Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Car, Daddy & Aunt M

Each day proves to be a new challenge as well as a new problem for me. On Friday, I stopped to get $6 worth of gas to get me to Rhett's school. Gas is a few cents cheaper in our town so I was going to fill up once I got him. My car conked out on me on a very busy street. Luckily I was at a place where I could turn in. It started back up but conked out further up the road. I was praying I would make it to the school. It conked out another time. I got Rhett, tried to get out up on the road but almost couldn't make it up the hill. By then my hands were shaking. I turned back into the school and parked thinking if I let it sit there a few minutes, it might be okay. I called Don who thought I'd gotten bad gas. He came. It started so I went on to pay my bill but it conked out twice. I called him to come get me. I barely made it into a shopping center parking lot which is on the worst side of town. We paid the bill, went home to get a gas canister to get more gas to put in it. Don drove it home where it conked out again permanetly. We don't have the money to get it fixed so I will have to drive the monster truck. Don doesn't want me to put so many miles on his truck but what else am I to do? I pretty much felt like I was nearing the end of my rope.

Now I was supposed to take Daddy to work the next day. Don was going hunting no matter what. We went to get Daddy's SUV to bring home so I could pick him up for work. Once I took Daddy to work, Rhett and I went back to sleep at mom's. Our preacher called mom at 9 am. Luckily Daddy did not have to work long; only a couple of hours. So not much sleep for me.

I had to take Daddy to the bank afterwards then to a local discount store to get a few things. I tried to get him to let me go in and get the items, but he felt he could get them. Still trying to be independent. I fear if he does have to give up his independence, he will spiral downhill. The buggy helped him walk better which made me realize he may need one of those cart/walkers soon... It is just hard for me watching him walk now, struggling to just get up the three back steps. Don put up a rail for them to help them and it has been a lifesaver. I see a need for another hand rail on the door facing itself so he can pull himself inside the door.

Daddy ate cereal before work. He ate cereal upon arriving home. I felt like he needed more. We had a very good home cooked meal for an early supper. Daddy ate good. I was a little piglet myself as I have not had fried pork chops in awhile or a good home cooked meal.

My mom's oldest sister who is 90, tripped over her breathing machines tube/wires and fell breaking her right hip and shoulder. They operated late Friday evening. They only operated on her hip as her breathing is in "the last stages" so they would't even attempt her shoulder. My cousin called with an update today that Aunt Margareet is not doing well. Her kidneys are not functioning, she had to have a transfusion and they couldn't get her bp stablized. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks.

I did have some uplifting moments today. Laughing with my son while crashing his Humvee collection and other cars on Mom's dinning room table. Before the crashes, I was pretty bored but knew I needed to spend this time with my son. There is nothing like the sound of your child's laughter. We all go into the cars. Mom and Don included.

We came home after going to Walmart. I had received some free greeting cards from Guidepost. A small blessing. I love the stories on the back of them. They came when most needed today and I am thankful for them. Just another reminder that God is always there for us. One of them is a get well card which I will donate to our church ministry. I plan to share the stories in emails to friends after writing this. Printing them here is probably a copyright infringement, but I may post them anyway. One really touched me. I started to let Rhett read it, but I knew it would make him cry because it was about an grandparent. If you have a grandparent(s)or a parent(s), be thankful for them. Another one was about an assistant gardner and a head gardener. Guess who the head gardner is... The Lord. Awesome.


artilue said...

Free stuff is the best!
Btw- I made a mailing list! Sign up is on the left hand side of my blog!

If you know of any art shows let me know! I'd love to do some again this year.

Paulie said...

Just remember that God doesn't give us anymore than we can handle.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks Artilue! I will check it out. I'll let you know about any upcoming arts shows!

becky aka theRAV said...

Yes, I know Paulie. I felt like Mother Teresa Friday myself! LOL Feeling much better today. Those cards helped and church today did also.

Anonymous said...

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artilue said...

to anonymous:
you might like "ghost in the shell" anime series.Highly recommend it. Esp. if you want to download your brain =)