Monday, December 3, 2007

Lizella Leaves & Geese

and Rhett sucking on a lemon when we got back home.

We drove over to Lori & Joe's to pick up the mattress and box springs they were giving to mom (only she is giving them to us.). Lori's directions did not seem adequate to me since she has health problems that affect her mind now. I'd printed out a google map the night prior to our departure. Don said we could NOT be on that reality show "The Amazing Race" because I do not make a good navigator. Oh, well...Like I would be on that show anyway!
All this time Lori has been saying they live in Macon when they do not. They live in Lizella. When we arrived at the gas station according to the directions, we called them, they met us and we followed them to their house. We passed my latest dream house which was more like an A frame log cabin. It had a huge Christmas tree in the extra large window. I regret I did not take a photo of it but we would have had to stop to do that. We couldn't on the way in.
Its seems they live near lake front properties although their house is no where near the water. It is land locked. It was all beautiful. The perfect weather for such a trip. Their house was not what I expected. I thought it would have been more of a mansion. Then I always expect more and get less most of the time. It was a triple level home. Lori gave a me the grand tour while the men put the bed in the truck. We visited awhile. We certainly did not want to take the bed and run!
We tennetively planned to return one weekend after hunting season is over in Feb., bring my folks so they can visit with them while we go to Bass Pro Shop in Macon proper and later have dinner there with everyone. Lori said she'd treat, but I am not concerned about that. I could just taste the fried catfish as we talked about it....
I took the above pictures of the leaves on her trees in her backyard. I had been wanting to take some like these and now I have them. Killed two birds with one trip so to speak.
As we were leaving, I heard this sound and was thinking to myself, "What is that noise?" I didn't say that out loud. It was geese flying overhead. I immediately took my camera out of it's bag, zoomed in and shot while my eyes were watering from the intense sunlight. I got these two shots of the geese. They are probably not the best ever, but still I captured the moment and the memory on film. I probably should have used my telephoto on my Minolta, but it would have been black and white shots. Not that the geese would have looked bad in B&W.
Don came home a different way which caused me to miss photographing a beautiful sunset. I guess I should just be thankful I viewed it. We knew we'd miss church before we began this journey. The clouds began to look threatening so we hoped we'd arrive home dry. Don pulled the car into the carport so the bed would not get wet. He wanted to go eat since we had Krystals for lunch and I did not get him a Krystal chick like he desired.
We ran into church friends who told us about a baptism we missed by not being there. We sat in a booth next to our friends. We didn't let the booth stop us from talking and laughing.
I called mom to tell her about our little excursion today. Then our friend Nancy called to tell us about Jeremy's baptism. I told her I already knew about it which blew her mind. Then I explained we ran into Jimmy and Susan from church.
I checked emails for less than an hour after talking to Nancy. I found a really beautiful art work site.... She uses a lot of swirlies in almost all of her pieces so that has become her style or signature. Do I have a style or signature? If I don't, I am probably working toward it. Kyra had one painting of an oriental looking woman in the face although it is not a close up of her face. She is wearing a beautiful blue gown that flows and floats on a red background that is breathtaking as was the price of $600.00! There are swirlies throught the dress and the background. Then I HAD to watch "Desperate Housewives".
I was supposed to participate in a Christmas card swap, but I was having computer problems and not able to get into the site to leave my info. I only have 2 addresses to send cards to so far. So I was a bit frustrated about it.

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