Friday, May 30, 2008

Update on Uncle Frank

Uncle Frank did not go down to surgery until after 1 pm today. Most of my relatives were there by the time Rhett & I arrived. The surgery went well. They were able to remove all they possibly could see of the tumor on the right side of his brain. It was the size of a nectarine. But it is the malignat, agressive kind of cancer that it's fingers spread like veins. It was exactly as the drs said it would be. A sample will be sent off to see if it is trully cancerous. That will take about a week of not really knowing, wondering and worrying. He came thru the surgery ok. He was still in recovery when Rhett & left the hosptial. This may affect his speech, but we won't really know what it has affected for awhile. There are far worse things than not be able to speak yet it will be frustrating for him not to be able to communicate, but certainly better than the pain he was in. The next step after recovery will be the oncologist. Now we are thinking because he had cancer of the nose, had two surgeries on that that, one just recently, that it went to his brain much like it did with Uncle Bert. What are the odds of that - two uncles not blood related have brain cancers?

I wrote a poem about this this morning but will post it later... Just not in the mood to do Sky Watch today. Sorry. Hoping to use a computer while in Indy.

I had to go to the bank & it was a good thing they did nor order them because my check order did not go thru. They gave me more temporary checks. This robbery has caused more problems ontop of problems.

I still have to pack for our trip. Don is going to be mad because I haven't done this already but my uncle came first. Please continue to keep my uncle and the family in your prayers as well as traveling mercies for us. Thank you.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thankful Thursday 5/29/08

Once again I am very thankful for all the art I created this past Memorial Day weekend. I have gotten such good feedback from my friends. One has even offered to buy one of them which made my morning! I guess I sent it out as an email and did not post it here on the blog. Sorry. I will try to do that tomorrow along with my Sky Watch Friday.

I am thankful for all the laughter I have shared with my son this week. He has really cracked me up in the car on our morning and evening commutes. He was rockin'out in his seat to an oldie rock-n-roll tune which I liked. I patted him on the leg and called him my "my little rocker". Then he said, "Mom! It's ok to do that today but don't do that when I become a rock star. It will be embarrassing." I'll have to remember that.

Then he told me a joke that cracked me up. He does it so well. I tried to tell it today at work and they gonged me, told me to keep my day job and I would never make it as commedian not that I really want to be one. I never was good at telling jokes. I really stunk at it today. I know they were picking on me but it didn't really bother me because I am better at art anyway.

I do have another prayer request of you... My mom's baby brother, Uncle Frank, my other favorite uncle, has had a severe headache for over 3 weeks. He didn't tell my aunt but I guess she finally realized something was wrong with him. She made him go to the hospital. They ran tests. At 1st they thought he might have had a light stroke. They ran more tests and found a spot on his brain. The hospital where he was at could not do anything for him so he was moved the the neighboring hospital next door to where he was. My Daddy told me this evening it was a tumor. This on the tail end of just burying my Uncle Bert.

Yesterday I thought I nor my family cannot go through this again so soon, but I don't really have a choice. Then I know I was being selfish because we are about to go on vacation and I don't want anything to happen to him while we are gone. I do not want to cut our vacation short. May the good Lord forgive me for this. I had only told my best friend Genie these thoughts until now.

My vacation starts tomorrow and I have so many last minute things to do, bills to pay, packing to be done.

Please keep my Uncle Frank and my family in your prayers. Thank you.

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Be sure to check out my past art work before you go.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Day's Thoughts of S's

Last Thursday as I wrote my S words, I wrote...

This morning, I shampooed my hair then scrunched it as is my normal summertime style. Since the robbery, I wasn't really sure I would be into S words for ABC Wednesday, but I still did my R words despite it so...

On the way to work that morning on 5/22, I began to think of my s words...

Every day I pass a SAM, a Store and Move storeage unit. I travel down Schatulga Road several times a day. I arrived at work to the scrumptous smell of coffee. Too bad I don't drink it or maybe it is a good thing since I cannot tolerate caffeine for several reasons.

As I sat down at my desk, I put my sunglasses to the side. So that s word struck me like a lightning bolt so I took a snapshot of my sunglasses on a clean sheet of my doodle pad. A clean slate so to speak. Then it got good to me... So I placed my sunglasses strategically, my "theRAV" stamp and a black stamp pad on the same said clean sheet and snapped that. I stood up, searched across my desk, still searching for more s words, I stepped back into our breakroom. I saw my sandwich bread sitting there. I sat back down at my desk and saw my stapler, my "received" stamper, a bottle of stamp pad inker and my staple remover which I strategically arranged for a small photo shoot and snapped those. So I was on a roll...

On my doodle pad was a running supply list of such things as heavy duty staples, staple removers, stamps, a toner for one of the Supervisor's office (not mine;Not Illy Nilly.), one for the Sgt's office, a Samsung toner, sheet protectors, etc. Then I reached for my Creative Memories scissors inside my desk. I still have a vast supply of the scissors at home. I love those scissors. Sorry they are not in the snapshot.



I was handed excess laminating sheets as well as an over time sheets to stamp with the day's date on it. It made me wonder just how many sheets I deal with daily. Too many!

I read my emails and replied to some of them. I knew I needed to create a supply order for delivery. The supply company we order from has a cheaper brand we sometimes receive and use. It is a Sparco brand. Ever heard of it? Some times it is not so good. Cheaper isn't always better. Then I glanced at a holiday schedule.

Now I could have used several Shoney's signs or shown snapshots of my youngest step-daughter Stephanie or our granddaughter Shelby or our nephew Shawn or Penny's youngest daughter, Sarah.

You wouldn't believe all the sky snapshots I have for Sky Watch Friday still on my camera just waiting to be seen. As I went through the snapshots on my camera, I saw where I took a snapshot of a book by Lynsay Sands for an L post and realized I am now reading another book by her. It is one of those that has several short stories by different writers. I scarfed down too many peanut butter crackers as I wrote these words and they came back to haunt me later.

As I was about to start preparing my supply order for the month and the end of this fiscal year, I saw my supply order folder was missing from my drawer I lock at the end of each day. Now a file just cannot walk off by itself. I searched and searched and searched without success. I had to go back and research to find the forms to reprint again. So I wasn't a happy camper or co-worker at that moment in time.

I could have used a snapshot of the stained glass objects I snapped while at the Cotton Pickin' Fair in Gay, GA or Rhett holding up several of his plastic swords which I already used in a previous post entitled "The Intersection". Then there was the shoe card I snapped to show my friend Janet of "Lavendar Loft" because it was so similar to a shoe she drew. I suppose if I was really into shoes, and what woman isn't, I could have shown you either mine or another's shoe collection somewhere but I figured you have already seen Imelda's.

Why is it when you are working on a supply order does it seem like everybody and their sister starts asking for stuff? Or tomorrow they will all be like baby birds screaching, "I need some..." Sheez!

Then the sink started leaking. What next? Don't answer that! I think I'll go get a soft drink now although I could use something stronger like Sangria perhaps! LOL

Later in the day I rediscovered a red stamp pad and became a stampin' fool! My back was bothering me so I shrank my chair down to be eye level with the computer. It made me feel small like I had actually shrunk.

But thankfully I did not have any dealings with the Black Widow Spider or "Illy Nilly" today and she is off tomorrow. Yeah!

Later I also saw a car magnet sticker on the trunk of a car that said: "Proud Spouse". I am sure it had to be an Army wife. Then I thought, "Aren't we all Proud Spouses?" I know I am.

Then I got behind a truck that had "Symrna Truck" on their mud flaps. Symrna is such a strange word. It also had the word "SAFE" on it. So safe, safety, security, stamps and sheets seemed to be my main s words as of late. What were your s words?

May you have a safe day today and always...

We are soon going on a sabbatical to Salem, Indiana where maybe we will see a scarecrow or two so I may not be on the computer for some time. I should still be able to do my Sky Watch for this Friday...

I must remember to buy saline solution, hand sanitizer, scallions, scotch tape and sausage and sauerkraut for supper.

Okay so I had scads of s works. Did you expect anything less from me? I guess this sort of makes me a "Seamstress of S's. I know it is simply scandalous. So I'll scat now.

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Post Script: What would an S post be without a Subway sign and a cloudy sky especially if you forgot there was another snapshot?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Comparing Reds


"Red Flower" by theRAV

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Flower on my blouse bought at JCPenney's taken by my digital camera. My best friend Genie has a blouse just like this one.

Rhett cracked me up this morning... I accidentally had the radio on rock N roll rather than Sunny 100 or Boomer. He was in his seat rockin' out to an oldie which I liked too. I patted him on his knee and called him "My little rocker". He had on his new t-shirt I bought him at Country's barbecue Friday night that says, "I rode the chair at Country's". They have a really BIG red rocking chair there. Then he said, "Mom! Its okay if you do that today, but when I become a rock star, don't do that especially when I am on stage. It will be embarrassing!"

He told me a really funny knock-knock joke he got off a movie called "The Prince and Pauper" with "The Suite Life" twins, Dyllan & Cole Sprouse aka Zack & Cody. Its one you have to be there to hear to get it. My little commedian. I think I'll have him call my friend Patti to tell it to her...

Illy Nilly listened in a phone conversation I had today which ticked me off!

Even though today feels like a Monday to me, I hope you are having or have had a Terrific Tuesday. I hope you toot your own horn about something you did. If not, I hope someone else toots your horn for you.

Becky Quote of the Day inspired by my friend Darryl:

The day is what you make it no matter what you call it.
(Thanks, Darryl.)

Magic Moments Are the Keys to Life card, Putting in My 3 Cents, What do you See?


"Magic Moments Are the Keys to Life" by ~theRAV~

This is the card cover I created on Saturday. I had found a see-thru kitchen matt that had these cut-outs. I knew I did not want to color ALL of them so I only did half of one side. Sort of similar to the time cards I created in the card class I took a few weeks ago. When I got that part colored in, Rhett said it looked like 6 Flags. I think he meant it reminded him of the Scream Machine so now he wants to make a 6 Flags card which is a good thing.

I collect old skeleton keys so I really, really, really like this one. I went through my stash in the back room and found the red heart from a Rebecca Sower set that actually had a black key in it. How cool is that? I traced the outline of the key and colored it in as black at first, but I did not like it so I used a gold photo marking pen over it that I bought at Wolf camera awhile back which I love. I was remembering my art classes as I repeated the key patter over and over in differing directions to show movement. I guess it got really good to me. Then came the words which says it all. It took a good bit of the afternoon to complete, but I am quite happy with it. My art took it's sweet time this weekend. I would not add any more because I don't want to over-do. This is the one that my friend Anne said "made her stop in her tracks over" so that comment made my day and put a BIG grin on my face. Thanks, Anne.


"Putting My 3 Cents In" by ~theRAV~

This was more tape art as well. I used my sepia distressed ink pad, sealing tape stamped on three blank 3x5 index cards after reading the guidelines on Leah's blog as I stated in my previous post. This is a triptych but you can't really tell that it is one, can you? I searched for three very brown pennies and placed them in an upward line angle much like in the card above. This design I created reminded me of tropical palm tree leaves blowing in the wind. I immediately thought of tropical storms which are typical this time of year. But nothing else was forthcoming except for this title. The rules of the triptych were to use ONE word not many so I would have to come up with something else if I used this one. I really do like this one and the title I gave it. I am thinking of adding that said title in my handwriting at the bottom of it. Or I could print out penny sayings criss-crossed across the design. This will probably be a gift for my best friend Penny. Maybe for her birthday in August when she and her family come to visit. Now that I have let the cat out of the bag.

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This one should have come before the 2nd one. I did this one prior to "My 3 Cents". It is yet another piece of tape art as well. It was a quickie. I saw a certian scene and as soon as I saw it, I stopped stamping immediately. I asked Don & Rhett what they thought it was. They didn't have a clue. Today I sent it out as an email asking my friends what they thought it was. I had no responses except that my friend Anne really, really liked this one. On Monday, Memorial day, I colored the scene in as I saw it. Of course when I showed the colorized version to my guys, they got it. Don asked me how I did it. MAGIC. Nah, just colored pencils and markers. Tomorrow I will upload the colorized version along side this one as soon as I take a photo of it. Then you can tell me which one you prefer. This version will only be in this photo form now as the original is no more now that I altered it by coloring it.

Tell me what you think it is...


The Reds Have It


This was a little doodle I did with things I found in and around the office. The center circles were done with a cap to something. The swirl was from another type of cap I saved from some object but I can't remember what it was now. It doesn't really matter as it serves another purpose.

What did you find in around your home or office that you could use in an artful manner today?


I re-found a red micro pore ink pad at work last week so I did some more tape art with it and this was the result. Nothing to "stop in your tracks" about as my friend Anne so aptly gave me this expression today about the card I made on Saturday which will be on the next post. Still it is art. My art. My style coming to surface.

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This one I created today. It was more "red tape art". I really liked this one. It turned out rather well if I say so myself. Here I am tooting my strong>own horn again. I can see hearts inside it. It got good to me so I did more and the heart were more self-evident in those. I am working on a couple of triptychs based on the guidelines on Leah's blog Create Every Day. I stamped 3 of these on blank 3x5index cards. I guess I pressed too hard because I had extra red marks in white spaces so it looked flawed. The perfectionist in me did not likey. I tried to cover it up with white-out which I should not have done. I should have drawn something over, but what? Or covered it up with something else which is what scrapping and art is all about. I ended up just cutting the flowers out for now. I can always do something with them later. This one reminds me of a design on one of my blouses that I took when I first got my digital camera. I collaged the two on Picasa today. They are my 3rd post for the day which will be the 1st one you come to when you open my blog. If you would like to check out the rules for the triptych, please go to Leah's blog at the following....

So do I toot my own horn about this one or the next one?


Friday, May 23, 2008

Don's Sky Watch Friday 5/23/08


This morning it was rather dreary and drizzled a little bit so I decided to post this picture I took last Saturday when we went to the flea market to look for our stolen stuff, but alas we did not find any of it. We stopped at a stop sign and there was these old gas pumps without any shelter to my right. I made Don stop so I could take a picture of it. Then he told me to take one of the sign showing the old gas price compared to the high ones now. He doesn't always say much, but when he does, he has good ideas such as this one. So this is really Don's Sky Watch not mine. I dedicate it to him. Hope you like it and the perfect pretty azure sky. May the gas price make you feel nostalgic and long for the good ole days...

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thankful Thursday 5/20/08

Today I am so very thankkful no one was home last Thursday at 4 pm when theives broke into our hoome and robbed us for the 2nd time in almost 10 years. I am NOT thankful for the things they stole from us by any means. During the course of this week I was asked if you could go back to a day you could change in your life, I guess I have two days now. The day of the first robbery, I would have taken the video of my son's birth out of the cam corder so I would still have that because I cannot go back and re-do that. Then last Thursday, I would have asked the police to patrol our street so this would not have happened to us again. I am not asking to change history per se; just alter one tiny thing on each day. That shouldn't alter the time quantium physics thing, should it?

I have had to ask for prayers of safety, peace, of the hope that they find the thieves and that we get our belongings back and much more. I so thankful I have such wonderful friends that have told me they have been praying for us or emailed me stating the same.

I am depressed one moment then try to do stuff to get me out of the funk in between prayers then I remember it all again... I see my underwear all over the bedroom floor or the door almost off the hindge as my son and I walked in later that evening. I see how this has effected my husband and my son. I am angry that it took away my son's innocence, his sense of security, bringing fear into his world and the toll it has taken on us all. My friend Cheryl has had a hard time dealing with it also. It was upsetting that it upset her so much and her poor husband had to suffer from it, but it really made me feel good that we mattered that much.

I am thankful we are safe and pray we remain that way. I am thankful we are alive. I am thankful we were still able to celebrate our son's 10th birthday even if my husband did not feel like celebrating his the next day. I am thankful for the card I created on Sunday, my husband's birthday. I am thankful for the card my son created too because his said he was thankful for God. A mom could not ask for more than that.

So I ask you, too, to keep us in your prayers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time Flies cards


Time Flies...
Eyes cry...

I had to substitute as Rhett's Sunday school teacher on Sunday morning. When I do this, I let them make get well cards for the those on our sick list. It was only Rhett in the class. I made this one, but it was off center and I could not stand it so I cropped it but that made the sentiment on the inside way off center. Now Rhett's was more of a religious nature which meant it was better than mine. Inside his sentiment said he was thankful for God.

I played around with this more after we got home after dinner at church. I tweaked it til I got it where I really liked it as it is... I stood this card up which gave it a neat and different effect to me.

It was Don's birthday, but he said it didn't feel much like a birthday day due to the robbery. He didn't even want to open his presents, but he did open them anyway and I took photos of course to mark the special occassion of his birth. It is one birthday weekend we won't likely forget for the rest of our lives.


Time flies...
Love happens

I made this one on Monday despite the robbery and being all alone in the house. It was also Rhett's 10th birthday, the day after his Daddy's. He had a party on Saturday at Chuck E Cheese. I'd re-found more rubber stamps over the weekend and decided to add some love and rosieness to this one. I also used eye make up brushes to form the maroon hearts on it which I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with that idea or did I get it from my friend Claudia of Stampin' Up? Thus making these a time card series.

My mom & I took two large chocolate chip cookies, a Pepsi, ice, and utensils to Rhett's school. Having to tote all that stuff wore us out. Lesson learned from this experience: Never, ever order blue frosting! It gets all over the place! It gets underneath your fingernails, staining them even after numerous washings. The stains lasts for days. Always order lighter colored frosting.


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R is for....


Rebecca and Rhett

Rhett and I took this self portrait of ourselves on Mother's Day. I knew it was going to be my first R word.


Another rose from our yard. I did not want to repeat the roses I have already posted here on my blog so I picked this rose for this R is for... post for ABC Wednesday.


I found this sign at Sears awhile back. I liked it, but I don't think I had R words in mind when I took it or maybe I did. Since I have an IMAGE plaque at home, it reminded me of that one. Ah, To be able to reimaginee our lives..., but I wouldn't change mine except for a few days... Like I would reimagine last Thursday... I would have had the police patrolling our house on that evening around 4 pm....

I apologize for not participating in Odd Shots Monday. I had a good odd one for ya'll; one you probably would not have guessed in a million years, but our home was robbed again for the 2nd time in almost 10 years on Thursday! Our rooms have been ransacked, my underwear was thrown all over the bedroom floor, leaving us feeling of being violated and raped. Yet strangely enough it felt sort of surreal to me; like I had been through this before and I had. They didn't take much of my stuff just mostly my husband's this time around. I guess I felt I had to be strong for my son who was really bothered by it. He reverted back to his younger days of not wanting to go to the bathroom alone and I had to sleep with him that night. Then he had a really good 10th birthday which really seemed to help him through this loss of his innocence, his security and safety. Of course now every sound he hears he asks me what it is.

To add insult to our injury they even took 3 two liters of Pepsi! That was when I really got mad and said I could shoot them if I ever found them and I have never fired a gun in my life.

These **** robbers have caused us more work. We had to clean up the ransacked rooms. We are still finding things missing like Saturday, my husband went to put new brakes on my car... they took the break pads, but left the box they were inside. What they can do with brake pads for a 95 T-bird is beyond us. We have had to make long lists of stolen items and then type them up. I have had to cancel and re-open accounts. All unnecessary.

Lessons learned from the robbery: Lock everything you can up! Don't buy in bulk. I'd bought a lot of frames like the fish frames I found and had bought the stores out of their supplies. Luckily they missed a few of them and I had some in the trunk of my car. It is a bit ridiculous that one of my R words is about our robbery.

So I hope you had better luck with your R's this week than we had with our life. If you would like to participate in ABC Wednesday R is for..., please go to the following...
Sorry I don't have as many R's. Sorry they are not as upbeat a usual for me.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Time for....




Thankfulness. I am thankful for the wonderful Mother's Day weekend I had. I am thankful for my husband, my son, my mom and my Daddy. I am thankful for all the cards I made over the weekend and this week.

I made the 1st card last night, but I wasn't happy with it because I did not think the letters that spelled out the word "time" went with it due to a difference in eras and styles. It kept bothering me. Rhett said it was fine just like a man. Not like the perfectionist in me. I was proud of myself because I found the brown paper and the maroon colored leaf in some of my stash which reminded me of my friend Abby. She would be proud of me. I am proud of me because I have made 4 cards today! So I am tooting my own horn again as well as being thankful. I think I finally have this one where I like it. After taking the last photo, I added an "A" before the clocks and the word "for..." underneath the clocks so that it actually reads "A time for..." Because the leaf reminded of "To everything there is a season..." I wrote that around the leaf's square. I can't take any more photos of it now because I only have one bar on my battery and Rhett is getting an award after school. I made the cover of his birthday card which is so cute, but I'm pulling a Scarlett O'Hara... that will have to wait 'til tomorrow. I made two 3x5 cards also but they are still works in progress.

Which one do you like better? Just from viewing them here on my blog, I am leaning towards the middle one. Now if I were to view it say from the library, I may change my mind. At the library, I liked all three! Go figure.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Q is for...

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Well, I was quite in a quandary over the letter Q, the 17th letter of the alphabet, but I already had one so I quit worrying about it. Mine was an easy, but obvious choice of Quaker oats which made me think of Quaker motor oil. I wondered how many of you had either one of these. Were you on your p's & q's?

But I continued to think of more q's... I have always like the name of Quentin since the days of "Dark Shadows. I used to work with a lady name Quintilla but we called her Quin. We have a good friend who's last name is Quinn.

Of course an obvious choice would be the title of my blog Quoth the Rav. Or I could have quoted Poe's poem "Quoth the Raven, Nevermore". Instead I came up with my own sort of similar version aquired by today's events at work. I dedicate this poem to Josie because of her Black Widow Spider lady on her blog.

"Ode to the Black Widow Spider"

As blue gray skies hung over the lion's den
The RAV arrives, hearing her name harshly spoken
and negatively intoned.
It was only the loud part heard
as "Illy Nilly" aka the Black Widow Spider was in her web
on the black phone complaining.
Then silence as the RAV stood as still as a white marble statue
too scared to move
waiting for the Black Widow Spider to crawl out of her weave
to verbally attack yet again.
The RAV stood there shaking, waiting...
for the inevitable that did not come this time.

But the black phone conversation was over
It was all cleared up
It was not as the Black Widow Spider made it sound.
It was cleared up into blue gray beginnings
hoping the Black Widow Spider will be nevermore.

I know I won't be the Queen of the q's today because I don't have that large a quantity of them, but I do have quality. I won't quibble about who has the most q's but I will admit I am quick-witted and quick-tempered. And I don't like quiche! I do love patchwork quilts. I love collaging them since I don't know how to make them. Well, I guess I have reached my quota of q's. I'll quit now, but I will leave you with these quotes of the day....

Quotes of the day:

Cheerfulness greases the axles of the world. -unknown-

Never ask friends to do for you what you wouldn't do for them.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

History is the short trudge from Adam to atom.
-Leonard Louis Levinson-

There must be more to life than having everything.
-Maurice Sendak-
(But I would like to find out!)

If people only knew how hard I work to gain my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all.
-Michelangelo Buonarroti-

Choose the life that is most useful, and habit will make it the most agreeable.
-Sir Francis Bacon-

Everything I understand, I understand only because I love.-Leo Tolstoy-

If there is anything a noncomformist hates worse than a conformist, it's another nonconformist who doesn't comform to the prevailing standard of conformity.
-Bill Vaughan-

There's no correlation between creativity and equipment ownership. None. Zilch. Nada. Actually, as an artist gets more into his thing, and he gets more successful, his number of tools tends to go down. He knows what works for him. Expending mental energy on stuff wastes time.
-Hugh Macleod-

If I am going to concentrate on what's important in life. I'm going to strive everyday to be a kind and generous and loving person. I am going to keep death right here, so that anytime I even think about getting angry at you or anybody, I'll see death and remember.
-Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, "Northern Exposure", Do the Right Thing, 1992

And I loved the whole idea behind the story, which is that you're beautiful, so don't let other people tell you that you're not just because you don't look like the people in magazines. Or because you're not that ideal body image that's out there right now.
-Mike Myers, talking about "Shrek"

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Be sure to go back and look at the cards I created.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Art Time

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They couldn't fix my air in the car yesterday. After work, I printed the pics of Mother's Day at Walmart, paid Don's Sears bill and went to
A. C. Moore where I spent way too much money before my guys birthdays. I could not find the time sets of stamps like the lady used in the class I recently took. I had to buy odds and ends of stamps that looked nostalgic to me and this is the results... I love it! It just all sort of came to me at once. I love it when that happens! I did the numbers first with a number stencil I bought. Then I used Rebecca Sower's nostalgic stickers for the word "TIME" above the numbers that I got from Walmart a bit cheaper. I fell in love with the ART stamp and had to have it. The clock face stamp was really too small, but the only one they had. Still it was what I needed and wanted. I liked the heart stamp because of the design in the heart. I used distressed ink. It has something to do with photography, but I can't recall the correct name of it. I also bought a stamp pad at Walmart that was a coffee color. Then I distressed the whole thing. I am not sure if I will leave it as it is - a card or tear more off the sides and distress it more then frame it. All my friends have liked this one too and some can see it hanging in a frame on a wall. So I can assuredly toot my own horn today for all my artwork I have created the past few days.

Have you made time for Art?

Feel Like a Number?

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I spent most of Saturday cutting out numbers for this one. We went to get the camper at the hunting land. While there I picked up pine bark from the ground and picked some off of different trees. I did not just pick on one tree so I wouldn't kill it! I plan to use the bark on a picture frame for the roses that bloomed in our yard this year.

I had 2 free movie passes so we went to see "IronMan". The testoserone won over "Made of Honor". It was a good movie. I say "Johnny Depp move over. Here comes Robert Downey, Jr." I thought Robert looked really sexy in this one so I will probably buy the dvd of it.

We took mom to Red Lobster. Aunt Pearl was there, but they were on the opposite side of the building from where we were seated. She came over to get hugs and say "Hey". My cousin Ben came over too. He hugged and kissed mom and myself, told us he loved us. Then he told us they were going to see Grampy meaning they were going to my Uncle Bert's graveside.

I started making this card around 10 pm Sunday night. I really like it. I sent it out as an email to all my friends. My friend Mike E was the only one to reply "42" which made me burst out laughing. Only he would think of something like that. Today I was told by a co-worker that I needed to submit it somewhere which made me feel good. Not that I have felt bad when I am on a creative roll like I am on now.

I also add a few things to "Inside a Woman's Head"

Nostalgic Cards I Made


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I took a free card making class on Friday and made these two cards after taking my car over 40 miles trying to find a place to fix my air conditioner. No one could fix it til Monday. I ran home, showered and made it to the class on time. There were only 4 of us in the class. My friend Patti was there and sat next to me which was an unexpectedly nice surprise. I showed off these cards during the course of the weekend. Everyone really liked them especially Rhett who wanted to make some of them. I am thinking of giving one to my Daddy for Father's Day. Maybe Don.

Being the rebel that I am, I had to make these my way not entirely as they were done by someone else. I did not add brads for the hands for the clock. I wanted it to remain timeless. I did not like the silver star paper clip. Guess I am too pickie. I just know what I want and don't want especially where art is concerned. I did not feel it needed anything glittery or flashy.

On Monday I would thank the lady who taught the glass in an email telling her how much I really enjoyed it; how it inspired me as well as my 9 year old son. I was still on a literal high with all the art I created over this past Mother's Day weekend. My email was all cheery, up-beat and something I would have loved to receive as feedback. Instead I got a harsh email stating my son could not attend the classes they held at the senior center. He had to be 21. Then she went on a tangent in a totally different direction about classes for him that did not even pertain to art. My friends, Anne, Bob, Cheryl and Genie all agreed with me about her harshness so it wasn't just me and my imagination. They could see how she rained on my high bring me down. But my friends' support, agreement with me, taking my side and thinking this was not a nice person made me feel so much better. It is great to have friends in your corner. Don't know what I would do without them. I decided it was best just not reply to the harsh woman. Ironically I deleted her email although I had a printed out a copy of it. It just made me thankful I know how to use tact.

I had thought she might have been the new friend I met this year. That she might have been a help in the art field. Maybe she sensed I wanted to do what she does or thought that I was a vulture who wanted her job. I know now she and I could never be friends. I'll keep my old ones, thanks.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Odd Shot Monday 5/12/08


Okay once again we are going to play a guessing game. If you can guess what my Odd Shot is this week, I will reward you with one of my handmade postcards. Any ideas? Any takers? I'll give you a tiny hint.... If you read back on some of my previous posts from last week, you will find a clue. You have to be very specific.


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Thursday, May 8, 2008

What My Pasta Art Looks Like...



This is an unfinished example of what my angel hair pasta table mat created... it's the part that looks like the woman's hair. These are not very good photos but you get the jist of it.
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Sky Watch Friday 5/9/08 The Reflection


I am posting this a day early because I will be getting my air conditioner repaired in my car tomorrow, taking a greeting card class if I get the car repaired in time, paying my husband's truck loan and who knows what else so I don't know when I will get back on a computer again.

I took this shot on Thursday as I was getting in my car to go to lunch and saw a whole new point of view.... as I looked at the SUV beside me and saw the clouds reflected in it's window and had to take the shot. I did not crop it. I left some of the car's body so you could perhaps tell where the reflection originated from and did not think it was the sky even though it is. It is the same color as my car so my friends will think I took it from my car window. I thought it was a cool shot if I say so myself. Yes, I am tooting my own horn again. If I don't who will?

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Happy Mother's Day! How you all have a wonderful weekend full of photos.
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Thoughtful, Thankful Thursday

First of all, I am thankful for... the fun time we had going to the Cotton Pickin' Fair in Gay, GA. I am thankful for... the laughter we shared. I am thankful for... the photos I took while there especially the one of Rhett and I (see previous posts).

I am thankful for... my writing skills, my sense of humor that shows in my words and on my blog. I am thankful for... my blog. I am so loving this blogging thing and new friends I have made through it.

Today I am thankful for... my yesterdays. I am thankful for...the good days as well as the bad ones. I am sure I appreciate the good ones more and the bad ones make me appreiciate the good ones even more. I may have a really good day like on Saturday at the fair or like Monday where a neat new idea came to me. I am thankful for... the ideas too. Then the not so good things occur like leaving or forgetting stuff; Not getting everything my mom bought at Kohl's. My air conditioner not working properly in my car when it's 88 degree outside! Having a sore throat, but knowing it isn't strep. Stuff can be easily replaced if it is needed. I went back for what was missing from my mom's package even if it seemed like a waste of gas with no air, but I have a t-top and I loved the wind blowing through the tendrils of my hair until they blew in my mouth. Yuk!

I discovered Altoids Tangerine Sours which seemed to help my sore throat somewhat so I am thankful for... that find. These days I am finding Kmart is carrying items I have not been able to find elsewhere.

I am thankful for... all the neat picture frames I found at Kohl's. They will be presents for grandparents on Mother's Day, Father's Day and our home as well. I love neat frames. I am thankful for... the senior citizen's discount I received although I am not one! I am not sure if I should be offened or just thankful for that one!

I guess what I am trying to say here is we all have good days and bad days. It is about making something good out of the bad ones. Making lemonade out of lemons. Making something out of nothing as I have done before and in a previous post with that title.

I am also thankful for... the J. R. Ward vampire books I have been turned on to this year. I am now on the third book in her series thanks to Lisa J. It surprised me that my friend Cheryl found it surprising I liked stuff like that and the show "Moonlight" which is now my must see tv program.

I am even thankful for... the navy blue Zebra Sarasa 7.0 pen I use daily to write in my journal, at work and to draw with as well. It copies nice and dark and photographs well.

I was thankful for... the blowing breeze that greeted me when I went outside for lunch; for the warm sun's rays upon my skin until I felt a burning sensation upon my fairness. I was once again thankful for... my camera as I snapped a very different point of view which I may use for Sky Watch Friday or Odd Shots Monday. My shots are getting odder and odder like me and I am thankful for that too.

Again I was NOT thankful for my non-working air in the car but, then so very thankful it decided to come on just as it was getting unbearable reminding me that the Lord knows how much we can handle. I said, "Thank you, Lord" when the air came on. I pray it will work again this afternoon. I will be off tomorrow so I can get it repaired since Don is working tomorrow.

I am so thankful... I found my memory card reader just where I thought it would be... tangled in my cell phone charger. Got to be more careful. Now I can upload photos again. Yeah! Because my friend Abby says every post should have a photo. Now I can take back the 3rd reader I bought in a week back and get another refund. I have new unfinished art to post soon... and I am thankful for that.

I am so thankful... for my mom. It will be a busy weekend so I probably will not have time to post. So Happy Mother's Day to every one a bit early.

What are you thankful for today?

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

P is for Pit Shop


Ok since Mrs. Nesbitt said you had to have a picture of a P word for ABC Wednesday P is for... I uploaded the Pit Stop sign I had previously taken, but please go back and read my previous post about my best friend Penny since it was my original post, but without a photo due to technical difficulties as explained in the post. It is better than this one.

If you would like to participate in ABC Wednesday, please go to the following... She had pennies in her post. I'd also thought of taking a photo of pennies to go along with my post of my best friend Penny. Lesson learned: Do what you feel you should do at that time. Don't wait until it is too late.

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P is for Penny

I had a photo of a Pit stop sign taken in a McDonald's I was going to put on here for ABC Wednesday's P is for... post day. Then I rememebered I did not have to put forth a prolific effort to search for P words. I had THE Pefect P in the form of my best friend Penny. Coinicidentally Penny had just sent me a recent picture of herself with her family. I'd thought about going through old photos to find THE one photo that represented how I still see her in my mind's eye... back to the nights when we were groupies to a band called Anthem.

Penny is actually my best friend Genie's cousin so Genie introduced us back in junior high school when Penny's family moved here temporarily before going overseas to Bankok. So I did not see Penny again until we were in college. One night I saw her at a nightclub all by herself which I couldn't believe. We started hanging out after that, going out almost every night.

Penny was a music major and has a beautiful voice of an angel. She was dark where I was light. Penny was very outgoing and far more gutsier than me. Sometimes Penny was too sweet - talking to rank strangers on the streets of Atlanta. I was more like her mother, pulling her away and telling her to stop doing that! That she shouldn't talk to people she didn't know! I guess I was the voice of reason.

Then one fateful night we went to a nightclub called the Chicasaw. They fired one band with a lead singer in a blue jean jumpsuit who thought he was Mick Jagger and that was all he would sing over and over. Then a weird bald guy came on stage singing about "We're gonna drink some wine and committ suicide..." Now this was right after the Jim Jones Guana tragedy so we got the heck out of there "in a New York minute" as Penny used to say. We went to a place called the Zodiac. We walked into this smoke filled bar that feels like a dream now as I remember... On the stage was a band with THE most gorgeous lead singer we ever laid eyes on. He had long, dark curly hair you just wanted to touch. It was as soft as it looked. He looked a lot like Paul Stanley of Kiss. From that moment on we were hooked, hook, line and sinker. Sunk. We went back there every night. When they were in town, we were there. Penny wore her hair similar to Ralph's. They could have passed for brother and sister although she did not want to be his sister. I wish she would wear her hair like that again. I guess I just want people to look like they did.

Penny and I wouldn't accept dates when the band was in town, thinking we would miss something and feel guilty. Some of the guys asking us out knew we were there to see the band on the night they wanted to go out. One guy got really mad at me because I was flirting with Ralph, the lead singer as he came over and sang to me. I had to tell that guy that I was not married to him, I could do whatever I wanted to do. Of course we were hoping to go out with the band. Did we really miss anything by not accepting dates? We still don't think so to this day. Our lives happened the way they were supposed to happen.

Penny and I became friends with all the memebers of the band. Once upon a time... We saw them at the Agora Ballroom in Atlanta which felt like a magical dream. The concert was so cool. I got an awesome perfect photo of Ralph on stage with colored smoke all around him. It makes me want find that photo again. Then we got to go back stage to the dressing rooms with them. Afterwards we went to Denney's with them. Penny was drinking coffee with them while I drank coke. We drove back home as the sky was begining to lighten into day.

Penny had to go to work that day. She was working for a dentist at that time. All the excitement, the lack of sleep, all the coffee she consumed caused her to have an anxiety attack. An ambulance was called for her but she was okay. After a night like that, I always slept over and we'd re-live the whole experience over and over again and again.

Back in those days, I had a Kodak 110 camera before I purchased my Minolta at JCPenney's. I always used 400 speed due to the darkness of the club, but most of the photos still came out grainy looking. Oh, the money I spent on pictures. It was a good thing I worked at JCPenney's and got a discount on the photo processing. I had albums and albums full of pictures of Anthem, Penny and I. Then I inheirited Penny's albums before she got married.

Once we drove all the way to Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina to see them in their home element. We spent a few nights in Ralph hotel room, Penny and I sleeping in the same bed, hardly sleeping, waking up, looking at each other, and saying, "Are you believing this?" at the same time. We really felt like their groupies when we went to Darling raceway with them where they performed on stage as the front band for Nantucket. We even had our own matching Anthem t-shirts we had made. It was okay. We WERE with the band.

Penny graduated from college and moved back home in Savannah with her parents. That was a hard adjustment for me after being with my best friend all that time, going out every night. At first I wouldn't go out especially alone. Then I got over it and just went out one night. I'd meet up with other friends later, but it wasn't the same. Being an only child, I learned how to do things alone and am quite comfortable with myself.

Penny was in several bands. Anthem acutally folded, the guys going their separate ways forming other bands. Penny was in Anthem II with another girl and one of the founding memembers. They made a record. I have the tape. I love Penny's song she wrote herself entitled "Somewhere in Time" based on the movie with Christopher Reeve. Then Penny was in another band that toured overseas. Oh, the stories she could tell about that... I lived vicariously through her. After that Penny found the Lord and sang in church.

Penny has always been there for me when I needed her even though she might not agree. She says I am a better friend to her than she is me. Though time and distance keeps us apart, she still remains one of my best friends and always will be. She probably knows me better than I know myself. She is the one who told me I meticulously spread Blue Plate mayo on my bread like an artist (before I knew I was one) whereas she just slaps some on the piece of bread. She knows when I like someone, if I am happy or not. Penny has always made me laugh especially when I needed it most. We have been through a lot together. Sometimes it is a wonder we survived, but luckily we did.

Like me, Penny married later in life. Penny met Tom who was in the Air Force stationed in Savannah. In his flight suit, he could pass for Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" in photos. In reality, not so much in the light of day. I was deeply hurt that I was not asked to be in Penny's wedding so regrettably I would not ask her to sing in mine. Instead my cousin April did which is another story... Later we would get this all resolved when Penny's Granny died. We cried incoherently except we knew what the other was saying and that is all that mattered. This took place in the funeral home in front of God and everybody. Don didn't have a clue what was going on and asked "What was all that about?"

So if I see Penny once a year now, I am lucky. It is always so good to see her and her family. We pack so much into that little time we have together. Later I take those memories out and savor them much like she told me she does a letter from me. We once went out west & stopped to see them, but I was so sick it wasn't a good trip for me. I felt terrible coming into their house with my germs. It was a blur.

Then Penny had breast cancer and I feared I would not have my best friend, but thankfully she remains cancer-free and I thank the good Lord for letting her stay here on earth with me awhile longer. I don't know what I would do without her.

On Penny's last visit, we had THE most fun as always when I am with her. The stories she has to tell.... had us cracking up. We had not laughed that hard in awhile. Nor had Penny and I closed a place down.

At least Penny has gotten better about answering emails now so I am very proud of her. Proud to call her my best friend. I am so thankful for her. We always end our phone conversations with "I love you"'s because she is like family to me. The sister I never had. The one I would have borrowed her clothes and did as she did mine.

Well, I took a photo of the photo Penny sent me. Then I couldn't find my new memory card reader in my big bag so once again I cannot upload another photo today or the photo of Penny as planned. This is getting to be a pattern. I'd hate to have to buy a new one. I am hoping it is with my cell phone charger on the dining room table. It is funny there was a voice inside my head at the beginning of the week telling me to take the picture and upload it so I would have it just in case... I should have listened to that voice. I don't hear them very often. Next time I will heed it.

Today I have a sore throat. I bought some Peppermint twists on the way to work this morning. We were treated to a free fish lunch today because it is employee appreciation week.

Quote of the day:

Life is like a bag of peaches.
Be the juicy one.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Cotton Pickin' Fair


Rhett & I went with Stephanie and her friend to the Cotton Pickin' Fair in Gay, GA on Saturday and had the best time despite some rain. We stopped at a yard sale in Waverly Hall, but it was not as big as last time. To my disappointment, I did not see friends like I did last trip. I did good. I got a plate of our every day china for 25 cents and a pin to cover up permanent marker on one of my favorite blouses for 50 cents. Can't beat that with a stick. Rhett is his father's son because he jewed a man down on some games for his game boy. I almost bought an old book for $2, but figured I could find a free one at my parent's house. I will check out the value of the book first before altering it. I doubt my Daddy would miss it.

We went prepared with an umbrella and jackets. We did not get hot and sweaty. I could have worn long jeans instead of cropped ones and a thick t-shirt instead of a thin blouse. I think I took more photos than buying things which was a first and a good thing. I'd left my big money in my wallet at home so we stopped at a gas station in Warm Springs so I could use the ATM. Luckily they had just put one in the day before and I was the 1st one to use it. I couldn't believe I did that.

There was this cut out of Scarlett and Rhett almost as soon as we arrived inside the fair. Steph and Amanda went first and then Steph held Rhett up so he would fit inside the hole for the photo. I was so excited and giggling about it like a little kid who'd gotten the gift they'd always wanted for Christmas. I told them, "Okay we can go home now." Because I'd had THE perfect moment. Of course they just laughed at me. Rhett's ears look like he did when he was a Teletubby for Halloween when he was two.

I have more photos which I sent in emails to my friends, but I don't want to put them all here now. Some I may use as Odd Shots at later date. I seem to be on a roll finding them lately which is great.

I got Don two birthday presents at the fair and Rhett one that he knows about. There was only one side of the fair open this year due to brothers not agreeing about land so we got through early for me. We left before 4. We did not stop in Warm Springs as I normally do. We even surprised Don by being home so early. He did not expect us til after 8. We caught him with his pants literally down because I'd left my keys. He was in the bathroom and answered the door in his underwear!

I printed all the photos from the fair yesterday at Walmart after work. I had this one blow up to a 5x7 for my mom for Mother's Day. I cropped mine removing the background for the scrapbook so I can journal around it. My friend Bob paid me the best compliment today... he said he printed out this picture so he could add it to his scrapbook.

So this photo and all my others would be what I would toot my horn about today if I were participating in Tuesday's Toot but I don't get a lot of comments from it and it is not something I feel I must do. And I'd toot my own horn because again I came up with another new idea... I found only one angel hair pasta placemat at the dollar store. I knew I could do something creative with it. I cut off a corner making a triangle and stamped it with ink on a doodle in progress on my pad at work. I became a stampin' fool getting my frustrastions out! It made a neat pattern, but you had to keep repeating it over and over again and again. If left more simplistically, it had an oriental feel to me. I haven't taken a photo of the stampings yet. I sent an email out about my new find to all my friends, scrapbookers, artistic friends and gots lot of neat feedback. My friend Janet of Lavendar Loft at: got inspired to go look through her pasta to find something to come up with to make stamps with pasta. How cool is that? I couldn't believe I'd inspired someone one to do that. My friend Claudia who is a Stampin' Up demonstrator thought it was a clever dea too. Guess I am on another creative roll... Really I don't think the last one has stopped yet. Not that I want it to end.
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Monday, May 5, 2008

Odd Shot Monday 5/5/08


Bet you can't guess what this is... or where it was taken? I have decided to make this a contest. My very first one. If you can guess what it is, or whoever comes the closest to it, will receive one of my hand made postcards. Let the guessing games begin... Once I see all your answers, I will let you know who won then you can give me your address in an email. Good luck.

If you would like to participate in Odd Shots Monday, please go to the following...

I wish to leave you with this wonderful quote send to me today...

Take full account of the excellencies which you possess,
and in gratitude remember how you would hanker after them, if you had them not.
-Marcus Aurelius-

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