Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Magic Moments Are the Keys to Life card, Putting in My 3 Cents, What do you See?


"Magic Moments Are the Keys to Life" by ~theRAV~

This is the card cover I created on Saturday. I had found a see-thru kitchen matt that had these cut-outs. I knew I did not want to color ALL of them so I only did half of one side. Sort of similar to the time cards I created in the card class I took a few weeks ago. When I got that part colored in, Rhett said it looked like 6 Flags. I think he meant it reminded him of the Scream Machine so now he wants to make a 6 Flags card which is a good thing.

I collect old skeleton keys so I really, really, really like this one. I went through my stash in the back room and found the red heart from a Rebecca Sower set that actually had a black key in it. How cool is that? I traced the outline of the key and colored it in as black at first, but I did not like it so I used a gold photo marking pen over it that I bought at Wolf camera awhile back which I love. I was remembering my art classes as I repeated the key patter over and over in differing directions to show movement. I guess it got really good to me. Then came the words which says it all. It took a good bit of the afternoon to complete, but I am quite happy with it. My art took it's sweet time this weekend. I would not add any more because I don't want to over-do. This is the one that my friend Anne said "made her stop in her tracks over" so that comment made my day and put a BIG grin on my face. Thanks, Anne.


"Putting My 3 Cents In" by ~theRAV~

This was more tape art as well. I used my sepia distressed ink pad, sealing tape stamped on three blank 3x5 index cards after reading the guidelines on Leah's blog as I stated in my previous post. This is a triptych but you can't really tell that it is one, can you? I searched for three very brown pennies and placed them in an upward line angle much like in the card above. This design I created reminded me of tropical palm tree leaves blowing in the wind. I immediately thought of tropical storms which are typical this time of year. But nothing else was forthcoming except for this title. The rules of the triptych were to use ONE word not many so I would have to come up with something else if I used this one. I really do like this one and the title I gave it. I am thinking of adding that said title in my handwriting at the bottom of it. Or I could print out penny sayings criss-crossed across the design. This will probably be a gift for my best friend Penny. Maybe for her birthday in August when she and her family come to visit. Now that I have let the cat out of the bag.

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This one should have come before the 2nd one. I did this one prior to "My 3 Cents". It is yet another piece of tape art as well. It was a quickie. I saw a certian scene and as soon as I saw it, I stopped stamping immediately. I asked Don & Rhett what they thought it was. They didn't have a clue. Today I sent it out as an email asking my friends what they thought it was. I had no responses except that my friend Anne really, really liked this one. On Monday, Memorial day, I colored the scene in as I saw it. Of course when I showed the colorized version to my guys, they got it. Don asked me how I did it. MAGIC. Nah, just colored pencils and markers. Tomorrow I will upload the colorized version along side this one as soon as I take a photo of it. Then you can tell me which one you prefer. This version will only be in this photo form now as the original is no more now that I altered it by coloring it.

Tell me what you think it is...


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