Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rhett's 2007 Christmas Photo

I had these Christmas cards from last year. This was a new shirt Rhett got to begin this school year. When I got the pictures back, I didn't really like them. I can take much better ones of him. Yet I knew then I wanted to put it inside this card. I had to cut half off the bottom and a bit off the side. This was one time I became my mother... I did not want to cut any of it off after I paid for them. But I wanted it to look like it does. I ran out of the wallet sizes. I gave one to my parents & one for Mom to send to Madge in California. We mailed some to immediate family in our Christmas cards. I had to search through photos from the summer to find one that would fit. I will make copies of those today in order to have enough to finish sending out my cards. This one is hanging on our tree. I can also give a copy of it and the receivers still get the same picture.

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