Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blood Lines

This is still a work in progress.... It is what I started creating on Friday. It began on a 3x5 blank postcard and reminded me of a map. The red lines are the roads of our lives. Then I thought it looked like veins thus inspiring the title "Blood Lines". I took my originial to Walmart where I made 3 color copies. Why 3? Because 3 is my lucky number and I did not want to mass produce them as of yet. They looked too plain so I tried different markers with it. Some worked. Others did not. The blue marker I used, I have been using for years and years. I can't recall the brand name this moment. I buy them at an art supply store or A. C. Moore. I had to let it dry over night due to the fact that it would smear. If I recolored it when it smeared, I lost the effect of water I got the first time. By the next day, it has formed it's own designs. When I first colored it, the blue looked almost like water in a pool and remined me of one of the postcards I received in my first postcard swap.

I only colored in two of the three copies. I have other pictures of them all, but this is the best out of all the ones I took. I filled in with hot pink permanent marker that didn't last long, black permanent marker that was also not working. So I used a black Pigma pen which I love and have used since I began drawing back in 1987, and this blue here. the one with the black looked like a mosaic which I have been told I should try to do next. I put the three together, but the red lines don't always connect to form something worthwhile in my opinion, leaving it off balance. I had problems with the flash causing glare, but if I shut it off, they were too dark to see when I loaded them onto Picassa. Just can't seem to get this part right. I felt sort of like Goldilocks in The Three Bears. Too dark. Too much glare. No happy medium with my medium. No happily ever after either. Then I realized I should have left the words out of it because each time I reproduce it, there they are looking back at me as if they are saying, "You are not of my blood line. I'm sure my friend Anne will get a hoot out of that. I don't want them to appear in each section I put together. Of course the easiest solution would be simply to cut them out which I probably will do.

By itself, it is fine I suppose. I am content with it here. I probably should have turned it because this is really sideways. Turned the right way, I see long legs in motion....


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