Friday, November 30, 2007

What Mark Did You Leave Behind?

11/29/07 My day began with jet streams in the air on my morning commute. Marks on the sky that formed a T and ________. Next I saw an irregular cross. It seemed as if mass jets had zoomed through our local sky leaving their trails behind. What mark did you leave behind on the world today?

Things had been going good for me. Then I let his officer get beneath my skin today. He was in the army and I am a civilian. In fact, he married a girl I worked with at JCP (Adrie) yet I do not for the life of me see how she could marry him or remain married to him. I would have strangled him by now! LOL Everything he says to Everyone (not just me) rubs them the wrong way and makes them mad. After hanging up from talking to him, I must have had one of my Becky looks- the kind that could kill (LOL) because a counselor asked me,"What did I do?" and it wasn't the counselor!

So I go to lunch. I got tea from Wendy's. After eating, I had one of my sneezing spell. I realize it was the tea making me sneeze. This happens a lot when we go out to eat. Some of my friends already know this who have eaten with me. I made the comment to the "superviser" that it was the tea because I'd sneezed so many time and she stopped blessing me after the third sneeze. Like I really cared if she blessed me or not. She told me it could not possibly be the tea; that it was all the dust I have around my desk which made me mad yet again.

After the cracker incident, I guess she will say something to the warden about this now! I know I am holding all this inside and it almost all came out a few minutes ago...

I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I was the only one in the office because she was out in her car smoking, talking on her cell or doing whatever she does out there while the other ladies were at lunch. I put the phone on night ring (just like I used to do at JCP). Well, I forgot to take it off night ring when I came out of the restroom. Later, "supervisor" snottily told the receptionist that the phone was on night ring. The receptionist said she didn't do it. I not so nicely in one of my tones admitted I did it. I simply said I had to go to the bathroom, I put it on and forgot to take it off. If she had been in the office like she was supposed to be, it wouldn't have happened. Then she studdered, "Well, I was just asking. Where was I ?" That is the million dollar question. I said, "Out at your car" nicer than I meant it. I wanted to add, "Where else?"

She will probably tell the others or the higher ups I have an attitude. But she better not get me started with ALL the things she has done!

Ok. I think I got it out of my system now. Just had to vent. Sorry.

Later I got to thinking... after Lyn Nielson read my blog, I went back through it re-reading some of my words. Although she said it was a very good, there were my critical words such as these of my supervisor which isn't very Christianlike. Does it put me in a bad light for a first time reader/viewer/blogger? Then I wondered how other readers perceive me....? Do they think me shallow? Or a gossip? A bit vain perhaps? But this blog has become my way to vent muchlike my many diaries and poetry that provided catharsis for my soul to survive everyday life on my journey to find love then loose it. I write my problems out of my system. Yet I want people to see me in a good light.

I late told my mom about today's latest incident. Then I told Don. I cussed more today because of it so Don got onto me for doing that. I told him I knew he again would not take my side of things when he actually had and did take my side. So that was an unfair statement for me to make. This was not the mark I wanted to leave behind today.

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