Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Cotton Pickin' Fair


Rhett & I went with Stephanie and her friend to the Cotton Pickin' Fair in Gay, GA on Saturday and had the best time despite some rain. We stopped at a yard sale in Waverly Hall, but it was not as big as last time. To my disappointment, I did not see friends like I did last trip. I did good. I got a plate of our every day china for 25 cents and a pin to cover up permanent marker on one of my favorite blouses for 50 cents. Can't beat that with a stick. Rhett is his father's son because he jewed a man down on some games for his game boy. I almost bought an old book for $2, but figured I could find a free one at my parent's house. I will check out the value of the book first before altering it. I doubt my Daddy would miss it.

We went prepared with an umbrella and jackets. We did not get hot and sweaty. I could have worn long jeans instead of cropped ones and a thick t-shirt instead of a thin blouse. I think I took more photos than buying things which was a first and a good thing. I'd left my big money in my wallet at home so we stopped at a gas station in Warm Springs so I could use the ATM. Luckily they had just put one in the day before and I was the 1st one to use it. I couldn't believe I did that.

There was this cut out of Scarlett and Rhett almost as soon as we arrived inside the fair. Steph and Amanda went first and then Steph held Rhett up so he would fit inside the hole for the photo. I was so excited and giggling about it like a little kid who'd gotten the gift they'd always wanted for Christmas. I told them, "Okay we can go home now." Because I'd had THE perfect moment. Of course they just laughed at me. Rhett's ears look like he did when he was a Teletubby for Halloween when he was two.

I have more photos which I sent in emails to my friends, but I don't want to put them all here now. Some I may use as Odd Shots at later date. I seem to be on a roll finding them lately which is great.

I got Don two birthday presents at the fair and Rhett one that he knows about. There was only one side of the fair open this year due to brothers not agreeing about land so we got through early for me. We left before 4. We did not stop in Warm Springs as I normally do. We even surprised Don by being home so early. He did not expect us til after 8. We caught him with his pants literally down because I'd left my keys. He was in the bathroom and answered the door in his underwear!

I printed all the photos from the fair yesterday at Walmart after work. I had this one blow up to a 5x7 for my mom for Mother's Day. I cropped mine removing the background for the scrapbook so I can journal around it. My friend Bob paid me the best compliment today... he said he printed out this picture so he could add it to his scrapbook.

So this photo and all my others would be what I would toot my horn about today if I were participating in Tuesday's Toot but I don't get a lot of comments from it and it is not something I feel I must do. And I'd toot my own horn because again I came up with another new idea... I found only one angel hair pasta placemat at the dollar store. I knew I could do something creative with it. I cut off a corner making a triangle and stamped it with ink on a doodle in progress on my pad at work. I became a stampin' fool getting my frustrastions out! It made a neat pattern, but you had to keep repeating it over and over again and again. If left more simplistically, it had an oriental feel to me. I haven't taken a photo of the stampings yet. I sent an email out about my new find to all my friends, scrapbookers, artistic friends and gots lot of neat feedback. My friend Janet of Lavendar Loft at: http://jkbees.blogspot.com/ got inspired to go look through her pasta to find something to come up with to make stamps with pasta. How cool is that? I couldn't believe I'd inspired someone one to do that. My friend Claudia who is a Stampin' Up demonstrator thought it was a clever dea too. Guess I am on another creative roll... Really I don't think the last one has stopped yet. Not that I want it to end.
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