Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Day's Thoughts of S's

Last Thursday as I wrote my S words, I wrote...

This morning, I shampooed my hair then scrunched it as is my normal summertime style. Since the robbery, I wasn't really sure I would be into S words for ABC Wednesday, but I still did my R words despite it so...

On the way to work that morning on 5/22, I began to think of my s words...

Every day I pass a SAM, a Store and Move storeage unit. I travel down Schatulga Road several times a day. I arrived at work to the scrumptous smell of coffee. Too bad I don't drink it or maybe it is a good thing since I cannot tolerate caffeine for several reasons.

As I sat down at my desk, I put my sunglasses to the side. So that s word struck me like a lightning bolt so I took a snapshot of my sunglasses on a clean sheet of my doodle pad. A clean slate so to speak. Then it got good to me... So I placed my sunglasses strategically, my "theRAV" stamp and a black stamp pad on the same said clean sheet and snapped that. I stood up, searched across my desk, still searching for more s words, I stepped back into our breakroom. I saw my sandwich bread sitting there. I sat back down at my desk and saw my stapler, my "received" stamper, a bottle of stamp pad inker and my staple remover which I strategically arranged for a small photo shoot and snapped those. So I was on a roll...

On my doodle pad was a running supply list of such things as heavy duty staples, staple removers, stamps, a toner for one of the Supervisor's office (not mine;Not Illy Nilly.), one for the Sgt's office, a Samsung toner, sheet protectors, etc. Then I reached for my Creative Memories scissors inside my desk. I still have a vast supply of the scissors at home. I love those scissors. Sorry they are not in the snapshot.



I was handed excess laminating sheets as well as an over time sheets to stamp with the day's date on it. It made me wonder just how many sheets I deal with daily. Too many!

I read my emails and replied to some of them. I knew I needed to create a supply order for delivery. The supply company we order from has a cheaper brand we sometimes receive and use. It is a Sparco brand. Ever heard of it? Some times it is not so good. Cheaper isn't always better. Then I glanced at a holiday schedule.

Now I could have used several Shoney's signs or shown snapshots of my youngest step-daughter Stephanie or our granddaughter Shelby or our nephew Shawn or Penny's youngest daughter, Sarah.

You wouldn't believe all the sky snapshots I have for Sky Watch Friday still on my camera just waiting to be seen. As I went through the snapshots on my camera, I saw where I took a snapshot of a book by Lynsay Sands for an L post and realized I am now reading another book by her. It is one of those that has several short stories by different writers. I scarfed down too many peanut butter crackers as I wrote these words and they came back to haunt me later.

As I was about to start preparing my supply order for the month and the end of this fiscal year, I saw my supply order folder was missing from my drawer I lock at the end of each day. Now a file just cannot walk off by itself. I searched and searched and searched without success. I had to go back and research to find the forms to reprint again. So I wasn't a happy camper or co-worker at that moment in time.

I could have used a snapshot of the stained glass objects I snapped while at the Cotton Pickin' Fair in Gay, GA or Rhett holding up several of his plastic swords which I already used in a previous post entitled "The Intersection". Then there was the shoe card I snapped to show my friend Janet of "Lavendar Loft" because it was so similar to a shoe she drew. I suppose if I was really into shoes, and what woman isn't, I could have shown you either mine or another's shoe collection somewhere but I figured you have already seen Imelda's.

Why is it when you are working on a supply order does it seem like everybody and their sister starts asking for stuff? Or tomorrow they will all be like baby birds screaching, "I need some..." Sheez!

Then the sink started leaking. What next? Don't answer that! I think I'll go get a soft drink now although I could use something stronger like Sangria perhaps! LOL

Later in the day I rediscovered a red stamp pad and became a stampin' fool! My back was bothering me so I shrank my chair down to be eye level with the computer. It made me feel small like I had actually shrunk.

But thankfully I did not have any dealings with the Black Widow Spider or "Illy Nilly" today and she is off tomorrow. Yeah!

Later I also saw a car magnet sticker on the trunk of a car that said: "Proud Spouse". I am sure it had to be an Army wife. Then I thought, "Aren't we all Proud Spouses?" I know I am.

Then I got behind a truck that had "Symrna Truck" on their mud flaps. Symrna is such a strange word. It also had the word "SAFE" on it. So safe, safety, security, stamps and sheets seemed to be my main s words as of late. What were your s words?

May you have a safe day today and always...

We are soon going on a sabbatical to Salem, Indiana where maybe we will see a scarecrow or two so I may not be on the computer for some time. I should still be able to do my Sky Watch for this Friday...

I must remember to buy saline solution, hand sanitizer, scallions, scotch tape and sausage and sauerkraut for supper.

Okay so I had scads of s works. Did you expect anything less from me? I guess this sort of makes me a "Seamstress of S's. I know it is simply scandalous. So I'll scat now.

If you would like to particiate in ABC Wednesday S is for... please go to the following...

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Post Script: What would an S post be without a Subway sign and a cloudy sky especially if you forgot there was another snapshot?


Powell River Books said...

So many examples for S. I can taste an Italian BMT just looking at your Subway picture. Come see my stump pictures. - Margy

becky voyles said...

Thanks for your comment Margy, but I now prefer Fire House Subs Italian sandwiches especially after they have sat for at least 30 mins so they juices are just right!