Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Felt Really Important Today

Today I was supposed to attend a meeting "downtown" at the Police department concerning overtime for the SOA watch (School of the Americas). A yearly event here at Ft. Benning. A lady Sgt was supposed to have the info I needed prior to this morning such as a list of officers who would be policing the location. There was nothing on my desk but other daily paperwork. I reminded the Warden that I had nothing as of that moment. I called her office and reached the Lt who said she was in the back of the prison, but he said he'd have her call me. From what he said on the phone, I don't think she had filled out the form yet. Minutes are ticking by. Tick. Tock. I did other things I had to do before I left. Ten minutes til 10 am. Still nothing. I mentioned it to the warden again. He told me s-l-o-w-l-y to call main control and have them tell her to call me. The warden had said I could get the offficer's rate of pay from the deputy warden. The deputy warden said he didn't have it, but he would get a hold of the Sgt for me. I went to my supervisor who was most helpful today or I was just plain pitiful. I knew it was going to be like this - like pulling teeth.

I did ask the deputy warden if I could take a car. I did this because mine acted like it wanted to stall at a stop sign this morning plus the high price of gas these day. He told me to get the mini van. He went to the Sgt and brought me back the paperwork I needed from her. Then my supervisor helped me with what she could. There were four officers I didn't have a rate of pay. The warden told me to take that and we'd get the rest later. By then it was 10:20. I went to the bathroom, called main control and told them I needed the mini van per the deputy warden.

When I went to get the key, they handed me a radio as well. They said anytime you take a city vehicle you are supposed to have a radio. It was also in case I needed them or anything. Wow! I felt very important. I had one of the officers show me which van I would be using because I didn't have a clue. The last time I took a car downtown to a meeting it was an old bomb so I never used one again.This one was a Ford Freestyle complete with the plexiglass behind the driver and the bars for transporting inmates. This bothered me somewhat only because it blocked my vision but I was too excited to let it really irk me. I was too excited. I felt too important.

I got to the PD in plenty of time to touch up my make up. Then I had to find where I was supposed to be. It was a small gathering of six women. One was an old co-worker from JCP, Pam, but I can't remember her last name and I think she has remarried now. Really all this could have been done by phone or via emai, l but I learned some things, got out of work for awhile, actually had a lunch of 30 mins spent eating a half of a ham club sandwich with fries while looking through a realtor catalog. I ran by mom's to let her see me in the van. I would have taken a pic of it, but mom doesn't know how to work the new camera and I thought it might be incriminating. LOL Plus I would not have posted the name of the van here on my blog.

Then it was back to work. I had orders to put in the system, bills to pay but didn't get through with everything. Tomorrow is another day....

I really liked driving that van. Don can buy me one of those now.

Once again I got good feed back from my friends on my latest creations.

What made you feel important today?

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