Thursday, November 1, 2007

"You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" memory

Its funny how one old song can bring back memories of your first real love. You hear the first chorus and suddenly you are in his arms on the dance floor slow dancing to "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" by Barry White. A place where you wanted to remain forever. Or you are on a Delta Queen paddle boat on the Mississippi in New Orleans dancing with him having THE time of your life. One of the most memorable vacations you ever had immediately following high school that felt like a dream come true. One you didn't think would be possible to top. Which stream of consciously brought up the memory of when he took you to hear jazz even though you didn't really like jazz, but would have gone anywhere with him. You were wearing false eyelashes for the first time that evening and he called you "EL". Your eye started watering because he "slopped" his drink and some of it went in your eye. When you told him he "slopped his drink", he nearly fell out of his chair laughing at you, but you didn't take it personally as if you were a country bumpkin. He kept repeating the word "slopped" over and over into you were both hysterical with laughter. By then you were crying and the eye lashes were falling off. You both were laughing so hard you were making the horn player and leader of the group laugh while he trying to play his instrument. After the musician finished the set, he came over and told you not to do that again! You both only laughed harder. These memories made you feel so good. They made your morning and put you in a good mood. Later you would wonder, does he still remember even one moment of your brief time together? When he hears that song, does he even think of you the way you think of him?

Vain person that I am when he broke it off to go to UGA, I told myself he would never find another love like mine. I am sure I have said it to all my men in my mind.

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