Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rhett Put Jesus in Christmas

We received a 20% discount at Dillard's on the 5th & 6th. I went to get two new bras, but got sidetracked by a red wool cowl neck with pearls on the collar which was on sale for $19.99. I didn't even try it on, just grabbed it. I'll probably wear it to the city Christmas party. Then I headed over to the lingerie department where to my disappointmen I discovered they no longer carry Vanity Fair. They had some knock off brand Cabernet or something like a wine name. When you touched it, the material felt rough like it was poor quality. I tried it on, but it was not comfortable and certainly not worth the price of $24.00!

Then I got a really wild hair... I bought a Hannah Montana wig! They had a sample on a wig head which did not look anything like the one Miley Cyrus wears. I will try it and see. I may give it to Tatum for Christmas.

We went to church. Afterwards we stayed to help decorate for the Christmas dinner Saturday night. I was dtanding up on a table hanging felt ornaments from the ceiling when I told them I had a fear of heights. LOL Rhett wanted to help. As we were hanging the last of the ornaments in the hallway, he got an ornament he'd made in his class that was a heart with a hole heart cut out of it and had the name "Jesus" above it. He asked if we could use it. All the other ornaments were of Christmas balls, snowflakes, reindeers and hearts. My child taught us the true meaning of Christmas. He put Jesus into it. When I told him that was very good that he put Jesus in Christmas, he told me, "No, I put Christ back in Christmas."

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