Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Comparing Reds


"Red Flower" by theRAV

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Flower on my blouse bought at JCPenney's taken by my digital camera. My best friend Genie has a blouse just like this one.

Rhett cracked me up this morning... I accidentally had the radio on rock N roll rather than Sunny 100 or Boomer. He was in his seat rockin' out to an oldie which I liked too. I patted him on his knee and called him "My little rocker". He had on his new t-shirt I bought him at Country's barbecue Friday night that says, "I rode the chair at Country's". They have a really BIG red rocking chair there. Then he said, "Mom! Its okay if you do that today, but when I become a rock star, don't do that especially when I am on stage. It will be embarrassing!"

He told me a really funny knock-knock joke he got off a movie called "The Prince and Pauper" with "The Suite Life" twins, Dyllan & Cole Sprouse aka Zack & Cody. Its one you have to be there to hear to get it. My little commedian. I think I'll have him call my friend Patti to tell it to her...

Illy Nilly listened in a phone conversation I had today which ticked me off!

Even though today feels like a Monday to me, I hope you are having or have had a Terrific Tuesday. I hope you toot your own horn about something you did. If not, I hope someone else toots your horn for you.

Becky Quote of the Day inspired by my friend Darryl:

The day is what you make it no matter what you call it.
(Thanks, Darryl.)

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