Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Well, Rhett had a good 12th birthday weekend. It was busy. 1st we worked on artwork for VBS. I had a lot of ideas for this and we went with all of those. I do have a pic of Rhett working dilligently on one of them in his tye dye shirt he made at school. So like his mom. LOL Later we had a party for him at the fellowship hall. It was just family there along with our preacher and his wife who are like family to us. We then took Rhett & our granddaughters bowling and to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". I think I laughed harder than anyone in this movie. We didn't get home til after midnight. It was a very good day. One I think he will always remember.

Sun nite after evening service, we worked more on the artwork for VBS. I realized I am used to doing art on my own. I don't work well with others on this, but I bit my tongue. Some things I knew I'd have to go over anyway. My outlines were covered up with dark hunter green by one teenage boy which will make it difficult to find as these pieces can be cut out but I will do it. Don even painted on one of them! I knew I couldn't do this project alone. I would need help and have to take it where I could get it.

I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on one event in my life. I can count my chickens before they are hatched now. I am able to breathe again.

Wed nite we tried something different at church. Finger foods before a monthly singing service. I was rushed but we made it. It was good. The singing was rejuvenating.

I have good news & bad news....

One good news is... There is a wire to the air in my car that was hanging down on the passenger side which was unplugged so I plugged it back in & the air worked! Yeah me! It really made me feel good that I could fix it. The bad news was when we got home from church, the air was on, but the temp in house was 82! The good news is it was a wire outside Don could fix temp., but he'll have to get a new screw for it. I was ready to go to mom's to spend the night if it had not cooled off, but thankfully I have a handy husband who can fix things & it cooled off! Of course he had to go outside after his shower in the dark with a big flashlight to do this. I think I'll keep him.

The bad news was I got a headache. The good news is I found a book about keys at the $ store. It is awesome. I love the author's preface. It sounded like something I would have written. It has wonderful photos of keys, esp old ones as well as quotes. I don't think I could have found a more perfect book except for the Bible or one I had written! LOL I wish I had a copy for everyone. At that price I could probably afford to buy them! LOL I will be sending the quotes from it soon.... This book has inspired me to take pics of keys so look out! I'll have to see what kind of keys Don has since there were Ford keys used in the book. This would make a great Father's Day gift for him.

The good news is I will now get a lunch hr again! The bad news is I have to be here at 8 am instead of 9. That is good for now, but will be harder on me once Rhett starts back to school. The preacher lady caused this. She much like Illy was doing whatever she pleased. She'd leave on Fridays at 3 to pick up her son & we were getting off at 4. She abused the priviledge so the rest of us had to suffer esp me. I guess I looked like I was mad as a wet hen because she came over to me after we were told this in a meeting. I told her it wasn't a problem now, but would be in the fall esp since I live the farthest away.

Today my biggest problem is deciding where to eat for lunch! If only all days could be like that! Hope you have a great day! Because I had a lunch hour I went to where my friend Donna works to eat but she was not very talkative so I remained silent wondering why went there.

I have to admit I cheated on my photography friend Darryl. I sent some of my roses photos to another photographer who keeps telling me I shoot my shots too slow and too small. I like my work as it is. I haven't had any complaints about my photos. I shoot what I like. If I don't like them, I delete them. It's that simple. I am far more critical of my own work than anyone. I think I will stick with Darryl and told him so. I won't cheat again! LOL I am not changing for anyone, stubborn Capricorn goat that I am.

Tonight is going to be an neat artist guild meeting at the museum & Rhett is all "keyed" up to go as am I.

Hope you have had a good day, a thankful week and remembered to count your many blessings on this Memorial Day weekend. You can share them with us at the following...


Denise said...

Glad Rhett enjoyed his birthday, and that things seem to be going well for you.

More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Becky,

Happy Birthday to Rhett! Glad that he has had a memorable day with all of you. Life is full of ups and downs, good news and bad news, isn't it? A lot of things we may not understand but we know He loves us and will always work His best for us! Thank God for the wonderful ways He has been working in the different circumstances in your life, and blessing you in many ways. Thanks for your visit and encouragements. Take care and have a blessed weekend!

Warm regards,

Whidbey Woman said...

Good news/Bad news. You are finding blessings in all of your circumstances. That is so good.
Thanks for sharing with us at Thankful Thursdays! I'm sort of a newbie here and really enjoy this blogring.

becky aka theRAV said...

What a joy it was to come & read your comments today. It was a rough day for me. I can't begin to tell you how much your words meant to me. Thank you all so much for each of you and the kind words I so needed. Denise I am glad his day went so well too. Ya'll are right about the ups and downs. Hopefully tomorrow will be an up. Yes, Nancie, knowing HE loves us makes me feel so good after today. THANK YOU for your visit & encouragement. Whidbey Woman, welcome & thanks for stopping by. I am about to visit you now.... Thanks again my dear blogging & TT friends.