Friday, December 14, 2007

Gold Fish

I'd taken pictures of gold fish before with my old Minolta so I knew these would turn out. The only problem was there was a lady buying fish who stood in front of the tank so I couldn't get the shot. I finally reached my camera around her and snapped it. I really like it with the green leaves in it. In fact, I know just the frame for them so I will be going back to the store to buy white fish frames and maybe some black one. I will adhere a squiggly eye to the frame. I have amazed myself yet again.
Ironically I found fish bones in my fish sandwich from BK today! About two weeks ago, I bit down on a ham bone in my cold cut sandwich from Subway. I emailed them about it. The manager had left a message on our machine. I finally called him back when I remembered. He asked me with great concern if I was alright. Did I break any teeth? Etc. I guess he was afraid I might sue them. He did ask me if I saved the bone but I did not. He told me he'd give me a free footlong. The coupons arrived in yesterday's mail. I have not been back into Subway since then.
I am saving my fish bones from today. I really don't want to go back there after work with everything else I have to do today and be ready for a Christmas dinner at the Legion tonight but I suppose I will.
I am beginning to woner.... is some one trying to tell me not eat lunch!

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