Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Reds Have It


This was a little doodle I did with things I found in and around the office. The center circles were done with a cap to something. The swirl was from another type of cap I saved from some object but I can't remember what it was now. It doesn't really matter as it serves another purpose.

What did you find in around your home or office that you could use in an artful manner today?


I re-found a red micro pore ink pad at work last week so I did some more tape art with it and this was the result. Nothing to "stop in your tracks" about as my friend Anne so aptly gave me this expression today about the card I made on Saturday which will be on the next post. Still it is art. My art. My style coming to surface.

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This one I created today. It was more "red tape art". I really liked this one. It turned out rather well if I say so myself. Here I am tooting my strong>own horn again. I can see hearts inside it. It got good to me so I did more and the heart were more self-evident in those. I am working on a couple of triptychs based on the guidelines on Leah's blog Create Every Day. I stamped 3 of these on blank 3x5index cards. I guess I pressed too hard because I had extra red marks in white spaces so it looked flawed. The perfectionist in me did not likey. I tried to cover it up with white-out which I should not have done. I should have drawn something over, but what? Or covered it up with something else which is what scrapping and art is all about. I ended up just cutting the flowers out for now. I can always do something with them later. This one reminds me of a design on one of my blouses that I took when I first got my digital camera. I collaged the two on Picasa today. They are my 3rd post for the day which will be the 1st one you come to when you open my blog. If you would like to check out the rules for the triptych, please go to Leah's blog at the following....

So do I toot my own horn about this one or the next one?


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