) LOL
I also told her I had made color copies of it, left it menu holders at such places like the Speakeasy and placed them in the centers of books I'd read at the library when I returned them as a random act of kindness. She thought that was a neat idea.

The older man that is so helpful to me at the PC art guild said he'd find room for me to set up for these Market Days! I told Don, if Kristina, my daughter-n-law, lived closer we could do this side by side every weekend. He told me that could be arranged and laughed. Meaning move to Indy! LOL

One photographer had a table full of his photos of Columbus simply with a white or cream colored matt over it in a plastic bag. Don said they were $20 & thought that is what I should do. Don likes my phots better than my art. LOL This guy had a few I really liked. But my flowers were better than his with the exception of one close up of a flower's center. If I did this, I may have to get another table! Still I get new ideas. I always like to get a feel of the set up first before I plundge into anything.

We went in a bead shop while there. Don even bought a Christmas oranament! SHOCK! I got some trinkets which may all go in one photograph. I have ideas bombarding me as I type this. Not to mention the photos I took yesterday and today crying out to be uploaded and sent, but alas those will have to be sent tomorrow because...

I am about to be a pie making fool! We have a mulberry tree and Don has been pickin' them. I am going to attempt a pie so if you don't hear from us again, you'll know why! LOL I am also going to make him a butterscotch pie as an early birthday present. Anyone ever make anything with mulberries? If so, let me know. I am about to look up some recipes when I send this, but I figure I can make it like I would a blueberry or blackberry pie.

Mom's dryer quit so she called Sears. I reminded her I was going to try to get off work early on Mon so we can get to Rhett's school play. The repair people were supposed to come when I'd be picking them up so she had me to call them. I dialed the # she had written down. It said to call 800-GAY1111! I thought I dialed wrong so I called it again & got the same recording. She had another # written below. It was to some medical place that said, "If this is an emergency...." She told me she had called these numbers and they said they were coming! I hope not! LOL Finally found the right # for Sears repair & hopefully they will get there before 4. My life is never a dull or unfunny moment now. I told my friend Nancy about this & she laughed so hard. So glad I can provide comedy relief for everyone. Its a hard job, but someone has to do it. Might as well be me.

Well, I hope I have made you laugh today. If I did, then that was my good deed for the day. Hope you have had as great a Saturday as we have. If only they all could be like this.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


It seems like this past week was a week and a half long. I had an art meeting prior to the art show which went well. My artwork had been rearranged in the art center and it looked much better so I planned to leave those two pieces where they were rather than put them in my art show set up. Friday I had to deal with something, but I have to deal with a whole lot of things now so I just deal and go on with my life. I have to stand up and stand my ground, but I am a stubborn Capricorn goat so I can do this.

Saturday the art show was a dud probably due to the fact that it was Mother's Day weekend. One of our main sources of advertisement screwed us over again. Even I did not do my usual invitations and networking. Just too much on my mind I guess. The weather was perfect for the show. Overcast and cool; not too hot. In fact, the wind picked up and I was regretting my cool summer attire for a moment. Ever have a show and hardly anyone came? That was how it was. I did sell some stuff and I was thankful for that, but I didn't break even. I sold mostly magnets which I have to replace. I am thinking I may need to make more of those because cheaper will sell. I could call myself "Magnetic Personalities", but that makes me sound like I have more than one personality! LOL A lot of the other artists complimented me on my set up that Don did for me which I considered my mother's day present. He made the "walls" I hang my art on. I am thankful for his skills to do things like this for me.

A portrait artist who does pastels was set up besides, me but they moved him where he could do portraits out in the open air for people to see. Rhett was his subject since he was bored. My friend Nancy from church showed up. Her daughter Tiffany was away at her 1st camping trip so Nancy was lost. Rhett came carrying his portrait. The artist gave it to him since his birthday is approaching! He is one lucky child. The protrait isn't exactly like him, but we will frame it and hang it up in the house.

Due to no customers, the overcast skies, a lot of artists and vendors started leaving early. I am oh so very thankful my friend Nancy stayed with me. We got to talk and catch up. Otherwise I would have been doodling in my journal probably bored like Rhett. The artist beside me who makes rocks with words on them stayed with me til Don could arrive at 3. I bought one of her "magic" rocks at the last show the art center had. Don was working on a fence for Stephanie's friend who is a foster mom to 4 small children and so he could make extra money.

My mom managed to get poison ivy and had to go to an acute care place! I cooked speghetti Saturday nite and it was the best we have had in awhile probably because we haven't had it in awile! I make really good speghetti. I use angel hair pasta, McCormick thick and zesty mix in the packet and two 8 oz. cans of Hunt's tomato paste.

Mother's Day we went to Red Lobster. The wait was too long. Daddy had to sit down. The food was good as was the company. I got a trio which had shrimp alfredo instead of crab. It was so good. I may get it from now on. We went back to my folk's. I had gotten mom a matching clipboard, stationary and gift bag to put them all in along with a religious cd by Elvis. I love it when things match. My card to her brought tears to her eyes. I got good pics of her at Red Lobster and at home. She doesn't want to smile in pics so I made Rhett make her laugh. At home the photo looks as if she is telling us something. Rhett & I loved it. Rhett said "Keep it!" instead of deleting it.

I did not do my usual long Sunday nite ritual of uploading pics, emails & Facebook because my son was begging me to play Saucer Sumo, a video with him. I suck at this. Here I was in my $10 Mother's Day dress which Don really liked on Rhett's bed attempting to play this game. Rhett was killing himself laughing at me play. He'd even let his go in circles just so I could maybe knock him off if I was lucky. There were a couple of times I won. When I did, Rhett would ask me, "How'd you do that?" I had no idea. So it was a good mother's day.

I had to take mom back to her dr yesterday because the poison ivy got worse!

This week has been good so far so good. I saw another license tag. The 1st letters were Be. They were from Early county so I took it to read "Be Early". LOL Later on this week, I though a lot about be-ing. Be happy. A friend's daughter wrote about her personality quirks at age 25 on Facebook. We all are entitled to a few silly moments to break up the seriousness that is life no matter what age we are. I told Mary to "Just be yourself." This week I was sent this quote...

"Put a grain of boldness in everything you do." -Baltasar Gracian-

I love it! So Be Bold!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Looking Ahead to This Week

This week's blessings and thankfulness came in the form of looking ahead to the future things that were going to occur in my busy life this week. Friday was a good day for me; a blessing unto itself as are every day. Saturday, Rhett had a skating party. He actually put on skates, but stayed on the carpet, not venturing out into the rink. I left him there once I spoke with the birthday boy's parents so I could go to my friend Patti's father's visitation. There I got see Patti and old co-workers. Sometimes I am still dumb and naiieve and my friends laugh at me, but I admit this and laugh at me with them. As my friend Abby says, "It's all good." I realized how my world gets smaller everyday and it is not just due to facebook either. Seeing Ola Mae after all these years. I am thankful for my ability to make my friends laugh even when it is at me.

Then I went back to pick Rhett from skating up only to see him fall. When you child is about to fall, you want to reach out to them and catch them, but sometimes you cannot stop them from falling. Rhett has some cute friends and all the parents seem nice at all the birthday parties he has attended. After that we went to Goodwill (Yes, Abby!) which was next door. I only got 2 things that I could trace the design which I haven't had time to do yet. I figure after I have used them, I can always put them in the yard sale I have been meaning to have for over 16 years now! Or I could re-donate them back to Goodwill; recycle. LOL What was funny was the birthday boy's dad came over to Goodwill too! He said it is his fave place to shop. I noticed he had "I love Hot Moms" t-shirt in his cart! I told Don about it later and he laughed.

Then we went to Big Lots where I go to once in a blue moon. I had not been there in awhile. I got some food items really cheap and a neat red ink thingie which I have only barely tested to see if it works. It does, but other uses will have to wait until I have more time.

This week has been employee appreciation week at work so we have gotten lots of goodies, freebies, coupons, a sun visor, etc. I had two free meals this week and I am thankful. They had barbecue chicken one day and fish the next. As apart of it, I am attending another free card making class which I am so looking forward to as well as seeing my old friends and co-workers. It was around this time a few years ago that I went to one of these card making/stamp classes when I got into this artistic way of life that I am now living.

Saturday I have another art show the day before Mother's Day. Wish me luck.

This week I am thankful for all the photos I took of our roses from a different angle as suggested by an aquaintance. Then I took oodle of pics of my mom's roses so I am rose poor at the moment! LOL I have taken over 7,000 pictures!

Other friends are going thru problems this week. One has had problems downpouring on her, literally drowning her car as well as many other things. One's car died and there is no hope for it. Another artist friend will be moving away soon. I wish her Godspeed, a safe journey and may she achieve her dream of living in Europe. As soon as I read that she wanted to live there, I knew I had no inkling to live there whatsoever. I am thankful to live where I live. I am just a home girl; a homebody like my mom. I have tried to tell my friends to look on the bright side of things if that is possible for them to do as it is for me. It just reinforced how positive I am as my friend Anne keeps reminding me. Please keep my friends in your thoughts.

And please keep my Daddy and my family in your prayers this coming week. I don't look as forward to next week as I looked to this one. Please keep us in your prayers on 5/20.

May you always have something to look forward to this week and the next and the next....

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