Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bob's Flower

Dec. 7, 2007
I had a dental appointment yesterday. Just thinking of it makes me shake my head with the memory of the awful tasting floride treatment which is like taking a dose of bad tasting medicine only I still taste it the next day! My hygenist who I went to high school with informed me I don't HAVE to take the treatment. I am seriously considering not doing it. Afterwards I stopped by my friend Bob's house unannounced, planning on surprising him. No one was home. I took this photo of the pink camelias blooming in his front yard to send to him via email. There was a lone pecan lying on a bed of leaves and fallen petals. I looked around for pecan tree but saw none, figuring a squirrel must have dropped it. I did email him about this in case his neighbors told him a strange woman was in his yard taking pictures. Didn't want him to think I was a stalker.
So I went Christmas shopping and accomplished a lot so I was proud of myself. I got three gifts for Rhett. A book for my daddy Rhett Butler's People. Once he is through reading it, I will read it.
Its hard to believe flowers are blooming in December.

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