Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Proud moment


The other weekend Don & I went to check out Market Days downtown. I knew the Phenix City Arts group were going to be there and they were. Some were together in one combined space while others had their own space unto themselves, but still nearby the others well within talking distance. One lady artist who makes jewelry had her own spot. Lo and be hold she had the magnet she bought from me at our art show Mother's Day weekend. It was a proud, defining moment for me. It made my day to see MY artwork there on her table. It was my "Be Creative" collage/magnet. She quickly told me she wasn't selling it! It was strickly for display. I knew that. It made me feel proud. I have the same table cloth she has for one of my tables. Once we have all the artwork done for VBS, I will hopefully be at Market Days.
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