Thursday, May 13, 2010


It seems like this past week was a week and a half long. I had an art meeting prior to the art show which went well. My artwork had been rearranged in the art center and it looked much better so I planned to leave those two pieces where they were rather than put them in my art show set up. Friday I had to deal with something, but I have to deal with a whole lot of things now so I just deal and go on with my life. I have to stand up and stand my ground, but I am a stubborn Capricorn goat so I can do this.

Saturday the art show was a dud probably due to the fact that it was Mother's Day weekend. One of our main sources of advertisement screwed us over again. Even I did not do my usual invitations and networking. Just too much on my mind I guess. The weather was perfect for the show. Overcast and cool; not too hot. In fact, the wind picked up and I was regretting my cool summer attire for a moment. Ever have a show and hardly anyone came? That was how it was. I did sell some stuff and I was thankful for that, but I didn't break even. I sold mostly magnets which I have to replace. I am thinking I may need to make more of those because cheaper will sell. I could call myself "Magnetic Personalities", but that makes me sound like I have more than one personality! LOL A lot of the other artists complimented me on my set up that Don did for me which I considered my mother's day present. He made the "walls" I hang my art on. I am thankful for his skills to do things like this for me.

A portrait artist who does pastels was set up besides, me but they moved him where he could do portraits out in the open air for people to see. Rhett was his subject since he was bored. My friend Nancy from church showed up. Her daughter Tiffany was away at her 1st camping trip so Nancy was lost. Rhett came carrying his portrait. The artist gave it to him since his birthday is approaching! He is one lucky child. The protrait isn't exactly like him, but we will frame it and hang it up in the house.

Due to no customers, the overcast skies, a lot of artists and vendors started leaving early. I am oh so very thankful my friend Nancy stayed with me. We got to talk and catch up. Otherwise I would have been doodling in my journal probably bored like Rhett. The artist beside me who makes rocks with words on them stayed with me til Don could arrive at 3. I bought one of her "magic" rocks at the last show the art center had. Don was working on a fence for Stephanie's friend who is a foster mom to 4 small children and so he could make extra money.

My mom managed to get poison ivy and had to go to an acute care place! I cooked speghetti Saturday nite and it was the best we have had in awhile probably because we haven't had it in awile! I make really good speghetti. I use angel hair pasta, McCormick thick and zesty mix in the packet and two 8 oz. cans of Hunt's tomato paste.

Mother's Day we went to Red Lobster. The wait was too long. Daddy had to sit down. The food was good as was the company. I got a trio which had shrimp alfredo instead of crab. It was so good. I may get it from now on. We went back to my folk's. I had gotten mom a matching clipboard, stationary and gift bag to put them all in along with a religious cd by Elvis. I love it when things match. My card to her brought tears to her eyes. I got good pics of her at Red Lobster and at home. She doesn't want to smile in pics so I made Rhett make her laugh. At home the photo looks as if she is telling us something. Rhett & I loved it. Rhett said "Keep it!" instead of deleting it.

I did not do my usual long Sunday nite ritual of uploading pics, emails & Facebook because my son was begging me to play Saucer Sumo, a video with him. I suck at this. Here I was in my $10 Mother's Day dress which Don really liked on Rhett's bed attempting to play this game. Rhett was killing himself laughing at me play. He'd even let his go in circles just so I could maybe knock him off if I was lucky. There were a couple of times I won. When I did, Rhett would ask me, "How'd you do that?" I had no idea. So it was a good mother's day.

I had to take mom back to her dr yesterday because the poison ivy got worse!

This week has been good so far so good. I saw another license tag. The 1st letters were Be. They were from Early county so I took it to read "Be Early". LOL Later on this week, I though a lot about be-ing. Be happy. A friend's daughter wrote about her personality quirks at age 25 on Facebook. We all are entitled to a few silly moments to break up the seriousness that is life no matter what age we are. I told Mary to "Just be yourself." This week I was sent this quote...

"Put a grain of boldness in everything you do." -Baltasar Gracian-

I love it! So Be Bold!


Denise said...

You make me smile, thanks.

More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Becky,

Thank you for your visit and many kind words of encouragement. You are such an encouragement to me too!

Glad your art meeting went well. Your mum must be very delighted with the lovely presents you get for her. Glad you and family managed to spend such a wonderful time with her. Take care and have a very blessed weekend and Lord's day.

Warm regards,

becky aka theRAV said...

I am so glad I make you smile, Denise. Thanks for that.

Paulie said...

¥ou had a bust week of being . . .Ü

becky aka theRAV said...

Back at ya Nancie! Yes, I think my mum liked her gifts. I love that you use that term. But being southern, she will always be "momma" to me. Thanks as always for your comments. My best friend Genie was a great encourager for me today. It reminded me of how encouraging you are.

becky aka theRAV said...

Yes, I did have a week of being, Paulie & still left some things out that I'd really been looking forward to. How could I forget them? That will be another post WITH pictures - I promise! LOL You are probably going, "Yeah. Right. I'll believe it when I see it! LOL