Friday, May 30, 2008

Update on Uncle Frank

Uncle Frank did not go down to surgery until after 1 pm today. Most of my relatives were there by the time Rhett & I arrived. The surgery went well. They were able to remove all they possibly could see of the tumor on the right side of his brain. It was the size of a nectarine. But it is the malignat, agressive kind of cancer that it's fingers spread like veins. It was exactly as the drs said it would be. A sample will be sent off to see if it is trully cancerous. That will take about a week of not really knowing, wondering and worrying. He came thru the surgery ok. He was still in recovery when Rhett & left the hosptial. This may affect his speech, but we won't really know what it has affected for awhile. There are far worse things than not be able to speak yet it will be frustrating for him not to be able to communicate, but certainly better than the pain he was in. The next step after recovery will be the oncologist. Now we are thinking because he had cancer of the nose, had two surgeries on that that, one just recently, that it went to his brain much like it did with Uncle Bert. What are the odds of that - two uncles not blood related have brain cancers?

I wrote a poem about this this morning but will post it later... Just not in the mood to do Sky Watch today. Sorry. Hoping to use a computer while in Indy.

I had to go to the bank & it was a good thing they did nor order them because my check order did not go thru. They gave me more temporary checks. This robbery has caused more problems ontop of problems.

I still have to pack for our trip. Don is going to be mad because I haven't done this already but my uncle came first. Please continue to keep my uncle and the family in your prayers as well as traveling mercies for us. Thank you.


fishing guy said...

Becky: Sorry to hear about all your problems. Please keep ypur faith strong as you go through these trails.

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Fishing Guy for your kind comments.