Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time Flies cards


Time Flies...
Eyes cry...

I had to substitute as Rhett's Sunday school teacher on Sunday morning. When I do this, I let them make get well cards for the those on our sick list. It was only Rhett in the class. I made this one, but it was off center and I could not stand it so I cropped it but that made the sentiment on the inside way off center. Now Rhett's was more of a religious nature which meant it was better than mine. Inside his sentiment said he was thankful for God.

I played around with this more after we got home after dinner at church. I tweaked it til I got it where I really liked it as it is... I stood this card up which gave it a neat and different effect to me.

It was Don's birthday, but he said it didn't feel much like a birthday day due to the robbery. He didn't even want to open his presents, but he did open them anyway and I took photos of course to mark the special occassion of his birth. It is one birthday weekend we won't likely forget for the rest of our lives.


Time flies...
Love happens

I made this one on Monday despite the robbery and being all alone in the house. It was also Rhett's 10th birthday, the day after his Daddy's. He had a party on Saturday at Chuck E Cheese. I'd re-found more rubber stamps over the weekend and decided to add some love and rosieness to this one. I also used eye make up brushes to form the maroon hearts on it which I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with that idea or did I get it from my friend Claudia of Stampin' Up? Thus making these a time card series.

My mom & I took two large chocolate chip cookies, a Pepsi, ice, and utensils to Rhett's school. Having to tote all that stuff wore us out. Lesson learned from this experience: Never, ever order blue frosting! It gets all over the place! It gets underneath your fingernails, staining them even after numerous washings. The stains lasts for days. Always order lighter colored frosting.


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