Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hope Tree

Last night I began working on our Christmas cards. I have these light blue snowflakes cards that you can insert a picture in. I will be inserting Rhett's school picture this year. I had to cut half of a wallet size photo off to get it to fit. This was the one time I hated cropping a picture due to the money I spent on them. I can take much better pictures of him, but this one matches the card. I'd found a large baby blue snowflake at the scrapbook store and knew it was going in the scrapbook. I tried to take photos, but Rhett's picture looked fuzzy then the battery went dead. Rhett was wanting to "help" cut his pictures. I let him because it doesn't matter if he doesn't cut them exactly straight.

Then I went to the cards for my Christmas card swap. This was one of those times where everything feel into place perfectly again. I even made Don look at it before going to bed.

This morning I showed my supervisor my latest artistic endeavor which is perhaps one of my best. It is for my Christmas card swap with ladies in Alabama. I won't go into details about it because I don't want to spoil the surprise. I'll just say I amazed myself once again. I can already see this one hanging on our walls.... It will be our Christmas card this year. A gift for others as well. Like for Wesley Rose.

My supervisor put up this tree above up yesterday in her office. Only yesterday it was in a gold unevenly painted vase she didn't like it. Sso she spray painted a basket & put it in this basket. She had a red heart she'd made hanging down near the basket so you couldn't really see the heart. I told her she needed to move the heart up higher and she followed my advice. She said I had a good eye being an artist. Luckily she moved the "hope" ornament down. I really liked that ornament because it was different. It made you feel good. It gave you hope. It looked really good up against the red basket which made it stand out.

So I had to take a picture of it when she left. I knew it was a "Hope Tree". May your tree have hope as well as your holidays. May you have hope in your life always... Instead of a hope chest, may you find your Hope tree.

Happy Holidays
from theRAV

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