Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still Fishing for the Master

Hi! I had something I wanted to share with you today because I knew you would understand and like it more so than anyone else.... because you are a believer in God's word.

I have these paint markers, but only use them every once in awhile. When I went to that painting class over a week ago, the instructor was demonstrating how to paint thin trees with a paint brush, twirling the brush as she did this. So cool. I purchased another black brush marker at G&H last Friday. I tried it out in the acid free memo book Elisa gave me for Christmas I have been using to draw on since New Year's. My 1st attempt at trees was not very successful, but it won’t stop me from trying them again and again until I get better at them.

I had a green brush marker with me at work. I’d doodled green leaves on my doodle pad yesterday. They looked more like very tall seaweed or sea grass. They were dying for color like fish would die for water.

Now when I have to send out an inter-office envelope at work, I just HAVE to draw something on the back! LOL So today I took the green brush marker and drew more sea grass. One of the ladies here at work has a fish pin on her desk which I have used before back when I was first becoming so artistic a few summers ago. I asked her if I could borrow it again and she let me. I drew 4 orange fish on that first envelope in between the grass. One orange goldfish was up higher than the others, coming up for a worm on a fishing pole. I used the Bible quote “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” -Mark 1:17.
My turquoise high-lighter wouldn’t work on the gold color of the envelope so I had to leave it as it was. I just happened to have this turquoise inter-office envelope on my desk which I was saving for a special occasion. My drawing was rather simple, but it worked well on this turquoise envelope. I knew immediately my friend sweet Patti in another office would be the special occasion.

Well, I still had this green sea grass on my doodle pad so I added three gold fish to it in between the grass, and colored in the water turquoise. A turquoise high-lighter can really look like water somtimes. I drew my red worm hanging from a fishing pole. I had words written on the pad that were in the way so I covered them up with white out, used a powder blue colored pencil to fill in the sky above the water line, but not the clouds made from the white out. Bet you didn’t know white out could be used as an artistic tool or medium. The turquoise high-lighter works well with whit-out, but I needed a lighter color for the sky. From the distance it looks sort of like a giant fish tank. LOL I am going to check the measurements of a panoramic frame to see if it might fit in one. If not, I will come up with something else. You know I will.

So I completed three pieces of art today and I am thankful! That may be a record for me. Plus I am still "fishing for the Master" as we did in vacation Bible school last summer and I am passing God’s word on so you know it made me feel good. I hope it makes you feel as good as it did me. I took pictures of them all. Hope to send them later.

Rhett has a science project due. First we had to buy plants. I was looking for cheap ones in case we kill them! Luckily I found 3 African violets for $1.50 ea. which was about the price range I wanted. Kmart wanted too much for their potted plants. Then I couldn't find any Miracle Gro anywhere. Now was not a good plant time. I got a Miracle Gro substitute for the violets for $5.99. Had to call our preacher to find out how to mix it & use it. Thanks again Larry! Rhett labled his plants because he will be using water & Miracle Gro on one, water & salt on another and water & sugar on the 3rd one. I thought that was pretty smart of him. Even I would not have thought of doing that. He was thinking of what to name them so I helped... Since he has "tap" on the one we hopefully won't kill ( the one with water & Miracle Gro), I said call him or her "Pat " because that is tap backwards. "Sal" is the salty one and "Shug" is the sweet one. I have made name labels for his tri-board which will have pics he took himself of his plants. He doesn't want me to tell you this, but he talked to them as Larry suggested. He was so cute doing this. Don't tell him I told you!

I had to buy a florescent light for them. I placed it over the stove so we have been keeping them there. They only get this light when we are there. There is a salt residue on the Sal's leaves. The plants being where they are makes a good excuse not to cook! LOL But when I do, I have not room. I did move Pat last night in order to have room to cook.

A plant friend at work brought me some Miracle Gro, but wouldn't take it back when I told him I found something in the place of it. If he thinks I will make a good plant person, he is sadly mistaken! Just ask mom, David or Jimmy! LOL Now I have to get a tri-board after work. I let my fingers do the shopping on line in order to save gas. I am getting one cheaper at Office Max which they are holding for me. This has been one expensive project. I have spent over $20 on it so far.

If the plants survive & Rhett doesn't want to keep them, we will probably give them to mom for Valentine's day. She got the green thumb in the family not me. I got the artistic gene.

Had a run in with Illy but I think I am over it now.

I drew 3 trees with my brush pen today. They looked really good from the distance. When I looked at them, I could see them in a simple black frame. I thought to myself,"I'd buy them." That sort of reminded me of "American Bandstand"... if they could dance to it, they'd buy it. LOL

This is my new motto:
Be Creative. Be artistist. Never give up on your dreams. Live every day as if it were your last and make someone laugh.

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Paulie said...

Good luck to your son with his African Violets. I always kill mine.

Denise said...

Blessings to you my friend.

maritz said...

God bless you always..

becky aka theRAV said...

He has received lots of good luck wishes on his project. Thanks for your's also Paulie. Blessings back at you Denise! And God bless you always... Maritz. Love your name. Thank you all for stopping by & commenting.

Anonymous said...
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