Thursday, December 13, 2007

Doodle of the Day

I drew this yesterday and decided to call it the Doodle of the Day and adhered it into my Gratitude journal which has not been filled with enough gratitude as of late. I knew it was not one of my best attempts at drawing, but still it was creating something. It actually looks better in the email I sent out or here than it does in the journal. My friend Anne liked it because that is what she did part of yesterday - relax. Did I draw it because I needed to relax. Now I over-analyze my art work.
What did you do yesterday? What did you do today?
I ate some old pizza bites that were not very appetizing last night and hoped I wouldn't regret it today. It upset my tummy when I arrived at work. They were putting up a tree. I couldn't move for fear I'd have to run to the bathroom again. When my Illyr said something about me not helping, I told her I did not feel well. I rarely complain about myself out loud to others. My doctor has even called me "Stoic". She knew I'd been to the powder room twice. So she knew I wasn't faking. I got over it ; took over decorating the tree because the secretary had 3 gold ornaments grouped together. Horrors! Even Illy told her you can't do that! LOL
I got mad this morning when I saw my check stub. Don was not taken off my insurance last month when he got free insurance at his place of employment. The lady in our HR dept did not give me the correct info. I faxed it to the insurance company along with some other stuff they were questioning about Rhett. That was on 10/29. I tried to call the lady in HR, but no one downtown answers their phone so I sent her an email. She replied that I should have sent it to her. So I have wasted more of my money! Now this same woman was not helpful when my job was going to be phased out in another dept seven years ago. I knew the moment I saw her that she immediately did not like me. I actually saw this in her eyes. I had never experienced that happening to me before. That is why I think she wasn't rushing to help me find another job as well as another reason I won't mention here. I called the head of the department on her and he was finding me a job that week. So now she has managed to unhelpful to me once again.
We have a lady at work who is weird. We call her Syble because we don't know who she is going to be. One day she is nice to you and speaking, actually calling you by name. I usually look around to make sure she doesn't mean someone else. LOL I order these people supplies because they are having fits to have them. If I don't do it when they want, they get their supervisor involved (like that scares me!). I can only order a limited amount once a month unless it is an emergency. So they may be asking me every day when it will be in. On Monday, a big order came in. I had not opened all the boxes when Syble came up here. I may have been eating my lunch at the time. I paged her when I opened the box containing here printer cartridge she needed so badly. She never answers her page so I put the box in the break room. She did not ask about it again until today FOUR days later. Yeah, she really needed it that bad. I told her I paged her but she didn't answer. I let this get to me for a little while.
Then I went to have lunch with Rhett at school. Wonderful dressing. While we were eating he informed me he had 8 more years of school. Then he could get a job. Then he could retire in another 30 years!

I got lots of Christmas shopping done. I went back to Walmart; bought out the frames I needed. I have a trunk full of goodies waiting to be wrapped. I could be Santa. I have had Rhett's wrapped this year. The proceeds goes to Habitat for Humity towards a new home to be built for some lucky soul. When I bought Daddy's book last week, I donated $ 5 for a soldier to get a book. At JCP, I rounded my total off to the nearest dollar to support after school programs. I have done my good deeds.
Later I found out Don will get paid for Christmas but he has to be back at work on the 26th which means we have to come home ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!!! Oh well, I guess I will finally get that Christmas just the three of us, but my idea did not include a 10 hour drive! Please keep us in your prayers for traveling mercies. Thank you.

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