Saturday, May 15, 2010

Market Days

Well, today was a good day especially after yesterday at work. Rhett had play rehearsal. Don & I went to Market Days downtown on Broadway in Columbus. Its been awhile since he & I did something like this. Market Days is an every Sat event til Nov. The PC art guild had a small set up with at least 2 artists side by side. 3 of the other artists from this group had their own spots in separate locations. I had gotten conflicting info about this. You could either pay $10 ea wk to do this or $30-$40 for all the months. Several asked why I didn't do it. The main reason being no one really told me that I could. There were 2 artists from the Columbus Guild also. One of them also belongs to the PC guild. All was on the shadey side of the street. It was just perfect.

I ran into Victor, an old JCP co-worker who I have not seen since Rhett was almost a month old. So it has been almost 12 years since I last saw Vic. He gave me one of his cards. His card says he is the Executive director! His org helps feed children. Admirable. It really was good to see him again. I told him I'd let all you JCP folks know. He couldn't believe we stay in contact. Why wouldn't we? He did ask about the retiree breakfasts so I told him I'd let him know 'bout the next one.

This lady who is the treasurer for the PC art guild had her own spot today. I went to say "hi" to her. She had sold a lot of the jewelry she makes. What totally blew me away was the fact that she had one of the magnets she bought from me at last week's art show displayed on her table!!!! I told her that made my day. She told me real quick she wasn't selling it; it was just for display! That thought had not crossed my mind. She had given the other magnet she bought to a friend who had not been being nice, hoping it would remind her to be nice. She had also bought "What Can I Sow Today?" I told her I needed to give it to someone at work! (ILLY!) LOL
I also told her I had made color copies of it, left it menu holders at such places like the Speakeasy and placed them in the centers of books I'd read at the library when I returned them as a random act of kindness. She thought that was a neat idea.

The older man that is so helpful to me at the PC art guild said he'd find room for me to set up for these Market Days! I told Don, if Kristina, my daughter-n-law, lived closer we could do this side by side every weekend. He told me that could be arranged and laughed. Meaning move to Indy! LOL

One photographer had a table full of his photos of Columbus simply with a white or cream colored matt over it in a plastic bag. Don said they were $20 & thought that is what I should do. Don likes my phots better than my art. LOL This guy had a few I really liked. But my flowers were better than his with the exception of one close up of a flower's center. If I did this, I may have to get another table! Still I get new ideas. I always like to get a feel of the set up first before I plundge into anything.

We went in a bead shop while there. Don even bought a Christmas oranament! SHOCK! I got some trinkets which may all go in one photograph. I have ideas bombarding me as I type this. Not to mention the photos I took yesterday and today crying out to be uploaded and sent, but alas those will have to be sent tomorrow because...

I am about to be a pie making fool! We have a mulberry tree and Don has been pickin' them. I am going to attempt a pie so if you don't hear from us again, you'll know why! LOL I am also going to make him a butterscotch pie as an early birthday present. Anyone ever make anything with mulberries? If so, let me know. I am about to look up some recipes when I send this, but I figure I can make it like I would a blueberry or blackberry pie.

Mom's dryer quit so she called Sears. I reminded her I was going to try to get off work early on Mon so we can get to Rhett's school play. The repair people were supposed to come when I'd be picking them up so she had me to call them. I dialed the # she had written down. It said to call 800-GAY1111! I thought I dialed wrong so I called it again & got the same recording. She had another # written below. It was to some medical place that said, "If this is an emergency...." She told me she had called these numbers and they said they were coming! I hope not! LOL Finally found the right # for Sears repair & hopefully they will get there before 4. My life is never a dull or unfunny moment now. I told my friend Nancy about this & she laughed so hard. So glad I can provide comedy relief for everyone. Its a hard job, but someone has to do it. Might as well be me.

Well, I hope I have made you laugh today. If I did, then that was my good deed for the day. Hope you have had as great a Saturday as we have. If only they all could be like this.

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