Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fish Frame

These are the black frames I bought lock, stock and barrell recently. I have white ones also. I took the fish photo I made of the fish in the tank at Walmart, cropped it to fit inside the frame and painted the fish's eye baby blue because I did not have time to let a googly eye dry. When I tried it on a white fish frame, it did not dry correctly. This is lying on red tissue paper in a box which gives it an almost watery-like effect. It is a secret santa gift for a male officer at work. I heard he is big on yard sales. It looks like a yard sale find to me. I showed it to the ladies I work with. Only one seemed to be impressed with it. I hope she wasn't being fakey. Then everyone kidded me that I may see it on one of those antique shows someday.... Because the cost of making this was so inexpensive, I added a McDonald's gift certificate due to the fact I forgot to buy one from Firehouse Subs last night. I really like this. All the rich bold colors. Hope the receiver likes it as well.
I also gave one to our sickly friend Tom from church hoping it would lift his spirits. I made his wife Nancy pull it out of her gift bag. She told me it was beautiful and I knew she really meant it. I made her show it to the preacher's wife as well as the preacher. He really liked it. He was thinking of doing a bulletin board with fish. He'd already used cardboard fish and was looking for something different like this one. So I inspired him. He asked where I bought the frames. I told him where, but that I'd bought all they had upon my last visit.

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