Friday, November 30, 2007

What Did You Notice Today?

11/25/07 It rained. As I was getting in the passenger side of my car to go to church, I spied a leaf with raindrops on it. We were running late as always so I did not have time to stop to take a photo of it. When we returned home, I found another leaf with far more raindrops beaded on it and took that one. I believe it is perhaps my personal best yet. Even my friend Abby liked it. She likes my colors. What can I say? I am a colorful person.
What did you notice today?

Well, I considered uploading my photos to be creative as well as uplifting my spirits with the accomplishment. I looked at Mike E's photographs he sent me. He had a sideways view of the Eiffel Tower with the lights on at the beginning of evening I adored. It made me want to see it up close and personal. Then I sent out emails with the pics I took yesterday of Rhett's toys.

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Leah said...

lovely photo! it looks like the leaf is made of gold.

thanks for joining in aedm this year!!! happy creating!