Monday, December 17, 2007

My Favorite Artwork Thus Far...

When I took the photo of the Blessing lamb ornament after I purchased it at Bell's Place months ago, I knew it was a good photo, but I had no idea it would inspire me as much as it has done. It is my one and only ornament yet I have created not just a photo of it. I used a scrapbook format to make this picutre. Found THE perfect frame for it. I bought two stores out of their stock. It now hangs where a "Wanted" picture of Don once hung. So I have replaced my husband with my art. LOL He will re-hang his "Wanted" picture over the blessing one after the holiday rush is over. For now his hangs crookedly by the heat thermastat. So it will be "WANTED", Blessings and a unique key that adorns our weird wall in the hall. So this has become my very favorite thing I have made thus far. It is also Wesley Rose's Christmas present from me this year. I wish I could afford to send it to all my friends, but I alas I cannot. So this will have to be my Christmas gift to you... I think this one will sell. At least I hope and pray it will. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Merry Christmas from theRAV

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