Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Art Time

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They couldn't fix my air in the car yesterday. After work, I printed the pics of Mother's Day at Walmart, paid Don's Sears bill and went to
A. C. Moore where I spent way too much money before my guys birthdays. I could not find the time sets of stamps like the lady used in the class I recently took. I had to buy odds and ends of stamps that looked nostalgic to me and this is the results... I love it! It just all sort of came to me at once. I love it when that happens! I did the numbers first with a number stencil I bought. Then I used Rebecca Sower's nostalgic stickers for the word "TIME" above the numbers that I got from Walmart a bit cheaper. I fell in love with the ART stamp and had to have it. The clock face stamp was really too small, but the only one they had. Still it was what I needed and wanted. I liked the heart stamp because of the design in the heart. I used distressed ink. It has something to do with photography, but I can't recall the correct name of it. I also bought a stamp pad at Walmart that was a coffee color. Then I distressed the whole thing. I am not sure if I will leave it as it is - a card or tear more off the sides and distress it more then frame it. All my friends have liked this one too and some can see it hanging in a frame on a wall. So I can assuredly toot my own horn today for all my artwork I have created the past few days.

Have you made time for Art?

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