Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Presents

With all the holiday stress and rush, I had not been really creating because I no longer have the luxury of time. I did not have time to work on my lamb pictures. I felt bad about not being creative adding more stress to myself which was silly as well as ridiculous. After all even God took a break on the seventh day. When I wrapped presents ALL day Saturday before Mike E's party til my back was killing me because I wrap on the floor, I realized I was creating by wrapping. I did not count how many I wrapped Saturday or Sunday but it was a lot. I am pickie about what paper I use for each present. I'd bought some lovely purple wrapping paper with a silver design by Martha Stewart this year to wrap my mother-n-law's purple wool scarf I got her. I used it for Tatum's too. I noticed my wrapping was much better than usual. I didn't mess up. I cut just enough instead of too little. I was really proud of myself. I'd have a piece left over that was just right for another gift. This has never happened before. Then I realized I was using some of the same papers over and over. I have lots of deer paper that is for all the deer hunters in the family. I wrapped Wesley lamb picture in... lambs. What else? Happy wrapping to all you last minute folks like me.

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