Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not My Night, Door Locks & the Pump

Dec. 3, 2007

And I thought the day was uneventful... It just was NOT my night. I got a hair cut when I got off work because I thought I needed it. I remembered I needed one about this same time last year around the city's Christmas party. So I wore my hair differently, swept to one side. I was attempting to look like a movie star complete with sunglasses and white fur coat. Well, a fur collar on the coat, but I feel like a million bucks or a movie star when I wear it. This year I did not want to go through the same hair ordeal. I think my hairdresser cut more than usual especially off the ends.

Then I went to Walmart to buy new beddings for the new bed, print pictures as well as pick up some that were ready last week. I will be getting an 8x10 print of my Geese abstract soon. It turned out well except you can tell the background is color pencil strokes. Or I can. Now I think I would prefer a watercolor type background or a more solid baby blue. I'll see what I can do... We have some water color pencils, but I don't want to ruin the original.

I made the mistake of calling Don to see what he wanted for supper. He said we needed a new door lock for the kitchen door. He wanted chili, but he wanted me to make it because he was cold, tired from working a 10 hour day and moving the new bed inside. So by the time I got the chili fixin's, stood in line, it was almost 8 pm when I got in the car! I should have gotten chili from Firehouse Subs or Wendy's. I still had to pick up Rhett at mom's, take some medicine, drink some buttermilk because I had a bad case of indigestion. Believe it or not, it does help me.

When we got home, Don had already taken the old door locks off the door, stuffed the gapping hole with a ball of tin foil, and rigged a tiny wire as a door pull. Rhett didn't know what to think when he saw it or how to get inside. All he had to do was push.

After spending over $125 at Walmart, Don told me, "Honey, you got the wrong one." I got the one for the bathroom which we did not need. He'd replaced that not long ago. So I had to go to the Walmart closer to the house at almost 9 pm. I put on warmer clothes in layers before I left.

At this Walmart, I exchanged the door locks. The clerk credited me for the first one. I reached for the right one so I wouldn't get them mixed up and take home the wrong one yet again. She had not rung that one up and she told me it cost more. We had a hole stuffed with tin foil in our door. I didn't care! We needed it badly. Tonight.

Don said to get chili from Burger King. I didn't think they sold it anymore. I was right. I called him told him they didn't have it; that I was next to the Waffle House or the "Affle House" as the sign said last time we drove by it. I KNEW they had chili. So I got him a LARGE cup of it in a tall styrofoam drink cup. I got grilled cheese sandwiches with hashbrowns and LOTS of pickles for Rhett and myself. I ate this alot when I was pregnant with Rhett.

I stopped at a gas station that was still selling gas for $2.79. The cheapest in both towns. Now its very cold and windy while the gas is taking it's sweet time to pump. It stops at $19.85. What the... I see a man standing near the entrance where the attendant is standing inside a tiny building. I asked him to tell her the pump just stopped. The attendant babbles something uncomprehendable into the mike. When she repeated herself more clearly, she said I owed her more money. I mumbled loudly, "No! I don't owe you anymore money!" So I walked over to where she stood behind the counter. The man standing there must have been her boyfriend. He was holding a sub sandwich in hand.

She told me she hit the wrong pump. The man two pumps over wanted $20 worth of gas. She told me it was a pay before you pump pump. I told her I had a credit card. She looked funny like that wasn't supposed to happen, but the pump literally told me to "remove nozzle" and I did. She told me I could go back and finish pumping the rest of the gas I wanted. I told her, "No! Its too cold! I'll just pay for what I have!" and did just that. I'm thinking I won't be back either which was a lie because it's too cheap to pass up. The poor man two pumps over is still waiting for her to turn his pump on. Of course she apologized but that didn't rectify anything in my book. It was just not my night.

Now I only had a half a tank of gas that probably won't last me the rest of the week thanks to her. I kept my receipt thinking I'd call the manager tomorrow which probably won't do any good anyway.

It just was not my night. I missed all the shows we normally watch. Don did eat ALL of the chili. He said it was good. I don't know what I would have done if he had said it was bad.

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